1161 New Plan

    After destroying one, Isabella instantly teleported behind another Unknown. Similarly, after two attacks, another Unknown was defeated as well.

    \"Confound her! Stop her! Aim all the cannons at her! Destroy that girl!\" the leader of the enemy roared. Even though she was not performing as violently as the previous encounter, which was what granted her the title \"the Destroyer\", she still portrayed enough destructive power to be a serious threat.

    All cannons stopped shooting at Jiang Fei and were instantly shifted to Isabella.

    \"0543, how is she doing?\" Jiang Fei asked worriedly.

    \"All of Isabella's life signs are normal but she is now consuming a vast amount of energy,\" said 0543.

    \"Thank god,\" Jiang Fei said. Even though he was slightly worried, he was ultimately relieved at the fact that Isabella had recovered. Still, he understood that if she were to attack relentlessly, she would run out of energy and be exposed to danger.

    \"Begin the counterattack!\" Z0-11 roared just as Jiang Fei was about to turn to it for assistance.

    Isabella had successfully drawn the attention of all the enemy Unknowns. Z0-11 and its men were able to stop channeling all their energy into the shield and focused on the offense. At the same time, both Nina and Sylphy had managed to recover a little after resting for a bit. The two of them proceeded to fight, dealing with only a small portion of the enemies.

    The tide of war had changed. This time, the enemies were suffering from casualties while Jiang Fei's side was trashing them hard!

    The enemies' formation was in a mess since they were all focused solely on firing at Jiang Fei. Many strays were brought down easily as they were not formed together behind the enemies' shield. They had their own portable shield generators but they were too weak to handle concentrated fire from Z0-11's men coordinated focused fire.

    \"Send one team to deal with them!\" the leader roared angrily when the number of casualties began to worry him. The small team quickly gathered together and heading toward Z0-11's men.

    Isabella was just about to run out of breath but was able to gather her composure, and she started to attack and defend at the same time. Isabella had only used her own brute strength when she killed the first two Unknowns. She had barely even used her powers then. Now that she had decided to unleash her powers, no Unknown would withstand taking even a single attack.

    It was a sudden twist of events. The enemy had already lost four Unknowns in less than 10 seconds.

    \"Defense! Get into defensive formation!\" the leader of the enemy ordered.

    All the enemy soldiers quickly grouped together to form a large defensive formation. It was an effective formation as both Isabella and Z0-11's men could no longer kill as many of them as before.

    However! Because of their tight formation, both Isabella and Z0-11's men were now able to freely move around. They could get behind structures for cover. The heated battle now subsided into a stalemate.

    20 minutes later, Ariel woke up. However, she was now suffering from severe pain from earlier. Before she teleported to the moon base, she was completely out of energy, yet she had forced herself to conjure the last of her strength into teleporting to the moon, causing severe internal injuries. Even though she was awake now, she could barely lift her hands, much less stand on her own.

    \"Captain, Ariel is now conscious. I suggest you use the medical pod to replenish her energy to allow her to fight. Her powers are extremely potent against machine lifeforms,\" said 0543.

    \"Huh? Can the medical pod do that? Most importantly, can it still work?\" Jiang Fei asked. When Isabella joined the battlefield, she came in with a blast. Surely, the medical pod that she was in was destroyed.

    \"The medical pod was severely damaged but some of its core functions are still operational,\" 0543 clarified.

    \"What am I supposed to replenish Ariel with? I don't have any Energy Crystals!\" Jiang Fei barked. Right now, Z0-11's men were running on their last Energy Crystals, He could not afford to have them give them to him as it would immensely hinder their offence.

    \"Captain, look around you. There are many destroyed Unknowns around. I have detected compressed Energy Crystals in their bodies,\" said 0543.

    \"Oh! Good idea!\" Jiang Fei said. The Unknowns were still Androids and they would require Energy Crystals to operate. Even their weapons and shield generator would have Energy Crystals. Even though they were destroyed, Jiang Fei could still salvage the Energy Crystals!

    Right now, there were only around 30 \"corpses\" of the Unknowns. A small part of them belonged to Z0-11's men and the others were all the enemies.

    \"No time to consider that! I need them Energy Crystals now!\" Jiang Fei reminded himself. He unsheathed his Chengying Sword and started sprinting toward one of the damaged bodies.

    The shield was long gone, allowing Jiang Fei to pry through the strongest metal alloy frame of the Unknown. They were supposed to be the strongest metal but Jiang Fei was stronger. With a slash of his sword that was imbued with Origin Force and the power of Metal, the frame was sliced opened like a hot knife through butter.


    With a single pry, a small compressed Energy Crystal snapped out of its holding.

    \"Captain, don't forget the weapon and the shield generator.\" 0543 aided him, reminding to salvage every possible source of Energy Crystal.

    \"Right! Right!\"

    Jiang Fei proceeded to tear apart the cannon and the shield generator.

    \"How many do I have now?\" Jiang Fei asked after he had \"harvested\" from the first body.

    \"The compression rate of these Energy Crystals are high. The three pieces contains a total of 75,000 Energy Crystals,\" said 0543 after a short delay.

    \"What the f*ck?! That much?!\" Jiang Fei gasped. A piece of compressed Energy Crystals was created using a technology that Jiang Fei did not possess. If he had, he could have made weapons of mass destruction.

    Jiang Fei had a weapon's factory but he could only build fighter jets, battleships, and handheld weapons at only Level 4 power output. Technically speaking, Jiang Fei could make Level 5 weapons but he lacked the energy source to operate them.

    Ships and jets could carry kilotons of Energy Crystals on board but infantry could only carry as many Energy Crystals as his hands allowed. If Jiang Fei had mastered this Energy Crystals Compression technology, he could theoretically create high-powered weapons and defensive devices! If he succeeded, he would not need to rely on the old farts in the Martial Art Alliance. He would just recruit a few green horns and equip them with the aforementioned weapons and armory. Their combat prowess would be greatly enhanced to match the Unknowns.

    \"Captain, please stop daydreaming. Please continue collecting Energy Crystals!\" 0543 raised its voice. Z0-11's men were approaching critical point and if they run out of power, the war tide would once again side the enemy.

    \"Sorry about that.\"

    Jiang Fei slapped himself on the cheek to clear his thoughts. It was not the time to think about the future! He needed to win this war and to do that, he needed to gather enough Energy Crystals to fully \"recharge\" Ariel!
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