1167 Miluya’s Scary Irregularity

    When the dying Ancient God realized how powerful Jiang Fei was, he immediately turned around and ran as fast as he could. As Jiang Fei was fishing, he did not chase after the fleeing Ancient God. He was now Jiang Fei's bait and his job was to lure more fish, optimally bigger ones.

    \"He should be back soon. I'm gonna stand nearer to the barrier.\" Jiang Fei thought to himself as he rode the Skygliding Dragon. The coming battle was not something that he could handle. The seriously injured Ancient God had escaped to the depths of the Throne of Gods, so he would definitely lure a large number of Celestial NPCs. If Jiang Fei was too far away from the exit, he might not have the chance to escape.

    In the end, Jiang Fei found a good position for himself. The exit was only a few tens of meters away. As long as the Skygliding Dragon accelerated, he would be able to rush out.

    After selecting a position, Jiang Fei split the Soulcutter, but did not form a sword dragon. He planned to use Sword Burst the moment those Ancient Gods arrived to provoke them a little. Although the damage dealt would be negligible, such a blatant provocation would definitely anger those Ancient Gods. As long as they followed him out of the exit, Jiang Fei believed that Miluya would not let him down!

    The Ancient God who escaped did not disappoint Jiang Fei. Just a few minutes later, a large number of red marks appeared on Jiang Fei's minimap. There were also a large number of red skulls!

    \"Damn! So many of them came?!\" Jiang Fei was shocked after he looked at his minimap. Nearly one hundred Ancient Gods were rushing over, and around thirty or forty of them were High Celestials!

    Subconsciously, Jiang Fei moved closer and closer to the exit. After all, in the face of so many Ancient Gods, Jiang Fei was a bit worried.

    It was a coincidence that so many Ancient Gods were coming to hunt Jiang Fei down. In actuality, these Ancient Gods happened to have gathered for a meeting. However, a seriously injured little brother of theirs suddenly came in crying for help. When asked, it turned out that a human adventurer had broke into the Throne of Gods. Such a thing was definitely intolerable to the Primordial Celestials.

    The Ancient Gods were already very embarrassed when the Humans counterattacked into the Ancient Celestial Realm. However, they were too busy with other things. The Unknowns were being too aggressive. They had issued an ultimatum to these Celestial NPCs, stating that those who did not want to join them would not be allowed to live. So, the Ancient Gods had no time to care about the adventurers that were entering the Celestial Realm.

    They could ignore the players that had entered only the Celestial Realm, but now, a player had actually broken into the Throne of Gods. They would not tolerate this. If the Celestial Realm was the home of the Ancient Gods, then the Throne of Gods was equivalent to their bedrooms. Now, to them, Jiang Fei was running all around their house and causing a ruckus. This naturally added fuel to the fire.

    Sword Form: Sword Burst!

    Seeing that figures were appearing in the distance, Jiang Fei did not even think about talking to them. He directly commanded his sword and more than one hundred sharp blades flew toward the incoming Ancient Gods like a rainstorm.


    The unprepared Ancient Gods were hit by the Soulcutter.

    Originally, these Ancient Gods thought that Verdure Glider would immediately run, if not surrender himself, as there were so many of them. None of them expected Jiang Fei to actually dare to attack. Although his attack did not threaten the life of any Ancient God, it succeeded in rousing their anger!

    \"Almost!\" Jiang Fei nodded. His mind was clear. Even though he was pretty strong, he knew his place. He was not a fool. Why would he have a head-to-head battle with more than a hundred Ancient Gods?

    \"Go!\" Jiang Fei shouted as he tugged the Evol. Skygliding Dragon's rein. Then, he accelerated. Before those Ancient Gods could teleport near him, he already rushed out of the exit.

    \"Chase him!\" They were ready to torture Jiang Fei. However, before they arrived, Jiang Fei attacked them. Although they were not injured by the attack, they became mad. No one had ever provoked them like this before. So, all of them were furious. When Jiang Fei escaped from the seclusion, the Ancient Gods rushed out without even thinking twice!

    \"Miluya, I'll leave it to you!\" After Jiang Fei rushed out, he immediately spotted Miluya not far off. The girl was looking at him innocently, as if she was welcoming a hero home.

    \"Don't worry, big brother!\" Miluya smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei. Then, she walked a few steps in front. However, the Ten-Headed Guardian Lion beside her was so terrified that it was trembling.

    Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

    White lights flashed. The angry Ancient Gods had rushed out of the barrier!

    \"Don't let him run!\"

    \"Chase him!\"

    \"Trust me, you won't make it back to the Suppression Region!\"

    \"Yeah! You adventurers aren't afraid of death, right? Let me see how many times you can die!\"

    After the Ancient Gods rushed out of the Throne of Gods, they did not pay attention to Miluya who was in front of them. Instead, they directly chased Jiang Fei. They were cursing at him continuously. It seemed like they hated Jiang Fei to the core.


    While the Ancient Gods decided to ignore Miluya and continue hunting Jiang Fei down, a faint light shrouded them. Obviously, Miluya, who had been neglected by these Ancient Gods, had started to attack.


    \"What's going on?!\"

    \"How can this be?\"

    \"Is this...\"

    Just as these Ancient Gods started to panic, Jiang Fei noticed that their Health Points had begun to decrease rapidly. At the same time, they began to age and all their attributes began to decrease!

    \"Decaying Domain!\" Finally, an Ancient God said the name of this Domain.

    \"Decaying Domain?\" This was the first time that Jiang Fei heard its name. Previously, when Miluya rescued Jiang Fei, Koothrappali had said the name of the Domain, but Jiang Fei did not hear it. Koothrappali did not even have time to say any more than that after it broke as Miluya killed him almost instantly!

    \"Sh*t! It's her! Everyone run! Return to the Throne of Gods!\"

    \"Why is she here? Run!\"


    When the Decaying Domain broke as someone said its name, these Ancient Gods became frantic. They gave up the chase and ran back to the barrier as fast as they could.

    \"Damn! You're still alive! You're...\"

    \"Everyone, run! She's...\"

    Whenever these Ancient Gods tried to say Miluya's name, they would explode suddenly. Miluya did not even do anything special. It seemed like anyone who said her real name would be condemned to death!

    \"Who is she, really?\" Jiang Fei became even more confused. He never thought that someone could be that strong. So strong that anyone would immediately explode and die if they tried to say her name. Her power had completely exceeded Jiang Fei's knowledge and imagination.
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