1177 A Girl Once More

    As soon as Jiang Fei stepped inside the mysterious zone, the three elemental lords in the Throne of Gods opened their eyes all at the same time.

    \"He's there! He's finally there!\" Neptulon spoke first.

    \"Took him long enough! We have been waiting so long for this day to come!\" said Therazane.

    \"Enough talk! Let's get to work!\" exclaimed Ragnaros impatiently.

    \"Ho Ho! Let's start!\" Therazane and Neptulon both nodded in agreement.

    As soon as the three elemental lords finished their conversation, a soft tremor could be felt from every corner across the entire world of Dawn Break.

    And at that very same moment, the area Jiang Fei was in suddenly fell into complete darkness!

    \"What's happening?\"

    Jiang Fei was caught off guard by the sudden change.

    \"Big brother! What are you doing here?\"

    Surrounded by darkness, Jiang Fei suddenly heard a familiar voice calling out to him from behind.


    Jiang Fei turned around reactively. And as he turned, the darkness faded away and there stood Miluya in her loli form. She was not in the body of a young lady like when Jiang Fei last saw her but appeared as a kid who was barely eight years old.

    \"Big brother! Did you miss me?\" Miluya playfully skipped her way towards Jiang Fei and latched her arm around his before playfully pulling at his sleeve.

    \"How did you become young again?\" Jiang Fei asked the girl. He was obviously confused by the girl's sudden age regression.

    \"Hehehe. I don't know how, but I just turned out like this somehow, \" Miluya replied while looking back at him with her clear, innocent eyes. There was nothing different about her from Jiang Fei's memories.

    \"Well, that's great news! But what brings you here?\"

    Jiang Fei found it mind-boggling that Miluya had reverted back to her younger self, but it seemed that even Miluya herself could not explain how it became so. Jiang Fei had always been worried about Miluya's rapid aging and dreaded the thought of her dying too soon, but seeing her alive and well before him, he surmised that the girl's life cycle must have been some form of a continuous loop.

    \"I came here after looking for you big brother!\" the young girl said with a sweet smile.

    \"Looking for me? Okay!\" Jiang Fei accepted her answer. With Miluya's powers, finding him would be a piece of cake to her.

    \"Big brother, let's play!\" Miluya said in a kittenish manner while swinging Jiang Fei's arm.

    \"Err... Ok!\" Jiang Fei briefly hesitated before agreeing to the little girl's request.

    Jiang Fei's purpose in entering the shrouded zone was to search for the missing Celestial NPCs. But even if he did manage to find any, he would have a tough time eliminating them because there's a limit to his own power. However, with a powerful escort like Miluya by his side, killing them would be a lot easier. As long as there were any Celestial NPCs hiding within the shrouded territory, they would not be able to leave alive.

    Jiang Fei brought the little loli along as he explored further into the shrouded area, searching for any trace of the Celestials. But the deeper they went, the worse Jiang Fei's luck turned out to be. Instead of finding any NPCs there, they only found themselves swarmed by waves upon waves of mob spawns.

    \"What's wrong with these monsters? Are they crazy?\"

    Jiang Fei was bewildered by the monsters' unusual behavior. Normally, monsters would flee as soon as they see Miluya. But now, they were all charging at them without holding back. This would suggest that the mobs were either crazy or protecting something.

    \"There must be something inside! Let's kill our way through!\" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. With Miluya by his side, he was not afraid of getting into fights, but rather the lack of it!

    \"Haha! Big brother, look at how strong I am!\" Miluya laughed happily as she threw grey flames at the monsters surrounding them, incinerating them upon contact.

    Although Jiang Fei and Miluya were slaying mobs at record speed, the waves of monsters seemed endless. They kept pouring out from the depths of the ravine and charged straight at the two, but were all reduced to ashes even before they could reach the two intruders.

    \"Why are they being so persistent? There's no end to them. We can't go on like this!\"

    Jiang Fei was beginning to get annoyed by the endless waves of monsters. Although the mobs were of no threat to him, especially since he had Miluya, their numbers were endless. The path into the valley was so densely packed with monsters, making it challenging for them to break through!

    \"Big brother, let's kill some more!\"

    Miluya was having a blast. She kept throwing flames at monsters while shouting out to Jiang Fei, asking him to play with her.

    \"Miluya, let's stop killing and just fly over them!\" Jiang Fei suggested.

    \"But I still want to play some more. Big brother, please play with me!\" Miluya pouted, still unsatisfied despite having already killed so many monsters.

    \"Alright... But only for a bit more ok?\"

    Seeing how reluctant she was to leave, Jiang Fei gave in to the little girl's request. He did not want to hastily enter the ravine by himself, so he decided to let the girl have some more fun out here.

    Time slowly ticked away, and soon it was approaching sunset. More than half of the day had already passed in the game. Jiang Fei was not willing to delay entering the valley any further.

    \"Miluya, let's go in now. We can still kill monsters when we get inside.\" Jiang Fei said to Miluya who was still burning monsters and enjoying herself.

    \"Oh ok...\" The loli was reluctant to stop playing like how a child would with a new toy, but was not willful and obediently went with Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei summoned Evol and also pulled the little girl up with him. And with a flick of its reins, the dragon let out a roar and took off into the ravine.

    \"Yay yay yay!\" Miluya was cheering while she kept throwing fire at the monsters as they soared over their heads, burning the defenseless monsters alive and turning them into ash.

    \"I wonder what is hiding inside? Why are there so many monsters guarding it?\" Jiang Fei thought as they flew deeper into the ravine.

    \"Hahaha! Faster! Fly faster!\" Miluya was still burning every monster they flew over with her grey flames, while constantly urging the Skygliding Dragon to fly faster. She seemed to be having the time of her life.



    \"F*ck! Where is that sound coming from? It's so annoying!\" Jiang Fei frowned. He has been hearing static noises since the moment Miluya appeared. The noise was barely audible at first, and he did not mind it. But as time went on, it gradually grew louder and was now irritating him.


    The more irate Jiang Fei felt, the louder the noise became. It became so loud that it made Jiang Fei felt like his head was splitting.

    \"Big brother, are you ok?\" Miluya noticed Jiang Fei's discomfort and asked.

    \"I'm fine...\" Jiang Fei was not able to discern where the noise was coming from and so chose not to tell Miluya about it.

    \"Let me help you!\"

    Unexpectedly, Miluya seemed to know the source of Jiang Fei's distress.


    Miluya set up an energy shield that quickly wrapped itself around Jiang Fei, and the static noise in his ears immediately quietened down. Although he could still hear it if he paid close attention, it was significantly softer than it was. As long as Jiang Fei did not focus on the static, he would not even know that it was there.
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