1153 Evolved Again

    "You shall be punished in the name of being ugly!" cried the woman.

    The sky darkened before rain clouds came rolling in from nowhere, bringing forth darkness that was not the night but close to it.

    "What's this now?" Jiang Fei muttered. The Genie of the Lamp, Koothrappali was unfazed while Jiang Fei was frantically trying to understand what was going on.

    Since Miluya and Jiang Fei were in the Friendly state of relationship, she appeared as a green marker on Jiang Fei's U.I minimap. As a matter of fact, since Miluya was a High Celestial while Jiang Fei was only a Lower Celestial, her marker in Jiang Fei's minimap was a green skull icon.

    At the moment, when Miluya did something, her marker in Jiang Fei's minimap disappeared and was replaced with a giant green scythe. This scythe icon was giving off a circular aura that spread out like a wave. The effect of it could only be seen from the minimap as it was invisible to the naked eye. One thing was for sure, if there was something going on, it would be somehow recognized either by the naked eye or the minimap. In this case, something was happening, be it beneficial to Miluya and her allies, or a detrimental effect to the enemy. Both Jiang Fei and Koothrappali were within the area of effect and if Jiang Fei could not feel anything, Koothrappali sure did.

    "What is happening to me..."

    Koothrappali's voice morphed from that of a young, spirited young man, to a husky voice belonging to a middle-aged man. Just when he had the sheer confidence to defeat Miluya with the aid of the Primordial Gear, Miluya did something to herself and turned the tide of war around. Her aura upgraded from a High Celestial's to a Supreme Celestial's! The Supremacy Aura that she was giving off clearly affected him.

    Jiang Fei was still trying to make sense of what was going on. He, as an ally of Miluya, was clearly not affected by the effect. What he saw happening to Koothrappali made him ultimately thankful yet at the same time, terrified at Miluya.

    Koothrappali was... aging. Not only was he growing older at an alarming rate, his maximum Health Points were dropping. He was not taking damage. His health percentage was still at 100%. But the entire Health bar was shrinking!

    Losing health was still something that anyone could counter easily by taking a potion to heal oneself. Losing one's maximum Health Points on the other hand was a whole other issue as there was nothing one could do to stop it!

    "Woah... this little girl is becoming stronger!" said Jiang Fei to himself, admiring the fact that she was truly undefeatable. He had always believed that the girl was invincible but only when Miluya activated her alternate form. Now, after not seeing her for some time, the little girl he knew then had turned into a fully grown woman with powers that could even take over the entire "Dawn Break" world.

    "What is her true origin?" Jiang Fei remembered asking himself the same question he did a long time ago. The origin of the girl was truly mysterious as no one knew where she came from. Then again, as long as he stayed friendly with her, Jiang Fei could roam the Celestial Realm without the need to worry about enemies.

    Koothrappali knew that Miluya was an enemy that he could not defeat. As such, he stopped shouting and screaming, and started running away. Even though he had the Primordial Gear granting him the unique skill to be Invulnerable to all Physical Attacks, completely rendering Jiang Fei's attacks moot, he could not afford to stand and fight the enigmatic existence that was Miluya.

    After a short distance of running, Koothrappali flashed himself away. Being the son of the Windlord, fleeing was one of his best skills.

    "How rude! You should at least apologize first for bullying my big brother!" Miluya scoffed before she struck the air in front of her. The area which she had struck cracked. A dimensional rift was created and Miluya plunged her hands into it. After a little wriggling around, she snagged onto something and lo and behold, Koothrappali was fished out of the rift.

    "Impossible! This can't be happening!" Koothrappali cried, terrified at what he was experiencing. This skill was once used by Lucifer. Jiang Fei was not at all shocked that Miluya could use the same skill.

    As soon as Koothrappali was dragged out of nothingness, his maximum Health Points started to drop again.

    "Decaying Domain! Who are you..." Koothrappali said something and when he gazed up to look at Miluya, Jiang Fei could see the intense fear that was reflected in his eyes,


    Miluya gave him a slap; a slap to the face so hard that Koothrappali was immediately killed. Koothrappali, being a Genie, burst into a cloud of green smoke. A golden-colored lamp dropped to the ground before it shattered on its own into countless pieces.

    "You know too much..." Miluya whispered to herself, audible only to Koothrappali but not Jiang Fei who was hiding several meters away from him.

    "That's just insane," said Jiang Fei, oblivious to what Miluya had whispered. He was completely preoccupied at the thought of seeing Koothrappali being smacked to death.

    "Ehehehehe. Big brother! He's so weak!" said Miluya as she came up to Jiang Fei, jumping with happiness, much like a little girl.

    "Ugh..." Jiang Fei sulked. To think that Miluya would say Koothrappali was weak, what would she think of Jiang Fei then?

    "Big brother, where have you been this whole time? I was bored!" said Miluya without batting an eye at the now dead Koothrappali. The woman was still jumping and fidgeting next to Jiang Fei, hoping for a compliment.

    "I was back at my world," said Jiang Fei, patting the woman on her head. His gaze, however, was toward Koothrappali.

    "Hmm? Did he take something from you? Do you need to take it back?" Miluya asked.

    "Nah... He didn't take anything from me. He did have something that I want though," said Jiang Fei. He dared not confess that he wanted the Primordial Gear.

    "That's alright then! You can have it! Take it as a gift from me!" said the woman. She had not the slightest care for the Primordial Gear.

    "Really? That's great! Thank you, Miluya," Jiang Fei croaked and quickly sped toward the place where Koothrappali was killed.

    "It's a little shame though..." said Jiang Fei to himself. He knew that the boss would surely possess many other items but since he was killed by Miluya, dropping more than one would be an unlikely scenario. Even so, he would surely drop the Primordial Gear. Whether or not you were a player or an NPC, a Primordial Gear shared the same fate as a Holy item; dropped upon death.

    Jiang Fei approached the glowing silhouette of Koothrappali and triggered the loot effect. A bright, penta-colored dragon rose from the ground. It spun around in the sky above the dead body before it roared and disappeared.

    "Ooo damn, this is more powerful than the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone!" cried Jiang Fei after he had merely glanced at the Primordial Gear.

    Heart of the Windlord (Accessory, Celestial)

    Attack Speed: +400%

    Equip: Immediately attacks the target again after successfully landing a melee attack. The second attack will be a critical hit. (Effect will only trigger once every five seconds).

    Equip: Attack ignores 70% Defense.

    Equip: Grants the skill, Ethereal Body

    Equip: Grants the skill, Soul Haste

    Equip: Grants the skill, Blessing of the Windlord
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