1149 Found

    Right then, Jiang Fei had decided to fan the flame, to push the High Humans to fight against the Primordials. However, at that moment, he had no idea where to even start.

    Currently, the leader of the High Humans, Ou Yezi, would not lead his people into the Celestial Realm. Another issue was the missing Primordials themselves. Jiang Fei had no idea where they had went. Since the adventures he had with Miluya, Jiang Fei had not seen any Primordials.

    "What should I do next?" Jiang Fei asked himself. He had two choices. The first being to lead the Primordials, to entice them into coming into the main world, or secondly, to head there himself and reduce their numbers to convince Ou Yezi to go up into the Celestial Realm. Either choice required him knowing where the Primordials were right from the beginning!

    "Seven Stars Warrior, what's the word?" Jiang Fei asked Seven Stars Warrior. Searching alone for the Primordials would be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. The Celestial Realm was not as huge as the main world but it was still large enough for him to consider sending in more than one player. Jiang Fei needed more help, more manpower.

    These players were completely oblivious to the underbelly of the world. They did not know about the threat of the Unknowns. To be fair, the entire world was still oblivious to the fact that there were Metahumans living among them. The entire world, as of then, was under the threat of an Android uprising. Even if he did not reveal their existence to them, Jiang Fei felt that the responsibility shouldn't just be on his shoulders. At the very least, they should lend a hand.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei did not really care about the Battle of the Heavens. His main goal, for now, should be reducing the number of Celestial tier NPCs, to prevent them from becoming pawns to the Unknowns. If things go the way they wanted it, they might come to a consensus to dominate the entire Earth. Whether or not humans could retaliate, there would surely be casualties at the millions or so.

    "It's... going well? I supposed. We have expanded the search radius. As you mentioned before, they might be having a civil war among themselves. Almost all of them had been ignoring us," said Seven Stars Warrior happily. He was in a good mood as he had only just recently achieved the tier of Overlord and was almost reaching Level 99.

    "That's good to hear. I need you to pick out a few higher level players from the grinding team. Have them join the search for the Primordial Celestials," Jiang Fei requested.

    "Isn't it better for them to stay where they are? Why do you want to bother them?" Seven Star Warrior asked curiously.

    "I have my reasons." Jiang Fei ended the conversation vaguely. It would be extremely troublesome for him to explain everything and even if he did, Seven Stars Warrior would find it hard to believe it. What could Jiang Fei say in the first place? That these Primordial Celestials were potential enemies that would come out of the game and hunt you down in real life?

    If Jiang Fei were to say that, everything and everyone in the game would definitely assume that he had lost his mind. Even though the concept of war was still fresh in their hearts, due to the conflict between the United States and China, everyone had grown accustomed to peace and would never be thinking about facing another war so soon.

    Then again, it was better for them to continue being oblivious. Ignorance is bliss. It would be trouble if they actually believed what Jiang Fei said. Rumors could travel far and sooner or later, when the word got out, it would become the truth. Sheer bloody panic would be the last thing Jiang Fei wanted since humans, as a whole, had a tendency to do something stupid when they know there was a looming threat. Civilization might even collapse should humanity win the war against the Unknowns. Knowing that, Jiang Fei refused to let anyone else know about the Unknowns. They would only be deadweight for him, and for the leaders of nations.

    "Alright then. I'll fetch some of my guys to scout," said Seven Stars Warrior, accepting Jiang Fei words as gold. Jiang Fei was still the guild master of Empyreal Dragon after all. Even though he had not been seen doing anything beneficial to the guild, the guild would never have existed without him and would never have reached its peak of popularity they were then if it were not for him.

    Hence, even though the order was vague and without reason, Seven Stars Warrior and the other members listened and obeyed his commands. After that, members of Empyreal Dragon were sent out to search for Primordial Celestials besides doing their regular guild tasks.

    This mission, to search for Primordial Celestials, did not need any requirement for participation. All they needed to do was run around the map and explore the entire Celestial Realm. No matter the class, even the rare or even high level players like Seven Stars Warrior, as long as they were not Jiang Fei, they would be killed instantly by the enhanced attack by the NPCs. Since it was a suicide mission, there was no need to send in elite squads. What mattered most was their movement speed. The quicker they run, the faster it was to map the entire realm.

    Empyreal Dragon then had more than hundreds of thousands of members. Pick out a fraction of that, those that had nothing to lose, and the mission would be over quickly. Best of all, Jiang Fei was sure to reward them handsomely for this mission. Those that did not mind dying multiple times were the first to sign up.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei remembered Miluya. He then proceeded to inform Seven Stars Warrior about her general appearance. He wanted to know where she was as well, though it was not a priority.

    Time flew by and after two days of searching, not a single player had managed to locate any Primordials in the realm despite him mobilizing the entire guild. In reality, Ariel had fully recovered while Isabella was, unfortunately, still in a coma. According to 0543's repeated analysis, the cause of it was still unidentifiable.

    "Tsk! This new one is no better than the old one!" Jiang Fei roared disgruntledly after receiving the latest, same report by 0543. Besides Ariel having no qualms about the new A.I support system, 0543 was basically a carbon copy of 0542!

    "Is this the standard operating performance for an A.I support system? Was 0541 the only special, outstanding one?"

    Jiang Fei had only three support systems as his sample size. If 0542 and 0543 performed normally, that meant that 0541 was out of the ordinary!

    "It could be... since 0541 had been operating for a longer time. It had more experience than 0542 and 0543. Could that be the reason why those two new support systems are **?" said Jiang Fei, trying to console himself.

    At the end of it all, 0543 replacing 0542 had put Ariel at ease. She did monitor 0543's activities for a short while but did not detect any unorthodox transmission of data.

    Several days passed and nothing came up. Jiang Fei was extremely uneasy since he had gotten used to being busy all the time. Thankfully, on the third day, Seven Stars Warrior returned with news.

    "Guild master! I've found them! I've found the Primordials!"

    "Where are they?" Jiang Fei was alert. It was an important piece of news as it affected the real world as well!

    " It's roughly a thousand kilometers North East from my current position!"

    "That far?!"

    The place Seven Stars Warrior mentioned was one that even Jiang Fei himself had yet to visit.

    "Yeah. It is fortunate that we have a player with an underwater mount. He had been swimming under a river for a while when he was being chased by a monster. He only managed to escape due to the superb swimming speed of his mount. He had stumbled upon the location by pure luck as he did not even know where he was going when he was being chased. So... There's that."
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