1154 Isabella’s Oddity

    "Eh...? Why do I get the feeling that I've just got duped?" said Jiang Fei after he had briefly glanced at the item's properties. With so little skills, he felt that the item was only 10% of what the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone was.

    However, just as he was regretting about celebrating prematurely, he took a thorough look through the item skill sets and gasped at its prowess.

    Ethereal Body (Forward Activation): Invulnerable to all Physical Attacks but takes 500% extra Magic Damage.

    Ethereal Body (Inverse Activation): Invulnerable to all Magical Attack but loses all Blocking and Evasion effect. Enemy would have 100% Accuracy when attacking you in this state.

    Ethereal Body was passive skill with no cooldown. Jiang Fei could practically switch the state of Ethereal Body on a whim since its effects were permanent as long as he held the accessory. It was powerful since he could switch the Activation status on the fly when fighting against any enemy.

    Just by using this skill, Koothrappali could have taken over the entire world. He was only unfortunate to have met Miluya and her unexplainable Decaying Domain which truly ignored all sort of immunity to reduce your maximum Health Points. The worst part was the last one-hit-kill attack. Not even Koothrappali could defend against that.

    Besides the switchable skill, the Heart of the Windlord had two other skills that stood just as powerful as the first.

    Soul Haste: Passive effect: Decreases all skill's cooldown by 50%. Active effect: Increases movement speed by 500%, immediately refreshes all skills that grants increased movement speed or are Teleportation-based. Lasts for three minutes, one hour cooldown duration.

    Blessing of the Windlord: Passive effect: Increases Evasion chance by 5% each time you receive an attack. Maximum of 10 stacks. Effect expires gradually until 5 seconds after out of combat. Active effect: Summons the power of the Windlord and creates a massive tornado, dealing damage to all enemies around the vicinity. Summoned tornado lasts for 2 minutes. One hour cooldown duration.

    "Heh! I got flustered for nothing!" said Jiang Fei as he gave himself a facepalm. Judging from the item's properties, it seemed that passive skills were the highlights. An increasing Evasion passive effect and a permanent 50% cooldown duration reduction were the main attractions while the active skills were just the cherry on top. Even so, the Active skills were really something Jiang Fei needed as he could really use extra escaping skills since one of it could instantly refresh skills that were of the teleportation type and increased movement speed type. Like Koothrappali, he could just run away whenever he encountered an enemy that was too strong for him. He would no longer have to worry about being surrounded or even losing an escaping enemy!

    "Are you really giving this to me?" said Jiang Fei as he showed the Heart of the Windlord to Miluya.

    "Of course! Don't you like it?" said Miluya, not caring about it at all.

    "Of course I do!" said Jiang Fei, retracting the Heart of the Windlord. He wanted it so much that he quickly put it on. With the accessory equipped, Jiang Fei was now ready to face any other Primordial. He had better assurance to fight against them, and even if he didn't there was a means of escape.

    "I'm glad you like it! Let's go play now!" said the woman. Miluya was so grown up that she was practically Jiang Fei's hot elder sister. Yet, like a little girl, she clung to Jiang Fei and wrapped her arms around his.

    "Erhm... very well!" said Jiang Fei. He had no idea where to go but he suddenly recalled the creek in between the canyon, below the waterfall. Initially, he wanted to break into the enemy's base since Miluya was there to help him. However, after giving it some thought, he decided to delay the assault. He felt obligated to spend fun time with her instead of just utilizing her presence to do his bidding.

    Miluya was already a grown woman and if he went ahead with his initial plan, she would learn that Jiang Fei was just using her. Not wanting any negativity between them, Jiang Fei thought it was best to nurture the relationship as a friend instead of a lackey. Jiang Fei knew very well that the woman was ultimately the strongest entity in the game. It would be better for him to be on her good side instead of bad. Nothing good will happen if he accidentally wronged her.

    As they played along, Jiang Fei was kicked out the game when the server shut down. It was already noon when he logged out of the game. Jiang Fei took a shower, grabbed something to eat, and made his way to the back of his house, where the Medical Bay was set up.

    "0543, give me a status report," Jiang Fei asked as he looked through the glass partition that protected Isabella inside the pod bay.

    "All status normal... No abnormality detected..." before 0543 could finish her sentence, the entire pod vibrated vigorously.

    "You call that normal?!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Captain, I am reading abnormal readings!" cried 0543, as if she was stunned by the sudden reaction.

    "Shut up! I can see that!" Jiang Fei snarled. He plastered his face to the partition glass and saw Isabella writhing in pain.

    "Captain! All life signs are indicating a negative reaction! She is fading!" 0543 blared.

    "Do something!"

    "I require energy!" 0543 requested permission.

    "Use all Energy Crystals that are in my custody!" Jiang Fei responded in a flash. After so many days of accumulating, he had over a million Energy Crystals stored.

    A white light flashed from the ring and all the Energy Crystals that Jiang Fei had were used up just like that.

    "Insufficient energy, captain!" 0543 blared out again. One million Energy Crystals was no small amount. Unfortunately, it was nothing but a splash of water trying to quell a raging fire.

    "F*ck! What can do I?! WHAT CAN I DO?!" Jiang Fei roared. He had literally nothing left at his disposal. Even if he started looking for more Energy Crystals now, it would be too late for him to do anything!

    "Darling! Allow me!" Ariel barked. It did not take long for her to realize something was wrong. She was all the way across the house when she felt a sudden wave of panic coming from the Medical Bay. When she recognized the source was Jiang Fei, she quickly flashed herself next to him. She placed her hands on the medical pod door and started injected her own powers directly into the pod.

    "Isabella's condition is improving but we need more power to stabilize her!" said 0543, sounding worried. Jiang Fei was so nervous and anxious that he could feel the lunch from earlier coming right back out.

    "What's going on?" Nina asked.

    The mess in the back of the house was so loud, that not only Nina, but even Sylphy, Shang Guanqi, and even Si Tuying came over to see what the ruckus was about.


    Jiang Fei calmed down a little and started explaining what was going on with Isabella. Both Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi sulked as they bit their lips helplessly. They knew that they could also provide energy to assist 0543 but their total energy pool was nowhere near enough. Even if they poured everything they had, it would only be a microscopic drop of water when compared to the splash that was the million Energy Crystals.

    "I can be of help!" Nina stepped forward. She was a true Level 5 Metahuman and if Ariel's power could, hers would be stronger.
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