1208 The Perfect Plan

    "Hmph! Fine! Don't act like I'm the one begging here!" Akatziris raged as she sulked. Akatziris was not having it, not after she was the one who had begged Jiang Fei.

    "Behave yourself, Akatziris. Ah Fei already listened and agreed to help. Mind you that there are limits to what he is capable of giving." Ariel hissed.

    "Huh? Behave myself, you say? If you have anything against my demeanor, why not do something about it?" Akatziris scoffed.

    "Enough!" Jiang Fei barked at Akatziris as he moved to stop Ariel. Ariel might always be cool and composed at all times but that didn't mean she would take a provocation like that without doing anything. Knowing well that Akatziris could provoke even the timid girl to act, Jiang Fei quickly stepped in. As much as he wanted to, there was no way he could allow anything to happen to the alliance between Akatziris and himself.

    At this point, Jiang Fei felt like he had made the best decision ever having brought only Nina and Ariel. If Sylphy were there, she might have already beheaded Akatziris. No matter who emerged victorious, the true victor would be the Unknowns on Earth.

    "Send us back," Jiang Fei demanded after he had calmed Ariel down.

    "Very well." Akatziris nodded. She stood still for a moment, eyes glowing with faint blue light. Two seconds later, Jiang Fei, Nina, and Ariel were enveloped in the same bright light before they were teleported back to the same guest room they were in.

    "Darling... Why do I get the feeling that she has been purposely trying to provoke you?" Ariel prompted.

    "I wouldn't know anything about that," said Jiang Fei. Everything that happened in the game was not told to the girls. When asked about the reason behind Akatziris' hostility toward Jiang Fei, he could not explain it properly.

    "Ah Fei, how do you plan to deal with those people?'' Nina asked out of the blue.

    Jiang Fei paused to think but nothing came to mind.

    "I don't know yet. What I know is that we cannot afford to go against them before Braveheart is completed," said Jiang Fei. He knew well enough that he had all the power he needed to completely destroy Akatziris if he wanted to. However, Akatziris had Braveheart in her hands. That was her chip. If anything went wrong, she could always surrender to the enemy Unknowns, taking the ship with her. If that ending came true, Jiang Fei will be in for a whole new kind of trouble.

    "That's true. Our main objective now is to seize control of the ship!" Ariel joined in. Once 0541 returned, the ship would definitely be in Jiang Fei's hands. After that, it would be a snowball effect. Jiang Fei's forces would reach its peak. With Jiang Fei in control of Namek's most powerful battleship, orbiting Earth from space, nothing could rival Jiang Fei in terms of power then, not even Level 5 Metahumans or the Unknowns.

    Hence, at this point, it all came down to energy. Jiang Fei needed to get his hands on more Energy Crystals and hasten the construction of Braveheart. Jiang Fei's plan to assault the Unknowns' base was viable at the beginning. The base was small and the Energy Crystals stored there would be little. Initially, that estimated amount would have been enough for Jiang Fei but since Akatziris has demanded a portion of that, Jiang Fei had to make an adjustment to his plan.

    "Should we change our target?" Ariel chimed in.

    "No. We stick to the plan," said Jiang Fei adamantly. The base he was aiming for had the weakest defense force. Attacking it would have the highest success rate albeit having the lowest yield. Even so, Jiang Fei had planted his legs firmly in the plan.

    The idea was simple. He would attack the base, rob all the Energy Crystals he could find and keep them for himself instead of sharing with Akatziris. Even though she was playing desperate, Jiang Fei had found something in the ship's log that proved one statement of hers false.

    Akatziris had claimed that she did not have enough Energy Crystals to resume Braveheart's construction. That was not entirely true. The repair and construction of Braveheart was not completely halted but only slowed. Based on this finding, Jiang Fei planned to delay giving Akatziris the agreed amount of Energy Crystals. The loot from the planned assault on the Unknowns' base would be kept for himself.

    If the ship was completed, it would not belong to Jiang Fei straightaway. Jiang Fei needed to actually physically snatch it over from Akatziris. That required an attack force which would be fulfilled with Jiang Fei reviving the rest of the New Saint's Guards.

    Even though the Bio-Laboratory and the Main Bio-Pod was in the hands of the enemy Unknowns, Jiang Fei could still use the supplementary Bio-Pod he had to revive the weaker female army.

    Once the raid was a success and Jiang Fei had gotten hold of enough Energy Crystals, Jiang Fei would first revive all the members of New Saint's Guard then arm them with powerful weapons. With proper training, they would possess combat prowess that could rival or even surpass that of the Unknowns.

    Even though the Unknowns had achieved Level 5 power with Energy Crystals, their power was not genuine Level 5 power and the girls would still be stronger than them. Having an actual body proved to be faster in combat than having a metal body. Even though Jiang Fei's girls could never fight the Unknowns, with one against two, they would still prove to be a threat in a large group.

    Once Jiang Fei's amassed enough attack force, Jiang Fei will then launch another attack on the enemy Unknowns' base. This time, he could target a bigger base, increasing his yield and perhaps even retrieve the Bio-Laboratory and the main Bio-Pod. With them, he could revive Hua Mulan as a real Level 5 Metahuman, and provide Akatziris with the agreed amount of Energy Crystals for her to finish Braveheart.

    If everything goes smoothly, Hua Mulan would be revived when Braveheart was just about to be completed. By then, Jiang Fei would have five genuine Level 5 fighters by his side, and an army of female soldiers armed with Level 5 power weapons and armors. With such a powerful attack force, Akatziris would be overwhelmed easily. Seizing control of Braveheart would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

    Still, these plans had yet come to fruition and anything could happen. He was ready for changes but would prefer if everything went according to his original plan. He would have to move carefully, making sure that nothing would deter him away from his original plan.

    Two days after that, the promised day arrived. The day of the assault had come.

    "Jiang Fei, my friend! How are you able to hold back the urge?" Bai Shien said to Jiang Fei for not contacting him for so long. It was merely a tease. To be honest, Bai Shien was the one that could not hold it any longer. He had been waiting anxiously for the Godblade that Jiang Fei had agreed to help him reforge.

    "Ah! All in good times, great senior. The weapon has been completed. Please take a good look at them. Hold it in your hands and see if it fits properly," said Jiang Fei as he gestured Ariel to come in with a box in hand.

    The first box was a fair blue-colored box. When Bai Shien got hold of it, he opened it as gently as he could and was greeted with an exact replica of the Water Splitting Er Mei Needle he owned.

    "Oh! How marvelous! How marvelous indeed!" he cried as he held the weapon in his hands. The spinning needle was forged to fit perfectly in Bai Shien's palm. Bai Shien could even pass it off as his own old weapon, except for the fact that he could feel the prickly aura of the Godblade.

    "Thank you. Your praises will be directed to my master. For now, please gather the other Level 5 grand masters. I will now pass master Xiahou Shangyuan's weapon to him myself," said Jiang Fei.

    "No need to trouble yourself, friend. I have arrived," said Xiahou Shangyuan before Jiang Fei could even bow to Bai Shien. His voice rang in the air before he teleported into the room. Based on that feat, Bai Shien was not the only one that had power to rival Isabella!
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