1198 Mass Revival

    "Heh. These little devils are nothing but junk. But that's more than enough to shake things up a bit with the Level 5 fighters," said Jiang Fei as he fiddled with the little grains of dart tips in his palm.

    The coat that was on the dart tips were made with the tiniest amount of Valium. This made the dart tips unusable after a single use. The most glaring issue with it was its lethality. It could only severely harm a Level 5 Metahuman but never enough to kill them. Due to the insufficient amount of Valium, it could never truly incapacitate a Level 5 Metahuman but sufficient enough to instantly kill a Level 4 Metahuman.

    Jiang Fei was the only person on Earth that could produce these dart tips. No one would know of its origin since no one else on Earth could forge them. Jiang Fei would present these dart tips to the Level 5 fighters and as long as they did not use them, no one but Jiang Fei would know that the Valium dart tips were only just surface-coated.

    If, however, they were used in battle, the darts could momentarily maim the opponent long enough to change the tide of war. Hence, even though it was useless to Jiang Fei, it would be good enough for others.

    "Ariel, get Sylphy and prepare to leave to the Snow Mountain Sect. We'll leave tomorrow," said Jiang Fei. This time, Jiang Fei wanted to place Isabella at home and take Sylphy out with him. He wanted to take Nina along but leaving Isabella at home alone would be too cruel to her. Ariel was needed at all times, not because he favored her the most, but because of her teleportation accuracy and her long-distance teleportation prowess.

    "Yay! I knew darling come through!" Sylphy cheered happily while she sneered smugly at Isabella, thinking that she had finally won Jiang Fei's heart.

    Isabella scoffed and returned the gaze with her own smug gaze. As she was the first true partner, she knew that Jiang Fei always favored her more than the other girls then.

    "Nina, I promise to take you with me on my next excursion," said Jiang Fei as he came to her and held her hands. Jiang Fei could not feel more guilty for her since she had always been at home since the day she was born into this world.

    "All is fine. It is better for me to stay at home. My strength lies in defense. Your parents would be safer in my care," Nina confronted Jiang Fei with a gentle smile that only Ariel could rival. To be honest, compared to Isabella and Sylphy, Jiang Fei preferred to be with Nina and Ariel. Of course, he would never reveal that to anyone, lest there would be civil war!

    When night came, Jiang Fei returned to the game and spent his time not with Hua Mulan, but with the other members of the New Saint's Guards. He had yet managed to acquire enough energy to revive Hua Mulan. It would be cruel to Hua Mulan if she reached emotional maturity and was kept in the dark void of cyberspace.

    Hence, Jiang Fei would stop cultivating with Hua Mulan for the moment and started spending time with the New Saint's Guards. Even though he had a limited amount of energy, reviving a small team of Level 4 Bio-Human was achievable. He had already amassed more than a million Energy Crystals-enough to only revive a small portion of the New Saint's Guards.

    Both Jiang Fei and Hua Mulan worked together and handpicked a small elite team. They were not the strongest members but they were the best at adapting and surviving. Their ability to learn new things and skills were the best.

    It did not take long for Jiang Fei to complete a few "missions" with the girls to raise all their reputation levels to Infatuated. At the end of the session, Jiang Fei woke up and immediately asked 0543 to prepare for the revival procedure.

    "0543, prepare the Bio-pods and revive the girls I've picked out."

    "Yes, captain!"

    In the next second, 12 Bio-pods were materialized in Jiang Fei's base and started whirling with energy.

    "Alright. Ariel, Sylphy, time for our little trip!" Jiang Fei went ahead and fetched Ariel and Sylphy after the Bio-pod was filled with mysterious liquid and started working.

    Jiang Fei was not meeting with just one Level 5 fighter. The first pick of the draft was the Snow Mountain Sect since he felt closer to them. The second choice was the Rainbow Longsword Sect. He had figured that if he managed to get the first two Level 5 masters to bend the knee, the other Level 5 masters might follow along, facilitating Jiang Fei's quest.

    The trip to Snow Mountain Sect had taken literally one second. Ariel and Jiang Fei had come here many times via Ariel's teleportation. Naturally, she was used to the terrain.

    "Senior Jiang Fei! Please wait for just a brief moment. I'll go and inform the elders," said a disciple of the Snow Mountain Sect when he saw Jiang Fei flashing in out of thin air. Jiang Fei was obviously younger-looking than all other martial artists at his power level. Most importantly, since Bai Wanli and he had been close, the disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect would only shower him with respect and address him with honorifics.

    Jiang Fei, Ariel, and Sylphy were led into a guest room where they were served hot tea. After sometime later, specifically after the second pot of tea, the entire mountain trembled slightly and out came disciples and elders of the Snow Mountain Sect through the gates.

    "Sect leader Bai, did you really need to make such a big scene?" Jiang Fei frowned. This sect in particular would always go all out whenever Jiang Fei was around. Besides the Level 5 master and a few other non-combatant female staff, all the members of the sect were present.

    "Brother Jiang! I'm surprised that you would say something about that now! I would have guessed you've gotten used to such parade," said Bai Wanli with a welcoming smile.

    "That's what you think! I'll accept the gesture but please don't get all riled up!" said Jiang Fei as he laughed bitterly. He was not the kind that liked to stand on ceremony.

    "Darling, it seems that everyone here really respects you!" Sylphy whispered. She was truly excited to see so many people present as a welcoming party.

    "This is?" Bai Wanli asked.

    "My senior, Sylphy," Jiang Fei gestured.

    "As expected of the great Zhuge Shanzhen, his prowess in teaching knows no bounds!" Bai Wanli gasped. He tried to deduce the girl's power but failed when her aura was much stronger. Based on Jiang Fei's constant surprises, Bai Wanli could only guess that Sylphy was another Level 5 master. To think that Jiang Fei's private sect housed so many Level 5 masters and they were all still disciples under the name of Zhuge Shanzhen!

    "Heh. You're too kind. My master is only just human," Jiang Fei replied modestly. He did not want to dwell on the topic of how gallant and mighty Zhuge Shanzhen was.

    "Oh my. Look at me, how rude have I became for not greeting you first! Where are my manners?" Bai Wanli sat down and bowed.

    "How have you been?" Bai Wanli started to talk. It was obvious then whenever others brought up the topic of Jiang Fei's master, Jiang Fei would make a discomfort expression that almost all elders could recognize.

    "I'm doing alright. I'm actually here to ask for your help. I need to speak with the grand elder of this sect," Jiang Fei addressed the matter straightforwardly.
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