1151 The One Thing He Never Expected

    Sword after sword practically whooshed past Koothrappali yet not a single attack was registered.

    In the midst of panicking, Jiang Fei had failed to notice that Koothrappali already stood next to him. He unsheathed his own sword and made a single slash.






    It was only a single slash, or at least that was what Jiang Fei saw. However, contrary to what it was thought to be, Jiang Fei had taken more than ten attacks in a single hit. No, it was not a single hit, it was ten hits! Even though each hit was not powerful enough to kill him instantly, the rate at which the attack was delivered was too much for Jiang Fei.

    He might be of Celestial tier but he, as a player, could never have Health Points like that of an NPC. Even with the Nine Treasured Cauldron, his maximum Health Points was only about 30,000,000. The cumulative attacks he received in that instant, was more than 60,000,000.

    It then all became clear. Jiang Fei realized that whatever Koothrappali lacked in attack was compensated in attack speed. The single slash was not just a single slash but multiple slashes of attacks stacked on each other. The attack speed was so quick that Jiang Fei's powerful Cauldron of Spirit could not even kickstart the recovery process.


    The Token of the God of Crafts was activated, instantly healing Jiang Fei. He was saved but the threat was not over yet.

    "So that's the effect of his Primordial Gear!" Jiang Fei thought. The Son of the Earth, Garland, also had powerful Primordial Gear but it was leaning toward survival. Koothrappali was different. Although Jiang Fei still could not be certain of his Primordial Gear's effect, he knew that the NPC had the fastest attack speed he had ever seen. So fast that the almighty recovery speed of the Cauldron of Spirit could not match it! At this rate, Jiang Fei would be killed once more if he doesn't do something.

    "Ho... You have more than one life? That's great! I do not wish for our fight to end just like this," said Koothrappali arrogantly. Although his attack was supposed to kill his opponent, Koothrappali was calm and composed after seeing that Jiang Fei was still alive. He merely smiled and charged toward Jiang Fei once more.

    "Oh **!" Jiang Fei cried when he saw the incoming blade. At that point, defense was the only option until he could figure out a way to counter his vulnerability.

    Sword Form: Reflection!

    With no means of attack, Jiang Fei first retracted all the swords to form a defensive barrier.

    A single slash hit the shield but the effect of countless metal hits could be heard. All the attacks landed on the shield and was reflected back to Koothrappali. Jiang Fei was safe as none of the attacks came through and Koothrappali had only taken a tiny bit of damage.

    Jiang Fei sighed with relief as he was still alive. At the very least, he was thankful that Koothrappali's attack did not have any added attribute. If he was able to use Chaos attribute like Jiang Fei, Reflection would serve as good as a tiny sheet of paper against a cannon.

    "Alright, come on!"

    Jiang Fei braced himself. Playing on defensive would not do him any good since the shield would not last forever. Once the sword shield was broken, Jiang Fei would be done for.

    Shadow Barrier was extremely useful in a fight against enemies capable of killing Jiang Fei in a single hit, Technically speaking, the barrier could help prevent three attacks. Unfortunately, against Koothrappali who was capable of actually delivering more than ten hits in one second, Shadow Barrier was just as useful the sword shield. The Shadow Barrier could only stop three out of the ten attacks and the remaining that went through would kill Jiang Fei.

    Battle Form!

    Knowing that death was actually swinging his blade at him, Jiang Fei had to play his trump card. It was time for him to morph into his Covet Demon Form.

    Shadow Clone Technique!

    Beside the Chaos attribute attack, Jiang Fei also wanted the Shadow Clones that he could activate with his morphing skill. Shadow Barrier was pretty much useless in this fight. Shadow Clone was still able to save his life since he could actively and instantly switch his position with a clone.

    Unholy Desire!

    After Shadow Clone was cast, Jiang Fei used another skill to gain 300% increase in attack power. Paired with the Demon form, Jiang Fei had gained Chaos attack attribute as well as Holy attribute Defense.

    Sword Form! Sword Dragon!

    The sword shield that was still holding up broke apart immediately, surprising Koothrappali who was in the middle of landing an attack. Jiang Fei controlled the swords to form a large dragon and aimed it at him.

    "Puny attacks! Bring it all!" Koothrappali roared, welcoming the attack without even flinching.

    Jiang Fei had high hopes that the Dragon would at least deal minimal amount of damage for him to stack Ruthless Barrage. Surely with Chaos attribute attacks, he could land a hit. However, the entire dragon went right through Koothrappali, not dealing the tiniest amount of damage as it failed to register any hits.

    "What's going on?!"

    Jiang Fei was so sure that his invulnerability could be negated by using Chaos attack yet what he saw clearly proved otherwise. He had failed to land a hit even with Chaos attack!

    Chaos attribute was, if not, the best attack attribute in the game. It completely ignored Defense, Evasion, Shield effect, and even Invulnerability! This was the first time Jiang Fei had ever seen someone managing to mitigate Chaos attribute attacks!

    "You fool! Do you really think that with Chaos attack, you are omnipotent?" Koothrappali sneered.

    Jiang Fei could not answer. He was stupefied. He had no idea what he could do now to fight this truly god-like NPC that was fading in and out of existence like an ethereal being.

    If Chaos attribute could not even land a hit, Dragon's Bane would be just as useless against Koothrappali.

    "Just what sort of skill does his Primordial Gear grant him?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    "Time to die," Koothrappali roared as he charged toward Jiang Fei.

    Sudden Charge!

    Jiang Fei turned toward another direction and teleported away. Rarely he felt this way but he was incredibly scared of Koothrappali.

    "Don't even think of getting away!"


    Jiang Fei was being chased relentlessly. The clone that Jiang Fei had swapped position with was immediately killed. It was a great waste but Jiang Fei could not help it anymore. He was overwhelmed and truthfully speaking, pissed.

    "F*ck you! You want it so bad? Here! Have one on the house!" Jiang Fei roared and sent one of his other clones to explode on him.


    The clone exploded, covering a large area which enveloped both Jiang Fei and Koothrappali.


    "The heck? Since when have my skill gotten so strong?" Jiang Fei pondered. His skill should not have dealt so much yet the numbers did not lie.

    Jiang Fei had an epiphany.

    Koothrappali could be only truly immune to all physical-based attacks but suffered greatly from those that were magic-based! That would explain why the clone explosion had dealt five times the original damage. In that case, if Jiang Fei detonated all his Shadow Clones on Koothrappali, he could have dealt at least fifteen times Jiang Fei's maximum Health Points as damage!
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