1158 Friend In Need

    Z0-11 and Bennette Straz exchanged a look, their eyes flashing with blue light at rapid speed.

    According to Z0-11, Jiang Fei was not allowed to be harmed and the plan was to keep Jiang Fei on the moon base until the other Unknowns were done eradicating all of Jiang Fei's allies. Only then would Jiang Fei be allowed to return home.

    Things had taken a different turn when Ariel had managed to teleport to the moon, to Jiang Fei's side. Right now, Jiang Fei knew that something was going on and it was not good. If Z0-11 wanted to retain the positive impression Jiang Fei had for it, Z0-11 could not afford to retain Jiang Fei any longer. However, Z0-11 could not allow Jiang Fei to return to Winter Islands since he might die!

    \"Send me back now!\" Jiang Fei roared once more. Right then, he did not care whether or not Z0-11 would hold a grudge against him. Even if it meant fighting his way to it, Jiang Fei wanted to return home. His family, his allies, his loved ones were all in mortal danger!

    \"Alright. Bennette Straz, activate the teleportation pad!\" said Z0-11 after processing through its decision.

    \"The pad, leader?\" Straz repeated, thinking that his ears might have misheard.

    \"That's right! We will mobilize our own men to help our ally!\" said Z0-11, bitterly.

    \"O great one! Please reconsider this!\" Straz frowned as he barked. The other Unknowns that were attacking Winter Islands were very much stronger than they were. Isabella was supposed to be their additional fighting force. With her help, Z0-11 could even fight all the way to the other Unknowns' base! But right now, Isabella was not even conscious to lift a finger. Moreover, she was now a liability that would cost them dearly. Jiang Fei himself could not fight properly! Coupled with all of Z0-11's men, they would not be a force to even put up a decent fight with the other Unknowns.

    \"Enough! Obey the command!\" Z0-11's voice raised to the top of the roof. With this, Straz backed down and lowered his head.

    Everyone, including Ariel who was being carried by Jiang Fei, headed to the teleportation pad. There, via wireless communication, Z0-11 had gathered all of its perfected Supreme Androids companions. It took only a matter of minutes to prepare their arms and gather at the teleportation pad. When the teleportation pad was ready to go, there were more than thirty cloaked Unknowns waiting for Z0-11's orders.

    \"Leader, the teleportation pad is ready!\" Straz cried.

    \"Are you ready?\" Z0-11 asked Jiang Fei.

    \"Yes,\" he replied as he stroked Ariel's bloodied hair. The man was ready long before Z0-11 even asked the question.

    \"Go forth!\" Z0-11 ordered and Straz pushed the button to teleport them all down to Earth.

    The surface of the bottom of the teleportation pad lit up brightly and continued to do so until everyone was engulfed in that pillar of light. One second later, everyone vanished from the moon base. Two seconds later, all of them reappeared high up in the air, on top of Winter Islands.

    As soon as Jiang Fei came to, deafening sounds of explosion rang in his ears. He opened his eyes only to see beams of red laser zooming from every angle in the air. There was one spot, where those red lasers were concentrated on to. Jiang Fei heart sank when he recognized the spot. It was his house!

    The back of the house was being protected by a large shield. In the center of the shield was a generator that was \"plucked\" out of Braveheart itself. That device was the entire ship's main shield generator. Naturally, in this situation, it was used to protect Jiang Fei's family.

    The shield was still holding strong, even when it was being showered with countless of particle beam attacks. Even though the shield did not look like it was failing, the warning light on the shield generator was blinking profusely. The device was a battleship shield generator. Regular soldier arms could never penetrate such a barrier. However, there was one crucial weakness. It was running on extremely limited power!

    Every piece of technological devices shared the same weakness. Power. Once the power ran out, no matter how advanced a device was, it would be rendered into a worthless piece of junk!


