1165 Miluya’s Secre

    Jiang Fei's family's migration went smoother than expected. Neither the Unknowns nor other forces attacked the plane, so Jiang Fei's family arrived safely in China.

    After he settled his parents down, Jiang Fei went straight to Snow Mountain Sect. He had to talk to the martial artists. After all, he was not strong enough to retaliate against the Unknowns by himself. He needed the help of the Martial Art Alliance.

    \"What? You can make us as powerful as them? Then let's kill them all!\" Before Bai Wanli could even answer, Zhu Tianfei slammed the table and shouted.

    Previously, the martial artists were oppressed by these Androids. Wise people like Ganyang Zhenren and Bai Wanli could still remain calm, but someone like Zhu Tianfei had lost his temper long ago.

    Now that Jiang Fei could provide them with the power to take revenge, Zhu Tianfei immediately jumped up and agreed to it.

    \"Younger brother Jiang, since you're trying to help us get revenge, we should agree to it, but...\" Bai Wanli stopped halfway.

    \"Yeah. Even though we want to take revenge on those Androids, all the major Sects still need time to recuperate. It's not a good time to join a battle recklessly,\" said Ganyang Zhenren.

    In actuality, it was not that these two old guys were unwilling to accept Jiang Fei's weapons and take revenge on the Androids. They had just seen through Jiang Fei and had grasped his emotions.

    Although the martial artists did not know that Jiang Fei's home was attacked, they saw the anger in his eyes. So, the two sly martial artists could easily tell that Jiang Fei's hatred toward the Androids was far deeper than that of theirs. If so, they could gain some benefits from Jiang Fei when they agreed to take revenge on the Androids.

    \"What? What are the both of you trying to say?\" Before Jiang Fei could say anything, Zhu Tianfei raised his voice.

    \"Brother Jiang Fei is trying to help us get revenge. Why are the both of you hesitating? Are you guys afraid?\" Zhu Tianfei asked with a look of disdain.



    Zhu Tianfei had ruined their plan. There was no way Ganyang Zhenren and Bai Wanli were going to ask Jiang Fei for benefits, right? A straightforward and reckless person like Zhu Tianfei had ruined a good chance for them to benefit from the situation.

    Although their hearts were filled with unwillingness, the opportunity was gone. If Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren did not want to offend Jiang Fei and be labeled as scaredy-cats, they had to accept Jiang Fei's offer.

    \"Old Zhu, what are you saying? Why would we be afraid? Can't you just wait for us to finish talking?\" Ganyang Zhenren rolled his eyes at Zhu Tianfei.

    \"Yeah, old Zhu, you're way too short-tempered. What we mean is while it's true that the various Sects need to recuperate, younger brother Jiang has spoken up, we definitely cannot cross our arms and do nothing!\" Bai Wanli said. Although Zhu Tianfei had ruined their plan, and he and Ganyang Zhenren had no chance to benefit from this anymore, they could at least flatter Jiang Fei a little.

    \"Thank you, both of you!\" Although Jiang Fei was sneering in his heart, he had to be nice on the surface.

    This was not the first time Jiang Fei was dealing with these martial artists. Although he was not as sly as the older martial artists, he knew their mindsets. So, he could pretty much guess what Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren were thinking.

    In Jiang Fei's view, he and the Martial Art Alliance were only cooperating for mutual benefits. The only one who he could genuinely befriend in the entire Martial Arts Alliance was the blunt Zhu Tianfei.

    After he put forward his intention to cooperate with Bai Wanli and the others, Jiang Fei started building a base at a place not far from the Snow Mountain Sect. He used planet Namek's technology to create a large number of engineering Androids. Even though these Androids did not have much combat power and skills, they were very good at building things. In just a few days, Jiang Fei's base was completed.

    After that, Jiang Fei brought his parents, Shang Guanqi, and the other girls there. Since Jiang Fei's base was next to the Snow Mountain Sect, it was connected to the Martial Art Alliance. So, if they encountered an attack in the future, he would not have to be so passive anymore.

    After these arrangements were made, Jiang Fei began to produce individual weapons and equipment. A large number of individual cannons and shields were produced. However, the energy blocks were being compressed at a slow speed. After all, Jiang Fei only received 100,000 Energy Crystals every day. As a lot of energy was needed for the production of weapons and equipment, not much energy blocks were left for compression.

    \"Just wait. I'll get my revenge on you very soon!\" Jiang Fei thought to himself after he made some calculations. Ten days were enough for him to make one or two hundred sets of equipment. Then, he would equip the martial artists with these weapons. After two or three days of training, their combat power would definitely surpass the Unknowns.

    Since Jiang Fei did not have to personally supervise the production process, he left it to 0543 and finally returned to the game once again.

    Jiang Fei had not logged in for three consecutive days, but he still remembered that he had to eliminate the Celestial NPCs. As he was now planning to fight with the Unknowns, he could not let them replenish their army infinitely.

    Therefore, as the production of weapons and equipment would take up to ten days, Jiang Fei decided to take advantage of this time to completely eliminate all the Celestial NPCs and fundamentally cut off the sources of the Unknowns.

    After making this decision, the first thing that Jiang Fei had to do after he entered the game was look for Miluya. After all, Miluya could be said to be Jiang Fei's best bet. If he wanted to completely destroy the Primordial Celestials, he needed Miluya's strength. He could not do it alone.

    \"Big brother, where did you go? I've been looking for you for days!\" Miluya came running to Jiang Fei before he even started looking for her.

    \"Miluya, you're...\" Jiang Fei was dazed the moment he saw Miluya. The 21-year-old girl had turned into a 27-year-old woman. She grew up again!

    \"Big brother, let's go and play!\" Miluya did not seem to notice her changes. She still behaved like a little girl.

    \"Okay!\" Jiang Fei agreed, but he had a bad feeling.

    Although \"Dawn Break\" was a game, all its internal data was balanced. Only Miluya was different. She was invincible and immortal. In her final form, she was so godly she could kill everyone and everything. She was an extremely unreasonable existence.

    Today, however, a special thought occurred to Jiang Fei. That was, Miluya's invincibility came with a price. That price was her life. She aged faster than normal little girls, so there was a possibility that she would grow old and die faster too!
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