1155 To the Moon

    When Nina took over, the medical pod started working better and faster at stabilizing Isabella. Nina was a better energy provider since she was a true Level 5 Metahuman. Not only did she have a bigger energy pool, she could also draw power from nature itself.

    Seconds after she took over from Ariel, Ariel dropped to the ground, drenched in sweat. She quickly limped to the side of the room to rest and recover. Her usual pinkish cheeks were now as pale as a sheet of paper. Powering the medical pod had taken a large toll on her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "0543, how is she?" Jiang Fei asked. Even though Isabella was not writhing as violently as before, Jiang Fei could not relax, not when 0543 actually gave him her word that Isabella was completely fine.

    "All life signs are stable but based on the current energy input, we would require more energy or else..."

    Jiang Fei did not bother to listen. He knew what would happen if he did not give what 0543 asked.

    "How could this have happened?!" Jiang Fei croaked. It should not have been this way. How could fusing with a Core be this bad? He had absorbed the power of the Core of Will albeit there was a small mishap but it had not been this bad. Isabella was fused with the best Core one could fuse with in order to survive! The Core of Life shouldn't be killing her!

    There was literally nothing Jiang Fei could do then. He was only a Level 4 Metahuman. Even though he could fight a Level 5 enemy, the energy pool inside him was extremely limited. He was weaker than Ariel when it came to providing energy!

    In no time at all, Nina started to black out. At this moment, Ariel had only recovered roughly 30% of her energy. She could take over but it would be over in a flash.

    "Sylphy! Help me!" Nina cried desperately.

    "Me?" Sylphy stuttered. Of all the females that stood by Jiang Fei, Isabella was the one woman that she could never get along with. Sticking her neck out for Isabella was not something she would willingly do.

    "Sylphy, please! I'm begging you!" Jiang Fei pleaded.

    "Alright... I'll try..." Sylphy agreed albeit unwillingly. She was only helping out as Jiang Fei himself begged her. If she stood by and let Isabella die, Jiang Fei would never forgive her.

    After having her position taken over, Nina quickly joined Ariel to recover her strength. Unlike the once graceful Saint of the Light, Nina did not bother to even sit dignified. There was no time to get comfortable as she dropped to the ground and sat with her legs crossed.

    Even with Sylphy taking over the task to provide energy, Jiang Fei was still uneasy about the entire thing. Isabella was still sucking in energy like a black hole. No matter how much Nina, Sylphy, and Ariel poured in, it was simply not enough for Isabella!

    Nina and Sylphy had lasted much longer than Ariel but even so, Sylphy had reached her limit. Right then, Ariel, who had only recovered about 50% of her energy, forced herself to take over.

    "Fei, this cannot last. Although we could cycle through the three of us, there would not be enough time between resting periods. In only a few cycles, all of us would not be able to provide any more energy for Isabella!" Nina explained whilst panting, trying to catch her breath.

    Jiang Fei blanked out for a moment before he gained his resolve. Determined to help Isabella, Jiang Fei paced toward Nina and Sylphy and said, "Stay strong, I'll be right back."

    "Be careful!" Ariel cried out. Of all the girls that were there, Ariel knew well what he was about to do. He was about to head out, alone. Even though she was worried, she was so grateful that the issue with 0542 was resolved earlier. If it hadn't, she would never allow Jiang Fei to go out on his own.

    Jiang Fei sped out of the room and zoomed to the sky with the hoverboard.

    "Come to the small island. I have matters to discuss with you," said Jiang Fei through the communicator. The person on the other side was Bennette Straz, the last person he would want to talk with. However, in dire situations, there was no one else that he could turn to. Not Han Tianyu, not the Martial Art Alliance, not the Chinese government. It could only be the Unknowns. Only they could help him now. Only they had the means to provide him with Energy Crystals.

    The vacuum of energy in Isabella was so vast that no amount of energy on Earth, be it through conventional electricity, or even nuclear power would be sufficient. There were ways that could truly satisfy that void. The first was being constantly fed by another Level 5 Metahuman. The second, using Energy Crystals.

    Jiang Fei knew several other Level 5 Metahumans on Earth besides Ariel, Nina, and Sylphy. They were all grand masters and grand elders of several martial art sects. However, those masters were never close to Jiang Fei to begin with. They would, without doubt, not lend their strength to Jiang Fei, much less agree to be rendered into a state of weakness when they were done with the entire process.

    The only way left was to obtain Energy Crystals. The only people he knew that had Energy Crystals were the Unknowns. And out of all of them, only Straz and Z0-11 were allies. Even if he knew that going to them would be a suicidal mission, it was something he had to deal with in order to save Isabella's life. He had never thought about how Z0-11 would react to his request even. Truly, there was no other way.

    "Alright. I have received your request. I will come and get you," Straz replied happily.

    A few minutes later, Jiang Fei arrived at the agreed location for Straz.

    "Please follow me. Lord Straz will be with you shortly," said a cloaked Unknown that had welcomed him.

    "Are you alone?" Straz asked when he saw Jiang Fei was pacing quickly toward him. The girl that had always been a bother was not with him.

    "Yes, I am alone."

    "Alright. Follow me."

    Straz did not bother asking further questions since he was glad that the girl did not come along. He brought Jiang Fei over to a group of Unknowns that were operating a large teleportation pad. After a flash of light and a light headache, Jiang Fei arrived at the oval hall that he once visited.

    "We are here. Fei, what do you want to discuss about? Feel free to say anything you want. There's no one here that can hear us," Straz said, smiling as he did. Straz was crossing his arms and his finger underneath his muscular forearm was flicking subtly. Invisible to the naked eye, his finger was shooting out beams of energy. The energy soared through the air and circled around Jiang Fei's ring.

    Although Jiang Fei did not notice Straz subtle movements, the ring did not respond. 0542 that had been trading information with Straz had been sealed away and the new 0543 did not recognize the identity of the new signal that she was detecting.

    "I need Energy Crystals. A lot of them! I need them now!" Jiang Fei barked. There was no time for him to dilly-dally.

    "Huh? Energy Crystals?" Straz gasped. He continued to flick his fingers, sending out beams of energy toward the ring. Unfortunately for him, the ring was not responding to any of Straz's hailing.
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