1189 Akatziris’s Purpose

    \"My dear master, you didn't expect this, right?\" Akatziris smiled at Jiang Fei. She had been holding it in for so long. In order to be able to trick Jiang Fei at the last minute, she always resisted the impulse to show Jiang Fei her true face. Now, she finally got what she wanted.

    \"How did you become their leader?\" Jiang Fei was very confused. He could accept it if Akatziris was extracted into the real world. However, he never thought that this girl, who was once his little, meek, obedient pet, would become such a strong figure.

    \"My dear master, as to why I can lead them, there's naturally a reason behind it. But I can't tell you now.\" Akatziris smiled.

    \"Big sister, what do you mean by this?\" Bella frowned. If it was anyone else that had taken the energy blocks that belonged to Jiang Fei, she would have already charged at them. However, it was Akatziris who was standing opposite of them. This made Bella a little hesitant. Although they were always quarreling and bickering in their past lives, they were still sisters after all.

    \"Hoho, nothing. We've always been fighting for toys since we were kids. This time, I won!\" Akatziris smiled at Bella. In the game, as Bella was a legitimate child of the King and Akatziris was not, Akatziris was treated far worse than Bella. This time, after she took Jiang Fei's energy blocks, Akatziris felt an indescribable sense of pleasure.

    \"Big sister, this isn't a toy!\" Bella screamed at Akatziris. These energy blocks were important for Jiang Fei's future development. Even though it was her sister, Bella would not give them up.

    \"Well, but what can you do? You and your little lover can try snatching the energy blocks away from me! Hehehehe...\" Akatziris laughed happily. She was always fighting with Bella for things, from toys to boyfriends, but she never ever won.

    When Bella died in the game, Jiang Fei could not forget her. He even left Akatziris all alone for someone as irrelevant as Sharaz. Hence, Akatziris hated him to the core.

    In actuality, Akatziris's feelings for Jiang Fei were very complicated. Although Supreme Androids like her had been separated from the game for a long time, some character settings and memories from the game would not change. So, at this time, it could be said that Akatziris's feelings towards Jiang Fei consisted of hatred which originated from love.

    In the game, Jiang Fei's various acts of neglecting and ignoring Akatziris had hurt her very much. So, when she confirmed Jiang Fei's identity in reality, she had always wanted to retaliate against him.

    However, as she still loved Jiang Fei, even though she set him up several times, she would always go to his rescue whenever his life was in danger. This was why Akatziris made the Blood God Veigar bring people to attack Jiang Fei's home. At that time, when Jiang Fei risked his life to fight back, Akatziris went to help him even though she knew that her team could possibly be annihilated.

    To put it bluntly, Akatziris just wanted to kill all the girls around Jiang Fei through the hands of Veigar, but she did not want to hurt Jiang Fei at all. Precisely because of these contradictory thoughts, Akatziris made a lot of decisions that did not fit the Androids' ideals.

    \"...\" Jiang Fei stared at Akatziris for a long time, not able to say anything.

    At this time, Jiang Fei really did not know what to say. In the game, Jiang Fei clearly felt Akatziris's feelings towards him. However, he thought that the key figure 0541 was talking about was Sharaz. Therefore, he disregarded Akatziris. He, too, felt that he was being excessively mean towards Akatziris, especially when Sharaz appeared.

    When Jiang Fei finally figured out who was the key figure that 0541 was talking about, Akatziris had disappeared. Even though Jiang Fei wanted to mend their relationship, he could not find her anymore.

    Now, Akatziris appeared and had even taken his energy blocks. Jiang Fei knew that she definitely hated him. No matter what he said, she would never return the energy blocks to him.

    \"Well, my dear master, I've finished what I wanted to say. If you still want to see me, come to my base!\" Akatziris smiled. Then, two white lights flashed. Akatziris and Bennette Straz returned to the moon base.

    Previously, as the space signal in this underground base had been interfered with, teleportation could not be used. However, when they were desperately trying to deactivate the self-destruction device, Akatziris and Bennette Straz had already cleaned up the warehouse and removed the interference.

    \"Dear, what do we do?\" As Jiang Fei was still in a daze, Ariel tugged his sleeve.

    \"Well... I don't know...\" Jiang Fei's mind was in a mess. Akatziris's sudden appearance was unexpected. Although the energy blocks were very important to him, it was difficult to get them back.

    Even though Jiang Fei had four Level 5 girls around him, the moon was Akatziris's base. They definitely had equipment capable of capturing Level 5 Metahumans. So, even if Jiang Fei and the girls tried to fight, they might not be able to break the moon base.

    Frankly speaking, Jiang Fei felt a little apologetic towards Akatziris. Moreover, she had helped him and his family members during the Winter Islands attack. As he did not know that she was the one who planned this attack, he could not bring himself to fight her now.

    \"Let's go back for now.\" Nina came forward. She was always the kindest and most delicate, so she could understand Jiang Fei's distress.

    \"Yeah!\" Bella nodded. She was also feeling down. She was now enemies with her own sister. Even the hot-tempered Bella was a little overwhelmed and at a loss.

    \"Before we leave, check if there's anything valuable left in this base and bring it back with us!\" Jiang Fei sighed, then ordered 0543 to check the inventory inside the base. Although Veigar had removed all the important equipment and Akatziris had also taken all of the remaining energy blocks, Jiang Fei still had to look for something to take. If he returned empty-handed, this attack would be considered a huge loss.

    After a few hours, Jiang Fei and the girls had ransacked almost everything valuable in the base. Then, Jiang Fei contacted the military, asking them to send a transport aircraft over to help move the stuff. There were some remaining equipments in the base which were of no value to Jiang Fei. So, he decided that these would be used to cover military's shipping costs.
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