1173 A Private Meeting

    \"So what brings you here? I doubt you're here just to admire the architecture.\" Jiang Fei was straightforward, he knew that Straz would not be here for no good reason.

    \"You know me well. My boss wants to see you!\" Straz replied.

    \"Meet me? Sure!\" Jiang Fei agreed right away. He had been wanting to visit the moon base and checking out the progress of Braveheart's reconstruction.

    \"Great! So when can we leave?\" Straz asked.

    \"Now is good. Come, Ariel, let's go!\" Jiang Fei turned his head to her and said.

    \"Yes!\" Ariel nodded as she prepared the teleportation sequence.

    \"Ah Fei, the boss wants to speak to you alone.\"

    Straz interrupted them before she could complete the teleportation. It was obvious that he meant for Jiang Fei to go alone.

    \"Absolutely no!\"

    Before Jiang Fei could even reply, Ariel instantly voiced out her disapproval. She did not feel that it was safe for Jiang Fei to be going there by himself.

    \"That's right! Honey, you can't go there alone!\" Bella said as she walked into the room.

    Ariel had shared with Bella that Bennette Straz had worked with 0542 before, and this gave the girls have a great sense of distrust towards them.

    \"Well, Ah Fei, what do you think?\" Straz glanced at the two girls and shrugged.

    \"Hmm...\" Jiang Fei gave the situation some thought before turning to look at the girls.

    \"A private meeting is fine. Don't worry so much, It'll be fine.\"

    \"But dear...\" Ariel was about to continue when Jiang Fei motioned her to stop with a wave of his hand.

    \"Sister Bella...\" Seeing how she was unable to persuade Jiang Fei, Ariel then turned to Bella for help. After all, Bella was his favorite among the girls.

    \"I don't care, honey, I'm going there with you!\" Bella was not as meek as Ariel. Although the little princess did become much more clingy after spending all that time alone in the medical bay, her royalty personality still remained.

    \"Bella my dear, please listen to me this time. I promise that I'll be back before you know it.\"

    If it was anyone else who wanted to tag along, Jiang Fei could simply just give them a stern look or brush off their complaints and that would have been the end of it. But when it came to dealing with the spoiled princess, a much gentler approach was required. If Jiang Fei had tried to be strict with her, there would be no end to her tantrum after that.


    Bella was very stubborn about not letting Jiang Fei go by himself. She had already labeled Z0-11 as a villain after listening to what Ariel had told her. Even after getting rescued by them once before, it was still not enough to change her mind.

    And because of that, Bella was adamant about not letting Jiang Fei meet Z0-11 alone, and to their turf at that.

    \"Well if you are all so worried, then how about this: You ladies can tag along to the moon, and after Ah Fei is done checking out the Braveheart, my boss is willing to come here to have a private chat with him!\"

    Straz suggested after seeing how adamant Bella was about Jiang Fei going alone. He was willing to make concessions to accommodate the girls but still emphasized that the meeting was to be private. Whatever it was that his boss wanted to discuss with Jiang Fei, it was extremely confidential.

    \"Then...\" The girls considered Straz's suggestion seriously. They would very much prefer it if Z0-11 came here to Earth and the meeting took place here on their own grounds where they could manage security better. If Z0-11's intentions were malicious, Jiang Fei was strong enough to avoid getting instantly killed, and they could easily rush into the fight.

    As for whatever secret it was that Z0-11 wished to discuss with Jiang Fei, it did not interest them that much. After all, they knew that if it was something that concerned them, Jiang Fei would naturally let them in on it.

    \"Why does a simple meeting have to be so cumbersome! Can't your boss just straight up tell me what is it?\"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes as he complained. He could not imagine what it was Z0-11 wanted to discuss that could not be done in front of the girls. But since it was Z0-11 who requested it to be that way, he could not do anything but only agree to it.

    \"So, can we go now?\" Straz said as he struck a welcoming pose.

    \"Sure.\" Jiang Fei nodded.

    \"Splendid! I'll just activate the teleporter right away. And please don't resist it.\" Straz reminded Bella and Ariel. It would be bad if the girls suddenly resisted the process with their powers and damaged the teleporter.

    After seeing the two girls nodding their heads in acknowledgment, Straz sent out a request to the teleporter and soon, beams of white light shined on them as the moon base teleporter transported them over.


    When the bright lights dimmed out, Jiang Fei and company were already transported to the moon base from Earth.

    \"Hoh? I see you guys made some upgrades!\"

    Jiang Fei smiled. The first thing that got his attention as soon as they arrive was a life-support system. This new installation could save 0543 the effort of keeping them alive in outer space.

    \"Indeed we have. This is something the boss has prepared for you.\" Straz explained.

    \"You guys have my thanks.\" Jiang Fei smiled, he knew Straz was telling the truth. Every resident on the base were androids, so other than him and the girls, there was no need for oxygen there. It was obvious that Z0-11 had prepared this just for him.

    With Straz as their guide, the group quickly made their way to the base's hangar where the Braveheart was docked. It had been a while since Jiang Fei's last visit, and so there were a lot of changes to the ship from how he last remembered.

    The ship's hull was nearly completed, and many of the ship's machinery and systems were already in place. At this rate, the ship should be completed within a year or even sooner.

    \"You guys sure work fast!\" Jiang Fei praised them for their speedy construction.

    \"Oh, that's just ok. But too bad we're running low on energy crystals.\" Straz's tone sounded sarcastic, as if hinting at Jiang Fei that they would have been able to finish it faster, if it was not for Jiang Fei who had helped himself to a large portion of their energy crystals previously.

    \"Huhu...\" Jiang Fei laughed cheekily, not eager to continue that conversation.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the ship's bridge, Jiang Fei accessed the ship's core operating system by syncing 0543 to it and ran a diagnostic to check on the ship's building progress in detail.

    From the diagnostic results as well as the many other data charts that he acquired from the ship's operating system, he concluded that the ship's construction had now entered its final phase. The ship's body was basically completed, and all that was left was the installation of a few other navigation support and operation machinery. Some of these parts were reclaimed from the wreckage, but there were also parts that were damaged beyond repair and had to be rebuilt, thus slowing down progress.

    \"Looks good. Just a couple of months more and it should be completed!\" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    By the time the Braveheart's is nearing completion, he would come again to set up the captain's administrative rights in the ship's operating system and unseal 0541. He was not planning on taking off into deep space immediately after that and did not need to wait for construction to finish for that.

    \"So Ah Fei, how's your inspection so far?\" Straz asked.

    \"Well, I'm done here! Let's go home!\"

    Straz led Jiang Fei back to the teleporter where Ariel and Bella were already waiting and they quickly departed for home. All that was left was to wait for Z0-11's arrival.
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