    A gust of wind came, followed by the appearance of a person behind one of the attacking Unknowns. The person made a move so fast that no regular pair of eyes could detect it. Her blade glided through the air so quick that there was hardly any resistance to it. In that instant, the Unknown's shield had received a massive impact, or rather, a large slash.

    The Unknown, realizing he was under attack, quickly flew away. However, like the shadow of the Unknown itself, the person would never go away! The Unknown might be fast, but she was faster.

    Once... twice... and after the third slash, the shield burst apart, like a bubble to needle. The attack was coming from a true Level 5 fighter. A Level 5 shield might be strong but it was not strong enough to withstand multiple Level 5 attacks as it ran on power! Although the Unknowns never lacked Energy Crystals, each Unknown could only house a limited amount of Energy Crystals in their bodies.

    Furthermore, to increase dexterity, each Unknown had only carried the minimum amount of Energy Crystals needed to not hinder their movement. Even though their shield was more than capable of taking hits from the robot soldiers from earlier, they were completely unreliable against Level 5 attacks. Unless they could find a way to replenish their energy at the spur of the moment, these Unknowns would eventually be slashed and destroyed, one at a time.


    The shield burst off and the Unknown was done for. Even though its frame was created using the strongest metal that they could find, it was not strong enough to take on a full-powered attack of a Level 5 fighter. Now that the shield was gone, she made a single slash, slicing the Unknown clean in half. It was a good kill yet the loss of a single soldier meant nothing to the fleet of Unknowns.

    \"Sylphy!\" Jiang Fei cried when he saw the shadow zooming around the air, hunting down Unknowns one by one. He was glad to see her in the battlefield, but his ease was quickly replaced with worry when he saw the look on her face. Her pale face was only colored with the blood that was flowing profusely all over her.

    In a solo fight, a Level 5 Metahuman would stand above all Unknowns. However, Winter Islands was currently being swarmed over by an army of Unknowns and the only person that could fight them was Sylphy. There were more than a hundred enemies then fighting her! It was already hard to fight them all at once. It was even harder to fight until Jiang Fei got home.


    When Sylphy saw Jiang Fei, it literally took every ounce of her last breath to call out to him. The powerful assassin fell from the sky after that. The last of her energy stretched out too far, leading her to faint at the sight of Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei zoomed toward the girl with the hoverboard and caught her before she hit the ground.

    \"Attack!\" Z0-11 ordered. At this moment, they had the element of surprise since they appeared on top of the enemy's fleet. If they waited any longer, they would lose the element of surprise and would be beaten down due to the enemies' sheer number.

    Blue beams started to join the light show of the enemy's red beams. A few of Z0-11's men concentrated their aims at a single Unknown, instantly breaking their shield, killing them.

    \"Z0-11! The Betrayer! You dare attack us?!\" cried out a voice from amongst the fleet of Unknowns.

    \"Press the attack,\" Z0-11 commanded, ignoring the taunt from the enemy.

    \"Useless fools. If you had kill everyone here sooner, I would not need to make a change of plans!\" Z0-11 thought to itself.

    Jiang Fei was completely oblivious to the fact that what had happened had been all orchestrated by Z0-11. Z0-11 was the \"man\" behind the curtains, the conductor of this entire fight. It was Z0-11 that had leaked all the information it had received from 0543 about Jiang Fei to the enemy. Not knowing that Z0-11 was at fault, Jiang Fei was absolutely grateful to Z0-11 for leading its men into a fight that Jiang Fei thought had nothing to do with Z0-11.

    \"Please hold the line. I'll be right back!\" said Jiang Fei before zooming away instantly on the giant sword that was the hoverboard. Sylphy and Ariel were both unconscious, resting in his arms when he went through the barrier. The barrier had a auto-identification system in place, which recognized Jiang Fei as an ally, allowing him to enter the barrier without disabling it.

    Without delay, he gently placed both Sylphy and Ariel down and let Shang Guanqi tend to them. Once they were both safe, Jiang Fei charged headfirst toward the medical pod, where Isabella was being kept.
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