1172 The Visiting Dragon God

    One week came and went in the blink of an eye. Jiang Fei's new base was still under construction, but it was making progress in good time. Some of the planned buildings had already been completed, and weapon production had also begun. The only setback to Jiang Fei was energy crystal production. After subtracting the necessary amount of energy for construction and operations, the yield from the base's energy compression facilities only amounted to ten thousand crystals a day.

    But despite Jiang Fei not receiving too much energy crystals from the base, it was still perpetually producing weapons this way. Eventually, Jiang Fei would acquire enough weapons to arm an army of powerful martial artists.

    Although the weapons production rate was low, it was still enough to afford Jiang Fei that confidence. So even if the amount of energy crystals he could get was only this much, he was content that it was also perpetual.

    While the Unknowns could exponentially expand their numbers in a short period of time, the number of AIs inside the game that was available for extraction would not increase. Even without Jiang Fei's interference, there was still a limit on how much they can grow their forces, needless to say now that he was proactively hunting these AIs.

    And so with enough time, the size of Jiang Fei's forces would grow bigger than the Unknown's, and that will be the day that Jiang Fei can finally get his revenge on them.

    While Jiang Fei's progress outside the game was going nicely, the same cannot be said for him in the game. Despite searching high and low for them for one whole week, Jiang Fei was still unable to find any traces of the remaining Celestial NPCs or Miluya at all, as if they had all disappeared into thin air. Not only was Jiang Fei having a hard time finding any of them, but even many of the scouts dispatched from Empyreal Dragon have also returned with nothing.

    He even went as far as to infiltrate the Hall of Kings to look for them, but still found nothing after thoroughly going through the whole place.

    \"Where the hell are they?\" Jiang Fei was frustrated.

    \"Boss, the scouts we sent to the west have just sent us a message. They've already reached the edge of the map, but didn't find anything.\"

    It was Little Rain who brought him the disappointing news.

    \"I see...\"

    Jiang Fei dismissed Little Rain and frowned.

    With this latest report, Jiang Fei had already received three disappointing news from the scouts. After deciding to abandon the War for the Heavens, Jiang Fei also chose to disregard the opinions of the 500,000 members of his guild and sent them all on scouting missions to look for the missing Celestials.

    In addition to Little Rain's report, Lady Casanova and Billy Boy had also reported that their scouts to the East and South had reported back with nothing. So now, Jiang Fei was placing his hopes on Seven Stars Warrior's scouting party to the north.

    \"Seven Stars Warrior, did you find anything?\"

    Jiang Fei had not received any news from Seven Stars Warrior and was feeling a little anxious.

    \"Nothing yet so far. The north seems to be bigger than the other three sides, we haven't even seen the edge yet.\" Seven Stars Warrior replied.

    \"Send me your location, I'll come to you right now. You guys keep searching.\"

    After learning that the other three regions have found nothing, There was no need for Jiang Fei to stay put and wait.

    \"Ok!\" Seven Stars Warrior quickly sent him his coordinates.

    As soon as Jiang Fei received the coordinates, he quickly summoned Evol and rode it northwards. Although Seven Stars Warrior's scouting party had already departed a few days ago, they were meticulously combing through the area while Jiang Fei was flying directly towards them. It only took him a few hours to catch up to the scouts.

    \"Still nothing?\" Jiang Fei asked as soon as he arrived.

    \"Nope. This area is way bigger than we had previously thought, I think we'll need about three more days at least to fully uncover the entire map.\"

    Seven Star Warrior and the other guild members were puzzled by their leader's behavior. Their main reason to play the game was to have fun, and doing nothing but aimlessly scouting around for days was not the best way to do that. Although they were still getting rewards from the guild to do this, it was still an extremely uninteresting and mind-numbing thing to be doing.

    The only reason why they are willing to put up with it was that they were getting rewarded handsomely for the job, and their guild leader had never troubled them with anything before. So when Jiang Fei suddenly told them to stop whatever they were doing and scout the entire map, they followed his orders without complaining even though they had no idea what it was for.

    \"Continue scouting. And if you guys ever find a young girl, wait... If any of you find any females, let me know immediately!\"

    Jiang Fei wanted to describe Miluya to the guild members when he suddenly remembered that the girl's growth rate was extremely fast. By the next time he saw her, she was most likely to not look like the young girl that he remembered. So he just told Seven Stars Warrior and the others to report to him as soon as they find any females.

    \"Don't worry boss, we're all diligently combing through everything here. If there's any on this map, we will definitely find them.\"

    Seven Stars Warrior chuckled before continuing.

    \"But leader, I hope you don't mind me asking, what kind of quest did you get that you need all of us for?\"

    \"That's something I can't tell you yet.\"

    Jiang Fei shook his head. If it was merely a quest, would he need the help of hundreds of thousands of players to help complete it? There were also many details about his request that would be hard for him to explain, and so he simply choose to keep quiet and shoulder all the stress himself.

    \"Ok then...\"

    Seven Stars Warrior shrugged. He was already used to Jiang Fei being secretive and did not think too much of it.

    Soon, another day came to an end in the game. The scouts covered more ground and moved deeper into the north, but still did not find anything out of the ordinary.

    When the first rays of sunlight broke through the windows and into his room, Jiang Fei was ejected from the game. And after a quick clean, he was in the middle of chatting with his family when someone came knocking on the front door.

    \"Ah Fei, there's someone here to see you.\" Ariel came looking for him.

    \"Who is it?\" Jiang Fei was surprised.

    \"Bennette Straz\" She replied curtly. The matter of the Dragon God colluding with 0542 last time had left a bad impression on Ariel and made her harbor immense animosity against him.

    \"Oh, show him to the living room.\"

    Jiang Fei was aware of her resentment towards Straz, but both the Dragon God and Z0-11 did risk their own lives to save his at the battle of the Winter Islands, so he had no reason to turn him away.

    \"Wow Ah Fei, This place looks great!\" Benette Straz exclaimed with a smile when Jiang Fei entered the living room, escorted by Ariel who was on high alert and staring daggers at him.

    \"It's ok, still nothing if compared to you guys\"

    Jiang Fei returned the pleasantries. The base was built entirely using Namekian technology. But due to limited resources, it was still miles apart if compared to the one these two Unknown billionaires own.
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