1182 Sudden Attack

    The enemy was unable to obtain their precision aiming. Even so, that did not stop them from beginning the bombardment. Most of the cannon shots were not hitting their targets. One out of ten shots landed but most of them were just a graze, dealing nothing more than just minor scratches. A few shots later, their aiming became more accurate but they were still missing a good number of shots.

    There were more than tens of thousands of shots being fired and only a few had landed. Even so, most of them were absorbed by the shield Straz deployed. The ship would shake violently upon taking a hit. The damage dealt was minor.

    \"Hurry!\" Jiang Fei cried. The others in the ship that knew what was going on cheered on. If 0543 failed to breach into the enemy's system, they would be sitting ducks against a hailstorm of cannons. Once they had a locked target, the entire ship would be ground down to dust.

    The tension in the air grew worse by the second, 0543 return with a report.

    \"Breach success.\"

    As soon as 0543 reported, the cannons stopped working and the sky was cleared.

    \"Attack!\" Z0-11 yelled out, ordering the pilot to make full advancement.

    Straz acknowledged and quickly took charge of the ship. Once Straz became the main pilot, he dived downwards and proceed to glide the ship with speed. Since Z0-11 and every other Android that were under her once served the Unknown organization, they were familiar with the base layout. A few minutes later, the ship was already approaching the landing bay and ready to open its cargo bay door.

    \"Just like that? Isn't it too easy?\" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Attacking an enemy base played out much easier than he had imagined.

    \"This is just the start. We have only disabled the surface defense system. The main battle will be inside the underground base,\" said Z0-11.


    Jiang Fei merely nodded while the other four girls quickly shared a look with each other. They were in the heart of the Unknown's base and there might be traps and ambush waiting for them. If they were unfortunate enough to fall into the trap, even if they were Level 5 fighters, they would be in for a fight.

    Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was paying attention to the details of the base as it was entirely built based on Namekian tech.

    \"0543, activate the super radar system!\" Jiang Fei order. By far, the super radar system was the most valuable ship part that greatly helped Jiang Fei in his journey.

    Following Jiang Fei's order, 0543 immediately activated the super radar system. Even though using the radar system would cost Jiang Fei a good amount of Energy Crystals, moving around without proper \"sight\" would only get him in deep sh*t.

    While Jiang Fei was only getting ready, Z0-11's team was already on the move. The shuttle hovered inches above the ground and the first team that got off the ship was the Ground Infantry team. The infantries were armed with heavy armor and powerful shield units. They were also the team that carried the highest number of compressed Energy Crystals. They were armed with a minimal amount of firepower but possessed superior defense capability. The Ground Infantry team was tasked to clear a safe landing zone and to protect others to deploy into the battlefield.

    About 20 of them jumped down and started to form a tight formation about the shuttle. No sooner, they fanned out equally and formed a perimeter to prevent enemies from attacking.

    \"LZ is secure. No targets found in close proximity,\" the leader of the G.I team reported.

    \"Acknowledge. Please proceed!\" Z0-11 commanded. Straz disembarked from the pilot seat and quickly equipped himself with armor and weapon. He then lead a team of Supreme Androids into the back of the ship. After a few seconds, the cargo bay door of the other side of the ship opened up, revealing smaller transport vehicles that were being driven by the team. On top of the transport vehicles were facilities, equipment, and many other supplies which were being driven off the shuttle.

    From the looks of it, Jiang Fei was convinced that Z0-11 was really giving everything it had to win this fight.

    \"Let's go!\" Jiang Fei barked after almost all of Z0-11's men were already off the shuttle. By the time they were off the shuttle, the other Androids were already deployed and ready to proceed.

    \"Let's move out!\" Straz gestured as he cried. Just when Straz was about to lead the way, Jiang Fei leaped to the front and stopped him.

    \"Wait!\" he said nervously. Something was right and Jiang Fei could not shake the ominous feeling. The entire advancement was too easy that it was scary!

    \"Did you discover anything?\" Z0-11 asked.

    \"No... it's... Please wait here. At least until I have a report from the radar system,\" Jiang Fei explained. At the same time, he turned to 0543 and asked, \"how long till its done?\"

    \"In about 300 seconds!\"

    \"That's too long to be standing here!\" Jiang Fei said to himself. 5 minutes was not a long time but to be positioned in a fixed location for 5 minutes would only serve as a beacon to the enemy. The proper strategy was to move constantly when lurking in an enemy's base.

    \"Fei! We don't need your information. We already have data about the internal schematics! If you want, I could send it to you now!\" Straz interjected.

    \"No. We wait for the precise data!\" said Z0-11.

    \"Right. In the meantime, we need to be on the alert! I don't think it's this easy!\" said Jiang Fei. Ever since he stood on the ground, in the middle of the enemy's base, he had this ominous feeling that he could not shake off.

    \"Bella, did you sense anything?\" Jiang Fei asked.

    \"Nothing yet. I can feel a presence underneath. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that everything underground is like trying to sense the inside of a black hole! I hate it! I hate the fact that I can't sense anything!\" Bella grunted.

    \"That is normal. It's one of those Namekian disruptors. We have one of those as well,\" said Straz nonchalantly as if it was completely normal to not sense anything.

    Minutes went by and everything started to be on edge. Each second literally felt like a day. When 0543 was about 2 minutes away from obtaining a detailed analysis of the enemy's base, Isabella jumped forward whilst screaming from the top of her lungs.

    \"Watch out!\" she cried as she jumped to the front to protect Jiang Fei.

    Not far from where they stood, the ground beneath tore opened from the inside and many could be seen leaping out of it. Seconds later, attacks that came from the sky came raining down.

    \"We are under attack!\" the leader of the G.I team alert. In an instant, the G.I team formed a defensive formation and deployed their shields. Their reaction was fast and quick. It was their main function as they were programmed to do just that. When an attack was detected, they would mobilize first, forming a defensive formation to protect everything behind them.

    While the G.I team was in action, the rest of the Androids started to move. Those that were tasked with the transport vehicle were also tasked with operating the machines they were ferrying. Those that were carrying Energy Crystals started to transmit power into the vehicle that was carrying a shield generator. It took some time to charge it up but as soon as it did, a large protective barrier was deployed, protecting even the G.I team in the front.
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