1213 Level 5 Mutants

    "But... you'll be alone," Ariel muttered worriedly.

    Nina was not with them as she was tasked to protect the house in Winter Islands. At this stage, Isabella and Slyphy were out in the field, killing Unknowns and Mutants. Only Ariel was left to protect Jiang Fei. Now that Jiang Fei had forsaken his own safety by having Ariel join the fight, she could not help but feel worried.

    "Calm down. In one minute, their defenses will be disabled and when I have taken control everything, the Unknowns will be forced to leave," said Jiang Fei nonchalantly. Firstly, he was standing inside a barrier generated by a large shield generator he had brought along. He should be fine for a while even without Ariel.

    "Very well," Ariel acknowledged albeit still skeptical about the idea. In the end, she obeyed obediently. With the shields up, even a Level 5 enemy would have a hard time breaking into it, giving Ariel, Isabella, and Sylphy more than enough time to return to Jiang Fei.

    With Ariel joining in the fight, the other grand masters could finally have a breather. At the very least, they were now able to focus on attacking instead of being on the defense.

    Of all other Level 5 fighters, only Isabella was able to make progress. Her powerful energy armor and claws gave her the upper hand in the fight. Compared to the others, Isabella had killed more than anyone could count. Unfortunately, even though she was truly unstoppable, Isabella was the only one capable of ignoring any oncoming attacks. The rest did not have such luxury. It would be a while for her to kill all enemies then.

    The attack plan changed with the emergence of Mutants. Their current mission was to keep the fight within the Unknown's base and to prevent them from coming out of the base to attack Jiang Fei. The barrier that was protecting Jiang Fei was considered as the last line of defense. If the shield was destroyed, so will the other equipment, not to mention the girls of the New Saint's Guards.

    Even though they were armed with powerful weapons and armory, there were only ten of them. Even if one of them were taken down, they would be leaving one of the machines vacant. The domino effect would take place, leading to the other machines overloading. All in all, if the main equipment, the dispersion beam that was used to release Jiang Fei's allies from the light prison, was destroyed, the entire fight would immediately turn to the enemy's favor. Ignoring the fact that Jiang Fei would never be able to steal Energy Crystals, he might be looking at an ending where all of his allies, including the girls, get captured by the Unknowns.

    "Come on..." Jiang Fei muttered nervously. The front lines was being held up and was unable to progress further. The only hope left was for 0543 breaking into the enemy's system and taking full control of their weapons system.

    Beams of hyper-charged particle and energy beams filled the sky and all of a sudden, pillars of light flashed down. 200 more Mutants soldiers had come to join the fight.

    These were only lower ranking Mutants but they were all armed with the same powerful weapons and armors. Them joining the fight had only made things worse for Jiang Fei's side. It did not take long before the grand masters were overwhelmed.

    "How long?" Jiang Fei asked 0543.

    "40 seconds," 0543 replied calmly.

    For what seemed to be an eternity, only 20 seconds had passed in the real world.

    "My lord, generator number 4 has run out of power!"

    "My lord, number 6 is also out!"


    Bad news after bad news piled up one after another. Due to the constant use of light prison by the enemy, Jiang Fei's side had to constantly release the trapped grand masters from their binding. This exhausted a great amount of energy, energy that was meant to run barriers and weapons. Due to the lack of energy, fewer machines were operated and the rate of releasing grand masters from the light prison got slower. This was only hindering the attack progress. Worse of all, the other machines were also flashing red, warning signs that they were running low on power.

    Being trapped was one thing but being trapped and targeted by all the Mutants then was a whole other scenario. Once trapped, the grand master could do nothing to escape. Attacks that came from the enemy were able to penetrate the light barrier and damage the person trapped inside. A few unfortunate grand masters that were trapped had to endure the massive bombardment of attacks. One of them, Feng Tianqi, a new member of the Level 5 grand masters, had to use his domain ability just to survive.

    Not everyone had an Energy Core fused into their being like Isabella. Activating their domain ability as well as maintaining it consumed a considerable amount of energy. As soon as Feng Tianqu was released, he quickly flung himself into the horde of Unknowns. However, he had to time it perfectly and must withdraw from the fight before his domain ability ended. In the worse case scenario, he would be severely weakened and would succumb to the enemy.

    Although they say Level 5 Metahumans were immortals, that was under the presumption that fights and threats all originated from Earth. Jiang Fei understood well that Namekian's technology would tear the logic into shreds. Even if they could survive being rained down with powerful beam weaponry, there are hundreds of other ways to truly defeat a Level 5 Metahuman.

    Even though Jiang Fei was not close to Feng Tianqi, he was still considered his ally. He could not allow Feng Tianqi to give up his life without doing anything about it. Worse of all, if Feng Tianqi died during this fight, Jiang Fei might not get to work together with the rest of the grand masters. While these grand masters might have a high moral and a good sense of gratitude, they were still not obligated to put their life on the line for someone like Jiang Fei.

    "Direct the energy from the barrier reservoir into the dispersion beam," Jiang Fei ordered. Compared to his safety, keeping the grand masters free and about was more important. At this point, he was better off diverting the enemy into the dispersion beam machine as he was not under heavy attack.

    "Yes, my lord." One of the girls acknowledged the order and quickly got to work. The intensity of the barrier quickly dropped and the two machines that had ran out of juice started to work again.

    As soon the rate of releasing grand masters from light prison returned to its optimal rate, Feng Tianqi quickly deactivated his domain ability and withdrew from the front lines. Burning too much energy in such a short amount of time had taken a toll on him.

    "0543, what's the ETA?" Jiang Fei asked again. He had lost count on how many times he had asked 0543 the same question. However, something happened at the horizon that drew Jiang Fei's attention.

    There were five narrow and thin light pillars flashing down from the sky. If they were teleporting someone, that party of five was teleported in not far from where Jiang Fei was.

    "What's going on? Did the spatial disruptor stop working?" Jiang Fei quickly asked. Before the attack even started, Jiang Fei had made sure to have 0543 deploy the spatial disruptor to prevent anyone from teleporting in too close to him and only within the enemy base. This time, something went terribly wrong as the enemies were able to move in close to where he was.

    "Great ones, this is the boy that had been the bane of my existence. Kill him and our guest will deliver the items we seek," said Lincoln as he revealed himself amongst the party of four.

    He was angry and his eyes showed it all. His two sons were killed by Jiang Fei and he had slipped past his fingers more times that he wanted to remember. He was not the only one that had a bone to pick with Jiang Fei. The American government as well as the entire body of the Mutant Brotherhood wanted nothing more than to kill Jiang Fei and tear him apart.

    "Nothing personal kid, you're just too important to be left alive," said one of the Mutants.

    "We're here to do nothing more than what we're paid for. Let's get this over with," said another.

    One of them, a blond woman who looked extremely beautiful, lifted her hands into the sky and conjured a ball of fire so large that one could mistake it for the moon itself!

    The woman hurled the fireball effortlessly toward Jiang Fei and hit the barrier. The barrier trembled violently and just when it looked like it was about to give, the barrier stabilized and maintained its integrity.

    "Shall we move together? Time is of the essence here. If they took control of the base, they will be able to use our weapons against us," said Lincoln, a little nervous.
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