1183 Ariel Captured

    \"Attack! Attack!\"

    Compared to the instantaneous reaction of the Androids, Jiang Fei and the other martial artists were as slow as turtles. It was only expected since the martial artists were not adequately trained. The weapons in their hands were only just given to them and to be able to react in that short amount of time was given proof that Bella and Ariel's guidance had paid off.

    In no time at all, beams of high energy compressed particle beams filled the sky, coming and going from both sides. What caught Jiang Fei's attention was not how they were ambushed but the reaction rate of the enemy. Their attacks were clearly using the same Level 5 Namekian weapons but the users were clearly not human. The same thing could be said for Jiang Fei's own troops. That concludes one thing, the enemies were not Androids.

    \"Mutants?!\" Jiang Fei roared angrily when he eyed his enemies and spotted them coming from the horizon.

    \"Jiang Fei! I've told you that I shall have my revenge! Your life for my sons!\" roared the leader of the Mutants, Lincoln. His sons had been killed by Jiang Fei and now he sought revenge.

    \"Confound it! How are the Mutants in liege with the Unknowns?!\" Jiang Fei muttered disgruntledly.

    Even though they were armed with the same kind of handheld weaponry, the same kind that Jiang Fei had armed his troops, the Mutants had the superiority in the fight as they had the advantage of numbers. Worst of all, they had a good number of Level 4 fighters. Jiang Fei could even detect hints of Level 5 presence amongst the enemy swarm.

    When the Mutants were all in hiding, they were all protected by the Unknowns. Not even Bella could sniff them out. It was only when Jiang Fei was ambushed, presence of Level 5 fighters could be felt.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei sighed disappointingly. There are many other times, including this one, that Jiang Fei felt the arrogance of the martial artists has gotten the better of them. Even though they were able to set aside their pride to help Jiang Fei, it was but for a moment. The higher-ups had merely told their lower-ranking disciples to join Jiang Fei, not to help Jiang Fei, but to get them out in the field, to taste the world as it is.

    Those that were sent to join Jiang Fei in his endeavors were all but weaklings-talentless or slow-learners. All of these fighters were looked down on in their respective sects. The only way they could stand out was to seek that opportunity with Jiang Fei.

    \"Z0-11, do you really think you are the only one that could work with humans? Let's see whose allies are stronger here!\" someone bellowed. Its voice was coming from all around the place, echoing without a source.

    After the war in the Winter Islands, the Unknowns had suffered a great loss. The leader looked back at their move and had to look at the reason of Z0-11's victory. If Z0-11 could work with humans, why couldn't they do the same?

    If they were going to work with humans, they should look for those who can fight. Who would be best to fit the role than Metahumans? The Chinese Martial Artist Alliance was in liege with Jiang Fei. Not to mention the grudge they bore against the machines. The other option was to look towards the west, the one faction that both hated Jiang Fei and would wish for his destruction-the Mutant Brotherhood.

    All the machines did was sent an emissary to discuss their stance but the result was extremely positive. When they mentioned Jiang Fei's name, the Mutants quickly established an alliance with the Unknowns and were willing to fight.

    Both the Mutant Brotherhood and the United States of America moved as one. Back when the Americans were utterly trashed by inferior technology, they had to forfeit expanding their interest to the far east. This created a tension between nations, against the country of China for putting them there.

    The Mutants, led by Lincoln were more than willing to move against Jiang Fei. As a result, both the Mutants and the Unknowns had reached an agreement. The Mutants were quickly recruited and were prepared to attack. When the Unknowns had known about the attack, the Mutants were quickly armed with powerful weapons and were dispatched to deal with Jiang Fei.

    \"Leader, do we proceed? Or shall we retreat?\" Bennette Straz asked. From his point of view, the chances of them winning the fight was dropping exponentially. The enemy had the advantage, both in terms of numbers and preparation.

    Z0-11 remained quiet and dared not answer.

    \"We fight!\" Jiang Fei chimed in immediately after. If Z0-11 were to retreat, taking all the Unknowns, Jiang Fei and the rest of the humans will perish. If this war were to be lost, the martial artists would be reluctant to send any more reinforcements. Fighting the Mutants would be hard and it would only be harder when they were in liege with the Unknowns!

    All four girls around Jiang Fei to each other and nodded in unison. They knew what must be done in order to boost the troop's morale. With a flash, the four of them flashed into behind enemy lines.

    The lower-ranking martial artists might be years away from being proficient in shooting, but Bella and the other girls had no trouble in defeating them with their bare fists. They might not have the range but their speed was more than enough to allow them to kill the enemy.

    Isabella, strengthened with the Core of Life, struck first. The petite little lolita flashed herself to the back of a Mutant. With three strikes, Isabella broke through the enemy's armor and with one last strike, the Level 4 Mutant was blasted into oblivion, leaving no traces of what he or she had ever existed.

    Ariel and the other girls came up slower. Although they were not as brutally strong as Isabella, they were still able to kill their enemies. Breaking the enemy armor takes more than three strikes but killing them were still just as fast.

    Just when the four girls were killing as fast as they could, a beam of white light blew pass the battlefield and encased Ariel with a barrier. A split second later, the barrier expanded and became a cube-shaped prison, trapping Ariel inside it. This was one of their methods to stop any Level 5 enemies in their tracks.

    \"Oh no! Bella, save the girl!\" Jiang Fei roared. He had never seen the Unknowns capturing a Level 5 Metahuman. That was why he had not anticipated this move.

    Another beam of light flashed across the battlefield and was heading towards Sylphy.

    \"Hmph. You're lightyears away from ever touching me!\" Sylphy scoffed and flashed away from the light with ease. The girl was born and raised as an assassin. Speed and agility was her bread and butter. Not only was she fast enough to escape the light prison, but she was also fast enough to even swap positions with another Mutant.

    The light beam captured the Mutant and encased him in the prison.

    \"Darling! I... I... I can't free her!\" Isabella roared in panic. She had tried many times to break the prison with her monstrous strength but failed to even make a dent on it. The prison was replenishing its integrity with more than enough energy!
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