1186 Leaders Revealed

    Jiang Fei and his team had unexpectedly killed all the Level 5 enemies. Now, no one would be able to stop Bella and the other three girls anymore. Although the Unknowns could use large equipment to capture them, Z0-11 and his people were around. Even if Bella and the other girls were caught, they could be easily released the next moment.

    Since four Level 5 Metahumans were allowed to kill freely, the results were disastrous. Although the Mutants had individual shields, they were not really Level 5 Metahumans. They only managed to block a few attacks before they were killed.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had instantly killed a group of Level 5 Metahumans. This brought the Mutants a horrifying amount of psychological pressure. One had to know that, in the minds of Metahumans, Level 5 Metahumans were invincible. However, their invincible elders were all instantly killed by a mere teenager, so all the remaining Level 3 and 4 Mutants were almost scared to death.

    At this time, although these Mutants had the power to resist, they were not in the right state of mind. Moreover, as Bella and the other three girls were attacking and killing continuously, the Mutants quickly retreated.

    \"Kill them!\" Originally, Z0-11 was still hesitating between retreating and not retreating. However, as soon as the tables turned, Z0-11 commanded to attack.

    The next moment, Jiang Fei's joined army initiated an attack and the Mutants became even more discouraged.

    \"Oh God, I don't wanna fight anymore. This is suicide!\" As soon as the first deserter appeared, the Mutants' defeat was inevitable.

    As the Mutants had lost the will to fight, the Unknowns were bound for defeat. Even if the Unknowns wanted to prevent it, it was too late. After all, the Mutants were only cooperating with them for planet Namek's technology. To them, it was not worth dying for!

    When the Mutants retreated, the Unknowns were dumbstruck. They were relying hugely on the large Mutant army. They had also spent a lot of money in order to equip these Mutants with weapons and shields. However, these Mutants actually fled away from the battle. This made the leader of the Unknowns extremely angry.

    \"Damn it! I knew we shouldn't have trusted these humans!\" At the core of the underground base, the main leader of the Unknowns cursed.

    \"Leader, what do we do next?\" Another Unknown in a white robe next to him asked. If Jiang Fei was here, he should be able to recognize the two Unknowns.

    In actuality, two of the Unknowns' principal leaders were Jiang Fei's acquaintances. The one in the white robe was the Divine Light God, a great enemy of Jiang Fei which he wanted to kill. The main leader who hated Jiang Fei to the core was also someone that he had met before.

    It was the first Ancient God that Jiang Fei had ever met, the Blood God Veigar!

    \"Forget it. I told you human beings are unreliable. You said that they would treat others the way they are treated, but that's clearly not the case and it's been proven now. All human beings are treacherous scums!\" Blood God Veigar sneered.

    \"Yes, yes, indeed... you are way too far-sighted, my dear leader! A subordinate like me is far inferior to you!\" Divine Light God quickly lowered his head and admitted his mistake, taking the chance to flatter Veigar as well. It could not be helped, as he came later than Veigar. Even though he managed to climb up to second in command with his own abilities, he was programmed to obey Veigar absolutely. So, the Divine Light God was still a mere subordinate that had to bow down to his leader.

    \"Fortunately, I've prepared for this. I knew these humans would betray us, so I made some plans in advance. It's obvious that this base is done for, so blow it up!\" Veigar was also really sly. This was their main base, but he still decided to blow it up before Jiang Fei and his army even manage to get in.

    \"Yes, leader!\" Divine Light God nodded quickly. This time, he was the one who proposed the idea to cooperate with the Mutants. Now that the Mutants actually fled, he was the main person responsible for it. So, at this time, he did not dare to have the slightest objection towards Veigar's commands.

    Jiang Fei and the others had just dispersed the Mutant army. Although Bella and the other three girls had an overwhelming advantage in Level and strength, the weapons and shields of the Mutants were quite advanced. They could resist energy attacks and defend against Soul attacks, so they were not easy to kill.

    \"Bella, stop chasing. Our goal is the energy blocks inside!\" Jiang Fei stopped Bella who wanted to continue hunting the Mutants down. To Jiang Fei, even though the Mutants were abominable, his main enemies were the Unknowns underground. As long as he killed those devious Unknowns, the Mutants would not pose any threat at all.

    \"Mr. Jiang Fei, the threats have been removed. Now, we need you to cooperate.\" At this time, Z0-11 came over.

    \"What do I have to do?\" Jiang Fei was surprised. He was just about to follow the path into the underground base.

    \"I need your assistance system to crack the defense inside the base. Otherwise, we might suffer very high casualties!\" Z0-11 said.

    \"Okay!\" Jiang Fei nodded. Since Z0-11 had said so, he naturally would not take risks to save trouble. After all, the people around him were all living martial artists. They were not Androids who could be reborn as long as their chips were fine. If these martial artists died, they were totally dead.

    After all, Jiang Fei still did not experience much. Even though he had killed a lot of people, he still valued the lives of others very much.

    \"0543, get working!\" Jiang Fei placed the ring on the Data Processing Center, then issued an order.

    \"Yes, captain! Intruding the system...\" 0543 immediately began to execute Jiang Fei's order and began to intrude the underground base's system.

    0543's authority was far higher than that of the assistance systems used by Z0-11 and Veigar. Although they were all technology from planet Namek, 0543 was the captain's alternate assistance system. As long as she had enough time, 0543 could absolutely take complete control over the base.

    Time passed by. After two minutes, 0543 suddenly said: \"Reporting, captain. The initial invasion has been completed, the base's defense has been lifted!\"

    \"Let's go in, then!\" Jiang Fei smiled.

    \"Warning! Warning! The base's self-destruction program has been activated! The base will blow itself up after three hundred seconds!\" 0543's voice suddenly became louder.

    \"Damn!\" Jiang Fei frowned. Such a thing often happened in movies. However, when he thought about it, he understood the idea. If his base was compromised, he would also choose to do this. He would rather his base be destroyed than fall into the hands of the enemy.

    \"Terminate the self-destruction program!\" Although he knew that the base was self-destructing, Jiang Fei was not anxious. Since 0543 could invade the base's system, it should not be difficult to terminate the self-destruction program.

    \"Sorry, captain. The base's self-destruction device is not linked to the central control system...\" 0543 replied. Just like that military base, the self-destruction device here was not connected to the central control system. This time, however, the difference was that Jiang Fei did not know how to deactivate the self-destruction system.
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