1162 Tables Turned

    As Jiang Fei was becoming more skilled at disassembling energy blocks, he could now collect them faster too. After about ten minutes, he managed to collect all the energy blocks in twenty or thirty fragments.

    Although some of Z0-11's men were collected along with these energy blocks, Jiang Fei could not care less. These Androids were not scared of death. As long as Jiang Fei did not destroy their chips, Z0-11 would not mind.

    \"Ariel, come with me!\" After collecting the energy blocks, Jiang Fei quickly rushed back into the energy shield. Then, he sent the blocks into the Medical Bay.

    Although the number of energy blocks that these Androids possessed differed, most of them had an average of 60,000 energy crystals left. Hence, Jiang Fei managed to collect a total of 1.7 million Energy Crystals!

    Although 1.7 million Energy Crystals were incomparable to the energy used to save Bella previously, it was enough to restore Ariel's combat power.


    With the Medical Bay's high-speed operations, energy was continuously sent into Ariel's body. Although this was quite a waste of energy, Ariel, who received the energy surge, was obviously in a better condition now.

    Boom boom boom...

    Deafening gunfire could still be heard while Ariel was getting better and better. This made Jiang Fei more confident.

    According to 0543's monitoring, Bella was still in good condition at this time. With the power from the Core of Life, Bella was tenacious. She was way stronger than an average Level 5 Metahuman. Hence, even after such a long battle, there was almost no loss in her combat effectiveness.

    At this time, however, Nina and Sylphy could not hold on any longer. Previously, the two of them had not recovered much strength. They had no choice but to join the war, so they quickly exhausted the energy in their bodies and had to return to the energy shield to rest.

    \"Leader, we're almost out of energy!\" As the battle continued, the Unknowns under Z0-11 began to run out of energy. As they came here in a hurry, they did not bring much energy with them.

    \"Yeah. We have to break the blockade. Otherwise, we won't be able to deliver the supplies!\" said Bennette Straz.

    The hostile Unknowns on Winter Islands had blocked signal transmissions. Hence, Z0-11's moon base could not provide them with supplies as support. Only by breaking this blockade would they be able to get the much-needed supplies.

    \"Has the energy node been computed?\" Z0-11 asked. They had to determine the energy node in order to destroy the barrier.

    \"We can't contact the Data Processing Center right now. With our own computing power, I'm afraid it will take a long time,\" Bennette Straz replied. Even though they were also Supreme Androids, the operating speed of their chips was clearly incomparable to the Data Processing Center.

    \"We don't have that much time!\" Z0-11 said. In actuality, Z0-11 had been computing these energy nodes all this while. So, Z0-11 knew how long it would take to compute with the processors they had.

    \"Should I contact her?\" Bennette Straz asked.

    \"No! We have already exposed 0542. We can't expose her! Otherwise, Jiang Fei will doubt us!\" Z0-11 immediately objected.

    \"But we're now...\" Bennette Straz still tried to argue, but Z0-11 cut him off.


    Just then, lightning flashed across the sky!

    Z0-11 and the others looked up. A girl stood in the wind, her hair fluttering. Countless bolts of electricity appeared around her together with continuous lightning flashes as if she was a lightning elf.

    \"Ariel, crush those energy nodes!\" Jiang Fei had received Bennette Straz's request for help.

    \"Okay!\" Ariel nodded. Then, she closed her eyes. Through the induction of electromagnetic energy, she found the position of those nodes without calculations!


    Lightning flashed out from Ariel's side, instantly hitting an energy node that could not be seen with the naked eye.


    The entire barrier shook. Although the barrier did not stop working upon the breakage of one node, its operation was seriously interfered with.

    Zap zap zap...

    Lightning continued to accurately strike the energy nodes in the air!

    \"Stop her!\" This made the Unknowns anxious. Once the barrier was destroyed, Z0-11 and the others would be able to replenish their supplies. Then, the Unknowns would be suppressed further.


    The Unknowns' muzzle turned toward Ariel. However, this made their enemies release the scarier Isabella!

    \"Ariel, let me help you!\" Bella said. Then, she crossed her arms over her chest and the energy in her body began to surge.

    \"Domain: Power of the Demon Dragon!\" Following Bella's words, a dragon roar was heard!


    With the activation of Bella's Domain, all the free energy in the air began to gather around her and an energy armor of dragon scales formed!


    In order to put more pressure on the enemies, Bella activated her Domain. After she obtained her energy armor, she directly charged toward the base of the Unknowns that was protected by the barrier!

    Boom boom boom!

    With Bella's fierce attacks, the Unknowns' large energy shield swayed. A Level 5 Metahuman was not a real Level 5 Metahuman until they activated their Domain!

    \"Warning! Energy consumption has gone beyond expectations!\"

    \"Warning! The one-sided shield has been hit hard. Please deal with it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the shield will soon collapse!\"

    \"Damn! Keep her away!\" The leader of the Unknowns frowned. He had not expected Bella's attacks to be so powerful after she activated her Domain!


    When the Unknowns switched their target to Bella, she was forced to retreat. However, Ariel started to destroy the barrier.

    Since Bella had summoned the Power of the Demon Dragon, she had the energy armor to protect her. It seemed like she was not afraid of the energy cannon's attacks. Although these attacks were as strong as the attacks of a Level 5 Metahuman, Bella's defense appeared to have been greatly strengthened by the energy armor.

    \"Leader, things aren't looking good!\" An Unknown frowned.


    A bright flash lit the sky up. Ariel had completely destroyed the barrier!

    Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

    Just as the barrier was destroyed, white lights flashed and seven or eight Unknowns arrived along with a lot of materials. Clearly, Z0-11's reinforcements had arrived.
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