1185 The Bane of All Level 5 Metahumans

    \"Zaft's presence is gone!\"

    \"How could it be?\"


    In that instant, the remaining six Level 5 Mutants froze. Losing one of their comrades was nothing to be concerned about as there was something far worse than that happening.

    Being a Level 5 means having near immortality. The only way to kill a Level 5 Metahuman was to use a Godblade. Nothing else could come close to killing them. Even if one managed to find a way to utterly destroy their earthly flesh, a Level 5 Metahuman's psychic power was so strong that they could exist even without a body. All they needed was to possess another body to be revived once more.

    Right then, the man known as Zaft was obviously dead. His existence, his presence was snuffed away with a single slash of a young man's blade. Such a wound meant nothing, or it should have been nothing for a Level 5 Metahuman! If Zaft could be killed by that young man, what about the rest of them?

    \"You! You--\" two of the six remaining Level 5 Mutants choked at the thought of Jiang Fei being able to kill them. They were shocked to the core, thinking that a man, not even a Level 5 Metahuman, could dethrone them from their Level 5 realm and into the mortal realm.

    If someone were to inform them about Jiang Fei's ability, not a single Level 5 Metahuman would believe it. The only way to prove it to them was to kill another Level 5 Metahuman in their presence.

    \"This man's power has a limit! We need to get out of his range!\" cried another Level 5 Metahuman after he had regained his composure. At this moment, everyone snapped back into reality and got to work. They may be stunned for a brief moment but they were veteran fighters, humans that had lived for more than hundreds of years. Being overwhelmed by sudden grave news would only be detrimental to them for a brief moment.

    \"Move!\" cried the leader of the Mutants as he led the rest of them away from Jiang Fei.

    Two of them had deployed their Domain ability but as they were Enfeebled, they had lost their powers and could no longer sustain activating their ability. The general consensus about Domain ability was that only Level 5 Metahumans could use them. Jiang Fei was an exception as he had the Core of Will to provide the energy required to sustain the Domain ability.

    These Level 5 Mutants had lost their powers and even got dragged down to the mortal realm. Even though they outnumbered Jiang Fei by six, they did not dare to fight Jiang Fei. The stronger one is, the longer one lives, the more one would be afraid to lose it all, to die. These Level 5 Mutants had lived too long a life that they would never want to fall back into the realms of humanity, to own a feeble body and soul that was too fragile to take care of. That was why, even though each of them possessed strength that rivaled Jiang Fei, no one had even thought of working together to take down a single Chinese young man.

    All six Mutants took their leave, making it extremely hard for Jiang Fei to take them down individually. Once they left Jiang Fei's effective range, they could easily teleport away once they had regained their Level 5 powers. Jiang Fei was fortunate to trap them once, but fooling them twice would be a test.

    \"Leaving so soon?! You think you could just have your way and just leave? I'm not going to let either of you go!\" Jiang Fei roared. The wrath that had been building out for so long was unleashed. How could he let them escape when the only way to vent his anger was to kill them!?

    Jiang Fei steeled his mind as he used the ultimate skill 0541 had crafted for him!



    The air around Jiang Fei burst away as his powers leaked out of his body, forming a powerful uprising of power, pushing his very limits into the realm of Level 5!

    Right now, Jiang Fei possessed the strength of a pseudo-Level 5 which only lasted for 10 seconds. After that, he would be severely weakened. Even so, 10 seconds was more than enough for Jiang Fei to execute his move.

    How long would a Level 5 Metahuman take to deal with six Level 4 Metahumans?

    A powerful wave of psychic energy blasted out with Jiang Fei as its center. The enfeebled Level 5 Metahuman might run but they could never run faster than psychic energy.




    \"Ugh! This is not what I signed up for!\"


    Besides the strongest one that could still talk after being enveloped by the psychic energy, all five Mutants succumbed to the sheer intense psychic powers and died.

    Jiang Fei flashed himself in front of the last surviving Mutant and glared down at him with eyes that burned with rage.

    \"You... What are you... Urgh...\"

    The last Mutant could only muster so much of his remaining energy to speak before spilling blood from all orifices on his body, a scene too gory for the likes of humans.

    From the start of Bloodrage activation, to when the last of the six Mutants were killed, Jiang Fei had only taken two seconds. Now that he had accomplished his mission, he chose to deactivate Bloodrage. Even though becoming a Level 5 Metahuman, even though it was only a pseudo-state of it, was intoxicating, having to last one second longer in that state would put a strain on him when he exited Bloodrage.

    The moment Bloodrage was deactivated, Jiang Fei was immediately brought down to his knees. The stress on his body was so strong even though he had only lasted two seconds in Bloodrage. Jiang Fei could not help but shudder at the thought of actually being in the state of Bloodrage for 10 seconds.

    After catching his breath, Jiang Fei quickly withdrew two Grand Restore Pills and consumed it. The pills were a saturated version of the Health Potion. Consuming it would restore physical wounds almost instantly.

    Once Jiang Fei managed to restore his vitality, he quickly ran back to the defense line and entered the power barrier Z0-11's men had erected.

    Even though he had killed seven Level 5 Metahumans, the reason for his success lies greatly at the element of surprise. These Level 5 Mutants were oblivious to Jiang Fei's trump card. If they knew about it, they would have taken measures against Jiang Fei. They would go all out in preventing Jiang Fei from getting close to them or perhaps eliminating Jiang Fei from a great distance.

    \"Mr. Jiang Fei. You have been nothing but a surprise. What else could you do?\" Z0-11 smiled and complimented.

    Due to 0543's \"espionage\" act, Z0-11 was all but informed about Jiang Fei. Now since Z0-11 was a machine, Jiang Fei's dominion ability would not affect their kind. Even so, Jiang Fei's performance was truly surprising. Psychic attacks would never affect machines but it was just too powerful against any other living biological being.

    \"Nothing for now. Besides, that was already my limit,\" said Jiang Fei with a weak smile. To be fair, even though the battle of the seven Metahumans was literally a second, Jiang Fei was happy and satisfied. For so long, Jiang Fei had never had the chance to truly bring himself to the limit and fight. The situation was always against him, Whenever he was useless, he could only cower behind the girls. It was truly scarring for a man such as he.

    Now, he had his fair share of the fight. Even though he was still an unknown distance away from reaching true Level 5, he could still kill other Level 5 Metahuman with his Enfeeblement power. As long as they were within effective rage and did not sneak up on him before he could activate the skill, Jiang Fei could kill the strongest Level 5 Metahuman!
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