1201 Sending a Level 5 for an Errand

    "Senior Bai, I will help you ask my master about reforging this. However, I cannot guarantee that my master would agree to help you," Jiang Fei said hesitantly even though he was set to help Bai Shien.

    "I'll leave this in your care," said Bai Shien as he bowed ever so slightly. It was a surprise for Jiang Fei since no Level 5 master would ever lower their heads to those weaker than them. The truth was Bai Shien had the pride and arrogance of a martial artist but the temptation of an actual weaponized Godblade was too much. Having one in his hand would greatly increase his overall lethality against his enemies.

    "Please. I'm only the messenger," Jiang Fei bowed lower and said. To be honest, things went better than he had imagined. Not only he could have a Level 5 owing him a favor, but he could also acquire himself a good amount of Valium!

    "Alright. I believe that you have something else to talk about," said Bai Shien as he crossed his arms and returned to his prideful demeanor. More importantly, he had already requested Jiang Fei help to reforge his Godblade, it would be rude of him to chase him away.

    "Actually, I am here bringing infuriating news," said Jiang Fei.

    "What is it about?" Bai Shien asked. Judging from what Jiang Fei and his mysterious sect had done, it would be something severe that Jiang Fei would even discuss with him.

    "I assumed you have heard about the massacre of the Martial Artists Alliance?" Jiang Fei inquired.

    "Hoho. Young one, I'm assuming you are talking about the machines. Yes, I heard of it. To call it a massacre would be exaggerating," said Bai Shien, smiling nonchalantly. When the Supreme Androids attacked the alliance, it was a brutal massacre. However, stronger sects like the Snow Mountain Sect did not suffer as much as the others. That was why Bai Shien had not thought of it as serious.

    "Whether or not it was as you heard, I am infuriated to think that these foreign whoresons had actually brought us down to our knees!" said Jiang Fei, pretending to be aggravated.

    "Continue," said Bai Shien. Bai Shien actually twitched a little when he heard Jiang Fei said 'foreign whoresons'.

    Old folks such as he had no good reason to participate in any worldly affair. However, their mentality was so traditional that they would not tolerate any insults or demeaning gestures directed to his own people. They had already disliked foreign people, what more foreign entities that had never existed during his prime.

    Jiang Fei knew the way they think and had purposely used the word foreign to provoke Bai Shien further.

    "These foreign bastards had actually dared to cross the line and disturb the peace of China! The peace of all martial artists!" Jiang Fei exclaimed purposely, dragging the entirety of the alliance into the matter. If he had straightforwardly mentioned about attacking the Unknowns to steal Energy Crystals, not even the kindest Level 5 master would be willing to help. They would not even lend a hand if Jiang Fei had used revenge for a small sect as an excuse. It would never work since helping other sects was not the norm for all martial artists across the alliance.

    However, it would be another matter if Jiang Fei brought in the entire Martial Artists Alliance. Now, Jiang Fei had managed to falsely created a problem, where the honor of martial artists were challenged for being attacked by foreign entity. As a full-fledged martial artist his entire life, Bai Shien deemed as the honor of martial artists was more important than his own life. As such, Jiang Fei had managed to get on his nerves.

    "What do you plan to do?" Bai Shien asked, no longer smiling.

    "What else but to teach them a lesson? I could not bear to walk on this earth, knowing full well that they had made us fall on our knees!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Does your master know about this?"

    Bai Shien might be infuriated but the issue but he was no fool. He had lived for more than 200 hundred years-he had seen the nature of humans and knew when he was being "used".

    "I did. But my master had left this matter for me to solve. If the opponent proved to be too strong for the alliance to handle, he would personally descend. He had intended to leave this matter in my hands, as one of the training he had for me," Jiang Fei explained. He was prepared in case Bai Shien had doubts. It went without saying that Jiang Fei's sect was probably the strongest sect amongst the others. If Jiang Fei had such a strong master, why did he not handle the problem himself?

    "A wise man indeed, your master is. He cared for your training as he did for the honor of us all," said Bai Shien, nodding understandingly. It would be fair to send Jiang Fei to resolve this issue as his training. If not, it would be odd as Zhuge Shanzhen, as rumor had it, was strong enough to eliminate all the "foreign whoresons" with ease.

    "So it seems. I know my limits and it is impossible for me to take them all at once. Hence, here I am, trying to rally the alliance to move as one. I understand that Level 5 grandmasters such as yourself would find it hard to spare time for this. Hence, these are to be given away as a souvenir," said Jiang Fei as he fiddled with the dart tips. It was a well-crafted lie as the dart tips were meant to be payment for the Level 5 fighters. Instead of saying that, Jiang Fei twisted his words to pay homage to the Level 5 grandmasters.

    Bai Shien eyebrow twitched when Jiang Fei had offered the dart tips as presents! He had thought of that possibility but never expected it to be true!

    Even though the dart tips were so small, they were still a form of Godblade! These things were the ultimate weapons for Level 5 fighters. Even though they were worthless in other form, in their battle-ready form, they would be the greatest treasure any Level 5 could have.

    "So, you are certain to give these out?" Bai Shien ascertained his doubts.

    "Yes, I am certain," Jiang Fei confirmed.

    "Mhm," Bai Shien scoffed, "looks like the old farts will be able to gather together again!"

    The temptation of having a weaponized Godblad was strong and he believed if he were to spread the word out, the other grandmasters from all over the alliance would come together.

    "In that case, I'll leave contacting the others to you. I'll leave these in your hands," said Jiang Fei as he placed all the dart tips in Bai Shien's palm.


    Bai Shien was hesitant at first but it was already too late for him. He was already holding the dart tips and it would incredibly offensive to Jiang Fei if he had rejected his request for help.

    "Alright, it is time for this old one to run some errands," said Bai Shien. No food to those who didn't work. As long as the reward was good enough, anyone, even Level 5 grandmasters would get their lazy ass up.

    Now that he had achieved his goal with Bai Shien, Jiang Fei bid farewell and left the mountain to go home. He was certain that Bai Shien would keep his words and rally the other sect's Level 5 grandmasters.

    Back in his base, Jiang Fei came to one of his mansions which was used to place the medical bio-pods. Progress in reviving the girls was slower than usual but their basic human body parts were already completed.

    "How is it?" Jiang Fei asked 0543.

    "Report, captain. Due to the absence of the Bio-Laboratory and the Main Bio-Pod facility, the entire process of revival will take longer than usual."

    "No time to waste then. I need to speed things up. F*ck the Unknowns!" Jiang Fei frowned and grunted. He had lost the Bio-Lab and the Main Bio-Pod to the Unknowns. As a consequence, the revival of the girls was delayed. Worst of all, he would not be able to revive Hua Mulan without the proper equipment!
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