1190 A Message from Within the Game

    When they returned home, Jiang Fei ordered 0543 to work with the girls and go through the things they had looted. Although Veigar had removed the most valuable equipments and Akatziris had taken all the energy blocks, there were still a lot of good things left behind as they had all left in a hurry.

    After he sent them away, Jiang Fei sat on the sofa and became lost in thought. Today, Akatziris's appearance shocked him. Originally, in Jiang Fei's mind, it was already clear as to who was an enemy and who was not.

    The Mutants and the Unknowns that allied were undoubtedly his enemies. They attacked Winter Islands and put the lives of Jiang Fei's family members in danger. This alone was enough to make Jiang Fei despise them.

    As for the other forces, the European Vatican was currently not making any moves, but they have always been working together with the Mutants. So, although they were neutral for the time being, Jiang Fei did not really like them. In his view, even though the European Vatican were keeping quiet now, they were still hostile.

    Jiang Fei considered the Martial Arts Alliance an ally. Even though the martial artists were arrogant, they were upright. If Jiang Fei was in trouble, they would definitely help, especially since they now owed him a favor.

    Lastly, there was Akatziris and her team of Unknowns. Jiang Fei did not know how to classify them. He could consider them as enemies, as they had once obtained his information without his consent and had also robbed him of his energy blocks.

    However, they had saved him more than once, so Jiang Fei was caught in a dilemma when it came to Akatziris and the Unknowns working for her.

    This was also because Jiang Fei had no idea that the attack on Winter Islands was all Akatziris's plan. Otherwise, his affection for Akatziris would instantly disappear and she would become his top enemy.

    Other than this method of weighing the good and the bad sensibly, Jiang Fei knew at the back of his mind that he should not treat Akatziris as an enemy for the time being. Currently, there were only a few forces on Earth. There was Jiang Fei himself, China's Martial Arts Alliance, the Mutants, the European Vatican, the vast majority of the Unknowns, as well as Akatziris and the small group of Unknowns under her.

    There was a total of six forces which varied in sizes. However, it was already difficult for Jiang Fei and the Martial Arts Alliance to fight against the alliance between the Mutants, the European Vatican, and the Unknowns. If Akatziris also became his enemy, Jiang Fei would be done for.

    So, for now, even though Jiang Fei was a little unhappy with Akatziris, they had to maintain such cooperation. Precisely because Akatziris knew this, she deliberately and fearlessly took the energy blocks away from Jiang Fei to provoke him.

    While Jiang Fei was thinking about how to deal with Akatziris and her team of Unknowns in the future, he suddenly heard 0543's voice.

    \"Reporting, captain. The loots have been sorted out.\" 0543 sounded slightly more mechanical than usual. This was because she was just executing Jiang Fei's clear instructions, so the intelligent program was temporarily blocked off.

    \"Anything valuable?\" Jiang Fei asked.

    \"There are only some ordinary equipment and instruments that are not that valuable.\" 0543 replied.

    \"Forget it, then. If it's useless, give it to the military. Maybe they can acquire some technology from it.\" Jiang Fei waved. Ordinary equipment did not interest him. After all, he had a lot of information regarding planet Namek's technology stored in his Spatial Ring. He could make such equipment whenever he liked.

    \"Yes, captain. But you might be interested in one item.\" 0543 added.

    \"What is it?\" Jiang Fei raised a brow.

    \"Braveheart's original aerial combat simulator.\" 0543 replied.

    \"What's that?\" Jiang Fei did not really understand.

    \"It's a relatively high-end game console which was later transformed into the server for the game \"Dawn Break\"!\" 0543 explained.

    \"Hmm? Dawn Break's server?!\" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. Although this thing was of little value to others, it was extremely valuable to him and the Unknowns. It was not this game machine that was valuable, but the high-level artificial intelligence stored inside it!

    \"Yes, captain!\" 0543 confirmed.

    \"Come on! Let's go see it!\" Jiang Fei immediately stood up and rushed towards the temporary warehouse.

    Very quickly, Jiang Fei arrived in front of the high-tech gaming console from planet Namek. It was pretty big. It took up almost half of the room's space.

    \"Did you check the data inside?\" Jiang Fei noticed that Ariel and the other girls were also there, so he asked, but the question was mostly directed towards 0543.

    \"Reporting, captain. I have already checked. The high-leveled artificial intelligence inside have all disappeared!\" 0543's answer almost made Jiang Fei's heart pop out of his chest. There were more than two or three hundred Celestial NPCs inside. If the Unknowns had extracted all of them, it was not a good thing at all!

    \"The whereabouts of the advanced artificial intelligence is unknown, but I found an encrypted message for you in the server!\" added 0543.

    \"What message? Who is it from?\" Jiang Fei immediately asked. This \"Dawn Break\" server was only an empty shell now. To an ordinary player, it had almost no impact, but to Jiang Fei, it was already worthless.

    \"I'm still trying to crack the encryption of the message. The encryption is quite advanced.\" 0543 replied. Even though 0543 was the most powerful assistance system on planet Namek, she could not easily crack the encryption technology. Hence, if Veigar and his Unknowns tried to crack it, they would probably fail.

    After Jiang Fei anxiously waited for about two hours, 0543 came with good news.

    \"Captain, the encrypted message has been cracked! Should I play it immediately?\" 0543 asked.

    \"Go ahead!\" Jiang Fei nodded.

    \"Yes, captain!\" 0543 immediately executed Jiang Fei's order.

    \"Big brother, it's me, Miluya...\" A child's voice came out of the instrument. This voice sounded quite familiar to Jiang Fei. It was the unique voice of the little loli Miluya.

    \"Miluya...\" Jiang Fei was a little confused. After Miluya killed all the Celestial humans, he had never seen her again. He only knew that this girl grew amazingly fast. In the end, however, she just disappeared without a trace. No matter where Jiang Fei looked, he could not find her.
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