1152 Miluya, Reunited

    "Mhm. Mhm. Now I know..."

    Jiang Fei snickered. Koothrappali might be borrowing his powers from the Primordial Gear but it did not matter since Jiang Fei knew very well of his weakness now. When he was immune to physical attacks, he transitioned into an ethereal state, which increased magic damage taken by five times.

    Jiang Fei was over the moon when he finally realized it. But reality slammed him hard when he had no idea how to properly utilize that weakness. The Shadow Clone explosion skill was probably the only skill he had that dealt magic damage.

    "Dammit! I should have picked up some magic skills!" Jiang Fei scolded himself for not thinking about it. Right now, he had a total of five Shadow Clones. Even if he carefully timed the explosions, he would not be able to fully kill Koothrappali!

    "Curse you!" Koothrappali roared after taking a decent amount of damage from the explosion. With a snap of his fingers, he too, created clones of himself!

    He had actually created the same number of Shadow Clones as Jiang Fei did, with each of them leaping toward their respective opponents. Jiang Fei was so terrified by it that it was a miracle that he did not have a heart attack. Tanking even the clone's damage itself would kill him!

    "This is bad! This is really bad!" Jiang Fei thought. Koothrappali was only just an Intermediate Celestial but his attack and fighting style was that of a High Celestial! Perhaps even stronger!

    "Die, human!" Koothrappali's clones roared simultaneously and jumped toward him from multiple directions.

    "This is the end..." Jiang Fei thought, accepting the fact that he would lose the fight. He had never expected to face an opponent that could truly be his bane.

    Five blades landed on Jiang Fei triggering Shadow Barrier. Sword Form: Reflection was still on cooldown. Besides Shadow Barrier, there was nothing else that he could use, even though he knew fully well that that skill was practically useless against Koothrappali.

    Just when the Shadow Barrier was cast and the blades landed on him, a light barrier popped up on his character, taking all the damage, protecting him from dying.

    "What's going on?" said Jiang Fei after the attacks ended. The light bubble rippled after taking the attacks, like a bouncy trampoline. Even after taking so many attacks, the bubble remained unscathed.

    Both Jiang Fei and Koothrappali were stunned. Who and what had saved Jiang Fei?!

    "Big meanie! You are not allowed to bully big brother!" cried a deafening voice that belonged to a young woman. Jiang Fei turned around and saw the face of his deus ex machina.

    "What the... who...?"

    Jiang Fei could hardly recognize the woman who had teleported to him. At a glance, he thought he knew who she was but it became clear that she had clearly changed. The young woman, probably in her early twenties, stood in front of Jiang Fei. She was dressed in a tight leather suit that was plastered against every inch of her skin. She was truly enticing to look at but something about her seemed awfully familiar. Jiang Fei thought it was Miluya but the woman's matured looks only reflected a little of what Jiang Fei remembered of the little girl.

    "Did she grow again?" said Jiang Fei to himself. Based on how the girl talked and addressed Jiang Fei, the woman should be Miluya. The thing was... how could a woman in her twenties address Jiang Fei as big brother... he was still just a fresh high school graduate!

    "Is that you, Miluya?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Hehe! That's right! I'm so happy to see you! I knew you would come for me!" said the woman with the most innocent smile.

    "Where's the lion?" Jiang Fei asked. If the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion was around, Jiang Fei would have recognized Miluya immediately.

    "That scaredy-cat is hiding in the hills!" said Miluya, pouting her sensuous lips as she did.

    Even though the Guardian Lion had declared Miluya as its master, it was still afraid of Koothrappali. It was still a member of the Primordial Celestials after all. It knew just how strong Koothrappali could be. The Guardian Lion had dared to fight Garland even when he was wielding a Primordial Gear because it was merely a gift by the Mother of the Earth. Koothrappali, on the other hand, was wielding Primordial Gear that belonged to the Windlord himself!

    The difference between a gift and a true killing machete of an Elemental Lord was huge! Koothrappali might only be an Intermediate Celestial but his weapon was so strong that only the current Three Elemental Lords and no other could fight him!

    That was why the Guardian Lion had not dared to follow Miluya to fight Koothrappali. The scaredy-cat was so afraid of the Intermediate Celestial that it had forgotten just how strong its new master was. Miluya had defeated and killed the strongest entity in the entire game! The Level 300 Mother of the World! Who was Koothrappali and his Primordial Gear when Miluya had already defeated the undefeatable Mother of the World?

    The Guardian Lion might have forgotten how strong Miluya was but Jiang Fei did not. That was why when Miluya appeared, he could finally have a breather. He knew fully well that if the woman was there with him, he would never die.

    "Move aside, little girl! I want to kill that Adventurer!" Koothrappali roared. He was not moving forward but instead stayed put. He could feel the aura of the Supreme Celestial from her presence and knew that she was an entity that he could not simply trifled with.

    "Hmph! Did you just call me little girl?!" said the woman. Clearly, she was only a young girl at heart. Being yelled at was not something a young girl would take lightly.

    "Hmph! Move or I'll kill you!" Koothrappali roared as he lost his patience. The only reason Koothrappali did not kill Miluya when she appeared was because of respect as a fellow Celestial. At his peak, no one besides the remaining Elemental Lord could fight him. The ego he had then did not allow him to tolerate being treated like a fool.

    Without wasting time, Koothrappali zoomed over to Miluya and aimed his sword at her.

    "Yah! You're attacking me! I'm going to fight you!" she cried. Instead of retreating, the girl went ahead to welcome the attack. A shield miraculously appeared in her arms before she raised it to block the attack. The sword landed on the shield but fail to do anything.

    Koothrappali started panicking. The attack that was supposed to kill Jiang Fei was blocked by Miluya. That barrier survived the attacks unscathed. If it was that powerful when being used on someone else, it would be even more so when Miliuya used it on herself.

    "One more!"

    Koothrappali did not believe that his attack could be stopped. Who was this girl when compared to the Elemental Lords?

    He raised his sword once more and delivered blow after blow to Miluya. The shield she wielded that had stood strong against the attacks finally made a crack after the countless hits.
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