1188 Z0-11’s True Identity

    \"Don't worry about him, let's go!\" Jiang Fei frowned. Bella broke through the first line of defense pretty quickly. However, if there were more lines of defense behind, they might not have enough time.

    \"Yeah!\" Bella nodded, then began to lead the way again.


    \"Be careful!\" Jiang Fei and the girls only managed to walk a few tens of meters forward before they were attacked for the second time.

    \"0543, shield me. Ariel, Sylphy, help Bella!\" Jiang Fei had figured out what the Unknowns were trying to do. They were at an advantage as they could teleport in here, so they were trying their best to delay Jiang Fei and the girls. Since Jiang Fei and the girls could not use teleport in the underground base, they would be seriously injured if not dead when the base self-destructs.

    \"Okay!\" Sylphy and Ariel nodded. The two girls followed Bella and began to attack the enemy's shield. Nina was left to protect Jiang Fei because she only had defensive powers.

    After Ariel and Sylphy joined the fight, Bella could destroy the enemy's shield significantly faster. When the seventh line of defense was broken, the unfortunate Unknown did not even have time to teleport away before Bella killed him.

    \"Come on!\" Jiang Fei kept urging them because 0543's countdown timer continuously reminded him that time was running out.

    When Jiang Fei and the girls got near the self-destruction device, there were only less than one hundred seconds left!

    \"Quick! It's right in front!\" Jiang Fei felt slightly relieved.

    Boom! After the three girls destroyed the forty-sixth line of defense, they finally arrived at the place where the self-destruction device was located.

    It was an extremely large warehouse. There was nothing in the warehouse except for one huge square instrument. The various lights on the instrument were constantly flashing and there was a countdown dial showing planet Namek numbers.

    \"Darling, can you stop this?\" Ariel asked as she pointed at the huge machine in front of them.

    \"It looks complicated...\" Nina gasped in horror.

    \"0543, can you do it?\" Jiang Fei asked. If 0543 could not stop it, he would have to give up.

    \"Captain, please connect the ring to the device!\" 0543 replied.

    \"Mmm!\" Jiang Fei was overjoyed hearing 0543's answer. This meant that it was possible!

    \"Reporting, captain. I can stop the self-destruction device, it takes fifteen seconds!\" 0543 shared the good news.

    \"Do it!\" Jiang Fei nodded. At this time, there were more than thirty seconds before the device would self-destruct. They had more than enough time.

    \"Yes! Captain!\" 0543 immediately began to execute Jiang Fei's order.

    \"Girls, keep watch.\" Jiang Fei warned the girls. He did not want anything to go wrong at the most critical moment.

    The clock continued to tick while Jiang Fei and the four girls concentrated on their surroundings, for fear that the Unknowns or Mutants would catch them off guard.

    However, Jiang Fei's fears were obviously superfluous. Up until 0543 completely deactivated the self-destruction device and removed the danger, the Unknowns and Mutants did not appear again.

    \"Reporting, captain. The self-destruction device has been deactivated!\" 0543 said.

    \"Phew...\" Only after receiving 0543's confirmation, Jiang Fei was able to relax. However, another doubt appeared in his mind.

    \"Darling, where's Z0-11 and the others? Why aren't they here yet?\" Bella said exactly what Jiang Fei was thinking.

    \"Could it be that the Unknowns are putting up a strong fight against them?\" Nina was too kind, so she would never think of others badly.

    \"Impossible. According to the information we have, there aren't that many Unknowns. Considering how many attacks we encountered on our way here, Z0-11 and the others probably did not encounter many particularly strong attacks. They should have arrived here before us!\" Sylphy shook her head.

    \"Sh*t! We've been tricked!\" Jiang Fei slapped his thigh, then rushed out of the warehouse.

    \"What's going on?\" Although the girls were confused, they immediately followed him.

    After he exited the warehouse, Jiang Fei went straight to the location where the energy blocks were stored, according to the super-radar scan results.

    Previously, Jiang Fei had also seen the warehouse where the energy blocks were stored. However, the problem was that, if this base blew up, it would cause a devastating disaster to the whole of China. So, he had to try his best to prevent the base from self-destructing.

    However, Jiang Fei had forgotten that Z0-11 did not care about humans. It was none of Z0-11's business even if all the human beings on Earth died, let alone China being destroyed.

    Therefore, while Jiang Fei tried to break through countless lines of defense to prevent the base from self-destructing, Z0-11 and the others went directly to the energy block warehouse according to the map they copied previously.

    \"F*ck! They made a fool out of me!\" Even though Jiang Fei was angry, there was no other way. After all, even if history repeated itself, he had no choice. As a human being, he could not just let other humans suffer from the catastrophe. So, he had to give priority to the self-destruction device.

    When Jiang Fei led Bella and the girls to the energy block warehouse, it was already empty. The Unknowns working for Z0-11 were also gone. Only Z0-11 and Bennette Straz were waiting for them there.

    \"What do you mean by this?\" Jiang Fei asked angrily. Ever since Z0-11 sacrificed a whole lot to save his family members previously, Jiang Fei started to treat them as allies. Although they probably invaded 0542 before this and stole information about him, he did not intend to interrogate them regarding this as they had helped to save his family members.

    Today, however, after being tricked by Z0-11, Jiang Fei no longer dared to take them as allies.

    \"Hoho... Ah Fei...\" Bennette Straz was planning to say something to Jiang Fei, but he was stopped by Z0-11.

    \"Jiang Fei, Verdure Glider, we need to talk!\" Z0-11 walked two steps forward, then removed the black leather gloves, revealing a pair of fair, tender hands. At the same time, her voice was no longer mechanical. Instead, it was a pleasant female voice. The scariest thing was that this voice sounded familiar to Jiang Fei.

    \"Hmm?!\" Bella's brows furrowed.

    \"Hoho... my master, long time no see!\" Z0-11 yanked the hood that had always shrouded her head, revealing a delicate and charming face. It was none other than Akatziris!

    \"It's you?!\" Jiang Fei was shocked. Although he had once thought that Akatziris had been extracted by the Unknowns, he never thought that she could get such a high status and even split the Unknowns' organization up!

    \"Big sister?\" Bella could not believe it. Although Akatziris was Bella's older half-sister, she was obviously Jiang Fei's enemy now. Bella found this extremely hard to accept.
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