1178 Bellas Discovery

    After being shielded by Miluya's energy field, Jiang Fei's ears felt a lot better. The two flew at maximum speed and soon found themselves in the deepest parts of the ravine. But unfortunately for them, Jiang Fei had already reached his daily gaming time limit.


    Jiang Fei logged out from the game. It was just the break of dawn when the skies were slowly lighting up, but the sun still yet to rise above the twilight.

    \"Honey, quick! Come with me!\"

    Right after Jiang Fei had just opened his eyes, the door to his bedroom swung open.

    \"Where are we going, Bella? What's the hurry?\" Jiang Fei curiously asked.

    \"Just follow me!\" Bella stormed over to Jiang Fei and dragged him out of bed.

    \"Give me a minute, I need a shower.\" Jiang Fei disgruntledly said.

    \"Shower? You can do that when we get back!\" Bella snapped as she continued dragging Jiang Fei out of bed.

    \"Alright, alright. But where are we going?\" Jiang Fei was not able to wrestle himself free from the girl and surrendered.

    \"I'll give you directions as we go.\"

    Bella was still clinging on to Jiang Fei like glue. Even though the girl was a level five metahuman and was able to fly on her own, she still rode together with Jiang Fei on his gigantic sword.

    \"What is it that you want to show me? And do you have to be so secretive about it?\" Jiang Fei asked her curiously.

    \"You'll know when we get there!\" Bella gave Jiang Fei her sweetest smile but did not elaborate on the issue any further.

    \"Tsk. Well if there's no good surprise, I'm gonna give you a spanking later!\" Jiang Fei teased.

    \"Ok! \"

    Bella blushed and winked back at him.

    The massive sword lifted off and flew at top speed. Its destination was not anywhere within the Chinese borders, but southwest away from it instead. Jiang Fei's base was situated right next to the Snow Mountain Sect on Mount Kunlun. That meant that they were already close to the country's western borders and were soon flying out of the nation's airspace.

    \"Bella, seriously, where are we going?\" Jiang Fei asked her again.


    But when Bella spoke, Jiang Fei did not hear the girl's voice at all as his ears were ringing with a familiar loud static noise.

    \"What's going on?\" Jiang Fei shook his head and the static noise disappeared.

    \"Oh, just something interesting that I found. You'll definitely love it!\" Bella said as she wrapped herself around Jiang Fei's arm.

    \"Something interesting? Well, what is it?\" Jiang Fei enquired.

    Bella was the most powerful member of Jiang Fei's camp, so her ability to sense anything suspicious over long-range came as no surprise to him.

    \"I'm not telling you!\" Bella said cheekily.

    \"Fine, we'll see what it is soon enough anyway!\" Jiang Fei laughingly said as he pinched her cheek.

    After flying for a while, Jiang Fei finally brought the sword down on a mountain forest that Bella had pointed at.

    \"So tell me, why are we here?\" Jiang Fei briefly scanned the area around them but found nothing unusual in the surroundings.

    \"Wait here.\"

    Bella smirked as she ran towards one of the big trees.


    She placed her small hands on the tree's trunk and gave it a light swipe, and the huge trunk that needed at least three grown adults to hug around it ripped apart without much resistance.

    With part of the trunk being torn off, Jiang Fei could now see that the center of the trunk was hollowed out. And inside the hollow of the tree laid an odd-looking creature.

    The creature had an octopus-like head, and a human-like body but without arms. It had two large webbed feet like an amphibian and looked absolutely bizarre. Whatever it was, it was covered and protected by a glowing membrane that also masked its presence from being detected outside. But the most important part of the discovery was that there were breathing movements on the creature's chest, meaning that it was still alive!

    \"A Namekian? But that's impossible!\" Jiang Fei was baffled by the discovery. He knew very well what the creature was. It was a real Namekian!

    \"I discovered it here by chance. It must have been gravely wounded, but at least it survived inside the tree. I've already wrapped my powers around him so that his Level 5 energy won't leak out into nature.\"

    \"But how is this even possible?\" Jiang Fei had yet to recover from his shock. 0541 had assured him many times that the Namekians no longer existed. Even the video logs he found on the Braveheart had shown him that they have all gone into extinction. He even got rid of the bodies himself!

    \"It's not going to stay alive for long. Honey, quick! Take out your bio-pod and start extracting its energy. Either way, it's still a Level 5 Omega-level being. It would be a pity if we let his energies go to waste!\" Bella said to him.

    \"Oh! Oh! You're right!\" Jiang Fei rebounded from his shocked state after processing what Bella told him and wholeheartedly agreed!

    Jiang Fei was afraid of ever coming across a live Namekian. After all, he had inherited the legacy of their people, and the one reason why he was able to claim the Braveheart as his own was simply because the Namekians had gone extinct!

    Now, if a surviving Namekian were to suddenly appear like this, then his position as acting captain for the Braveheart would come to an end!

    Thinking about that, Jiang Fei felt murderous intent gradually building up in him. He had long since considered the Braveheart to be his personal property. And if a Namekian suddenly showed up and seek to lay claim to the ship, he would definitely not give it up so easily!

    Other than his intention to kill, Jiang Fei's previous experience of extracting energy from rebirth eggs taught him just how much energy can be extracted from a Level 5 being. So when Bella mentioned extracting the alien's energy, he also decided that it was the best course of action!

    Jiang Fei also thought about his plans to fight the Unknowns for revenge. He was severely lacking energy crystals and could only produce weapons at a slower rate. But if he used the energy extracted from this Namekian, not only could he eliminate the risk of losing the Braveheart, he would also significantly profit from this. Jiang Fei had absolutely no excuse to reject such an opportunity!


    With a bright flash of white light, Jiang Fei had summoned his Bio-pod.


    Bella waved her hand and the Namekian floated up and entered the pod.

    \"Done!\" After seeing the dying alien securely placed into the bio-pod, Jiang Fei proceeded to put the machine away.

    \"Dear, there's something else that I need to tell you.\"

    Just before Jiang Fei could store the Bio-pod, Bella suddenly came and talked to him.

    \"What's up?\" Jiang Fei was curious about what she was going to say and stopped what he was doing.

    \"I...\" Bella's lips were moving like she was talking, but all Jiang Fei could hear was that damned static noise again!

    \"What the hell is going on?\" Jiang Fei shook his head hard again like he did previously. But this time, the static only grew louder!


    \"BEEP BEEP BEEP...\"

    The static kept growing louder and louder. But Jiang Fei could sometimes hear clear distinct sounds that made up the noise, like the beeping of an alarm.

    \"Bella...\" Jiang Fei's head felt like it was about to split open, and he instinctively turned to Bella for help.




    Finally, the static noises in Jiang Fei's ears became clear and distinctive. It was a warning from 0543!
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