1166 Fishing Plan

    \"Big brother, let's go and play!\" Seeing that Jiang Fei was in a daze, Miluya shook his arm.

    \"Oh! Oh! Okay!\" Jiang Fei got out of his head.

    For a moment, Jiang Fei thought of saving Miluya. He wanted to bring her out of the game and let her be reborn in the real world. After all, while there was a possibility that Miluya would age very quickly in the world of \"Dawn Break\", her programmed settings would not work in reality.

    However, such a thought only existed in Jiang Fei's mind for a short moment. Miluya's origin was too mysterious. Even though Jiang Fei was still unclear about who she really was, he knew that Miluya was definitely not an ordinary NPC with intelligence.

    0541 had clearly stated that as long as a female NPC did not genuinely love Jiang Fei from the bottom of her heart, it would never allow Jiang Fei to extract that artificial intelligence into reality. This was to avoid any unpredictable disasters caused by the loss of control of that artificial intelligence.

    Although Jiang Fei was close to Miluya, they had only known each other for a short while. Moreover, Jiang Fei did not understand her enough. There was no way Miluya who was a little girl at heart would fall in love with him. Therefore, with 0541's message in mind, Jiang Fei knew that he could not bring her into the real world.

    Jiang Fei's mind was a complete mess. Originally, he had planned to travel around with Miluya. Unknowingly, however, they arrived near the seclusion where they had once encountered Koothrappali, the Windlord's son.

    Jiang Fei had not intended to bring Miluya. As he was occupied with his thoughts, he became distracted and subconsciously ended up here. After all, before he saw Miluya, Jiang Fei always had in mind that he had to eliminate all the Ancient Gods.

    \"Big brother, that thing is strange!\" Miluya said as she pointed at the barrier of the seclusion in the distance.

    \"Err...\" Jiang Fei finally snapped out of his thoughts. He could not believe that he actually brought Miluya there.

    \"Big brother, can you go inside?\" Miluya asked curiously.

    \"I think so? Why?\" Jiang Fei asked, confused.

    \"Last time, I tried to go inside, but I was repelled.\" Miluya pouted.

    \"Oh?\" Jiang Fei was shocked. It seemed like his plan to eliminate those Ancient Gods by using Miluya was not going to go that smoothly.

    Originally, Jiang Fei wanted to bring Miluya into the seclusion, then destroy all the Ancient Gods with Miluya's power. Although he would be taking advantage of Miluya, he was in a rush, so he had no other choice.

    However, Miluya said that she could not get through the barrier. So, Jiang Fei could not help but feel disappointed. It seemed like the game developers had struck out this possibility when they designed the game. The War of the Heavens had to be completed by the players themselves. Most NPCs probably could not get inside the home of the Ancient Gods.

    \"Although it's a little more troublesome, it's fine!\" Even though there were rules, it did not prevent Jiang Fei from exploiting the loopholes in the rules.

    Although Miluya could not enter the seclusion, Jiang Fei could fish the Ancient Gods out. He was a bait. As long as he could get in, he could easily lure the Ancient Gods out. Then, Miluya could wait for them outside. Although this would only work a few times as the Ancient Gods would not be fooled again and again, he could at least reduce the number of Celestial NPCs significantly this way.

    \"Miluya, should we play a game?\" After making up his mind, Jiang Fei asked Miluya.

    \"Big brother, what game?\" Miluya asked with naivety. Although she had grown into a 27-year-old woman, naivety still looked very natural on her.

    \"I'm gonna go in and annoy them. If too many of them come and bully me, can you wait here and avenge me when I lead them out?\" Jiang Fei said.

    \"Okay! Bring more of them out, big brother!\" Miluya said happily.

    \"Sure!\" Jiang Fei nodded. This was his first time entering, so he would definitely catch the attention of many Ancient Gods immediately. A lot of them would probably chase him all the way here.

    \"Go go go, big brother!\" Miluya urged him eagerly.

    \"Okay!\" Jiang Fei turned around, then rode the Evol. Skygliding Dragon and flew toward the barrier.

    However, when Jiang Fei turned around, Miluya's originally innocent expression gradually turned cold. She became expressionless, her eyes filled with something unexplainable.


    Jiang Fei, who did not notice anything, entered the seclusion.

    After entering, a scene unwrapped before Jiang Fei's eyes. The original small valley had turned into a vast plain!

    \"The map changed?\" Jiang Fei glanced at his minimap. This was no longer the Ancient Celestial Realm. Instead, it was called the Throne of Gods.

    \"Where did everyone go?\" Jiang Fei looked around. He could not find a single Ancient God. However, he did not dare to go too far. If he walked too far away from the barrier, he might not be able to run out if too many Ancient Gods encircled him.

    As he did not dare to go too far, Jiang Fei kept walking around the barrier. Very quickly, an Ancient God discovered him.

    \"Damn! A human being discovered this place? How is that possible? Or are you a damned adventurer?\" The Ancient God who discovered Jiang Fei was surprised. However, when he sensed that Jiang Fei was only a Lower Celestial, he smiled.

    \"Today, I'll be able to contribute to society! Hey kid, you're dead meat!\" The Ancient God laughed wickedly, then charged at Jiang Fei.

    \"Hmm?!\" Jiang Fei frowned after seeing this Ancient God. He was not worried that this Ancient God was too strong. In fact, he was afraid that this Ancient God was too weak!

    The Ancient God that was charging toward him was just a Level 107 Lower Celestial. He thought that he was pretty strong among the Lower Celestials, so he was confident that he could kill Jiang Fei who was also at a similar level.

    Jiang Fei was also confident. He could even kill an Intermediate Celestial, so what was an ordinary Lower Celestial? However, he was worried that other Ancient Gods would not be able to discover him if he killed this one.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to let this guy escape after bullying him for a bit so that he would report to the other Ancient Gods. This way, Jiang Fei could lure more Ancient Gods out from the seclusion.

    Seeing that the reckless Ancient God was charging at him, Jiang Fei waved and the Soulcutter automatically flew out. Then, it instantly split into more than a hundred sharp blades!

    Sword Form: Blade Dragon!

    A sword dragon formed. Following a dragon roar, it rushed straight into the Ancient God's face!




    A huge number of damage figures appeared and the unlucky Ancient God instantly suffered serious injuries. His Health Points decreased rapidly and there was no way he could stop it!

    Fortunately, Jiang Fei stopped attacking just in time. Otherwise, the sword dragon would have killed the Ancient God!
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