1206 Collecting a Support Fee

    Half a second after Jiang Fei had agreed to meet Akatziris, Straz sprung from his seat like a jack-in-the-box, and spoke to him. "Thank you! The leader will personally come to you instead!"

    "That's good," said Jiang Fei. Something was up since Akatziris was willing to come down herself to meet Jiang Fei.

    "Tsk. Shameless b*tch," Sylphy sneered.

    A few minutes later, a pillar of light flashed down from the sky and Akatziris was teleported outside of Jiang Fei's base. Like any other base, Jiang Fei had installed a safety precaution, a powerful signal jammer that would prevent anyone without proper authorization to teleport inside.

    Sylphy was the bouncer of Jiang Fei's house. She was tasked to deal with any visiting guests, both expected and unexpected. When Sylphy was escorting Akatziris into Jiang Fei's base, she never stopped trying to send in a thinly-veiled-contempt message to Akatziris, trying to derail her from her main goal on purpose.

    Alas, all of Sylphy's attempts to get Akatziris distracted was for naught. She was the leader of another faction of the Unknowns after all, not to mention that she was once the third princess of the Royal Nephilim. Even though she was ticked off by the cruel remarks and sneers, she had to endure everything. She was alone without the support of machineries, supplies, and other Unknowns. She might have the power output of a Level 5 but she was not like Sylphy who could easily destroy her in the blink of an eye.

    Sylphy was acting out on purpose. She wanted to find the trigger button to push Akatziris to make the first move against her. With that excuse, Sylphy could then "teach" her a lesson, which would involve rigorous beatings that would send her packing, back to the moon and never to return again. Sylphy could then finally vent her anger and never have to see Akatziris' face again!

    Akatziris was an Android. Having a powerful CPU in her head, she had managed to calculate Sylphy's true objective. Even though the emotional side of her was not taking it well, the logical side of her was winning. All the sneers and contempt were ignored. She did it so well that at a certain point, she managed to make Sylphy look like a fool.

    "My master, my sweet, loving master, how I have rushed over when you wanted to see me!" cried Akatziris with sugar-coated words that were so sweet it almost gave Jiang Fei diabetes.

    "Have you no shame?! You were the one that asked Jiang Fei to meet you! Not the other way around! Do what you came here to do then leave! I can't stand another second of your vile breath!" Sylphy hissed like a python.

    "Ah. You must be Sylphy, the beloved disciple of the Moon God. Tell me, did the Moon God teach you to behave like that?" Akatziris made a quick comment and returned to butter up Jiang Fei.

    "Please. You of all people know that it was all made up. If you truly believed the humans had programmed us, you should have come with a leash with Jiang Fei holding the other end." Sylphy made a comeback.

    While Akatziris was keeping her emotions in check, through much effort, Isabella was feeling every hurtful attack that Sylphy had shot toward Akatziris. Isabella was also once Jiang Fei's pet. Everything that Sylphy said, even though was meant to insult Akatziris, was also directed toward Isabella, although not intentional.

    Isabella was taking every hit. There was nothing she could do but to become a temporary mute. Although she had her own comments to make against Sylphy, she knew better. Sylphy had only said those spiteful comments for Jiang Fei's sake. While hurtful, it was not meant for her.

    "Enough," said Jiang Fei, and both women went silent. If Jiang Fei had not stopped them, the banter would evolve into a battle of insults that would only escalate further.

    "What do you need?" asked Jiang Fei, only when the women were quiet.

    "You discarded me when you were done with me. What do you think I am here for? Like other females that were discarded after being used, I am here to collect support fees," said Akatziris.

    "You want me to pay you?" Jiang Fei was on the verge of bursting with rage. He knew exactly with what Akatziris would want to be paid. Her fees would be Energy Crystals, the currency of the Universe that governed power over chaos and order. Problem was, he was as rich as the poorest beggar in the world when it came to Energy Crystals. Where on Earth would he find Energy Crystals to "pay" Akatziris?

    "What this? Are you going to deny me? Are you going to discard me now that I'm all used up?" said Akatziris, purposely using words that would hurt a prideful man. It was worse since she was eyeing Jiang Fei in a suggestive manner.

    "Know your place, woman!" Sylphy snapped. She had almost manifested her powers there and then. If it wasn't for Jiang Fei actually holding his hands up, gesturing her to stop, Sylphy would have flashed-step behind Sylphy and ripped her head off her shoulder. Right then, Akatziris was playing victim. She would not budge no matter what kind of insult was thrown at her. Jiang Fei knew better than to let Akatziris provoke others into attacking her. The most he would do then would be to not listen to her request. Other than that, there was nothing else he could do to harm her.

    If Akatziris died, all the other Unknowns that served her would be freed. She was the head of the organization and when she dies, the restriction protocol she had installed in all her underlings would be purged. In the worst case scenario, they would return to the main faction of the Unknowns, surrendering everything they had built to them.

    "Watch what you're saying. When have I ever discarded you?!" Jiang Fei roared with eyes flared full of fury. He had never touched Akatziris. He had never even held her hand before! Akatziris was accusing him of something he had never done.

    "What did you say?! Are you suggesting that Jiang Fei had wronged you?!" Isabella yelled after keeping it together for so long. It was the last straw. Insults were one thing entirely but when it came to romance with Jiang Fei, Isabella would never let it slide.

    "Bella, pipe down. Take Sylphy and get out of the room," said Jiang Fei. He was already troubled with Akatziris and he could not handle two more females throwing more trouble at his direction.

    "I'll deal with you later," said Isabella as she eyed at Jiang Fei before she left the room with Sylphy. Both Jiang Fei and Akatziris were the two most important people in the world to her. Having to raise her voice against these two people would be... rude. Hence, she left, disgruntled but still willing. It was best for her to just get out of the room.

    Before Sylpy left, she whispered to both Ariel and Nina, telling them to watch out for Jiang Fei. Knowing Akatziris, she would pry into Jiang Fei's emotions and guilt him into doing her bidding.

    Once Sylphy and Isabella left, the entire room went quiet. Nina and Ariel were always the quiet ones hence, to them, nothing had changed.

    "So, where was I? Ah right, pay up!" said Akatziris.

    "Pay up? I have nothing but my life. I was even about to ask from you," said Jiang Fei, rolling his eyes. He would never surrender any Energy Crystals to Akatziris, not when he was in dire need of them. But even if he had a surplus of them in hand, he would still not give them away!

    "Didn't you want to steal from the others? Did you steal them at all?" said Akatziris playfully, suggesting that Jiang Fei had never had the ability to do it.

    "Heh. So what if I did? What you do have against me for me to surrender them to you?" Jiang Fei scoffed.

    "Take responsibility of me," said Akatziris with eyes filled with lust.

    "Enough already. Aren't you getting tired of it? It's getting really old. Tell me, really. What do you need Energy Crystals for?" Jiang Fei asked. He knew now that Akatziris would only play the succubus card just to fool around with him, not to mention to provoke both Isabella and Sylphy.

    "Fine. I'll come clean. They are for repairs. Something went wrong with Braveheart's construction. I do not have enough Energy Crystals to fix it," said Akatziris with a straight face.
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