1214 Anti Level 5

    "Consider yourself cursed to be born. I shall rid you now of your unfortunate living," said another older Mutant, wearing an iron armor. With a flick of his hands, his armor disintegrated into countless of smaller iron filings. With another flick, the iron flings morphed into beads that accelerated at breakneck speeds toward Jiang Fei.

    The other Level 5 Mutants started their attacks, hammering at the barrier. The metal beads were damaging the barrier and the additional attacks by the other Mutants pushed the barrier to the verge of breaking.

    "Oh no! My love!" Ariel was the first to react but before she could move, she was quickly jumped by an uncountable number of Mutant soldiers. These soldiers were using their energy cannons to shoot and pin down Ariel in place.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to work for a living here!" Bai Shien roared. Despite his still cheerful demeanor, Bai Shien, as well as the other grand masters were nervous. They were all helping out Jiang Fei in the name of getting closer to Zhuge Shanzhen. If something were to happen to him, these grand masters would not dare to show their faces when Zhuge Shanzhen made an appearance. Or worse, he might even bear a grudge against them for not protecting the weaker Jiang Fei!

    Compared to the others, Bai Shien and Xiaohou Shangyuan had only just obtained the blessing of Zhuge Shanzhen in the form of the weapons. Those two were the first to react when it came to saving Jiang Fei. The other grand masters saw the weapons they were wielding and each had the same thought of requesting Zhuge Shanzhen to have their Godblades reforged as well. With that thought in mind, they could not let Jiang Fei be harmed in order to gain favor from Zhuge Shanzhen. At that instant, when Bai Shien roared out, all Level 5 grand masters activated their domain ability.

    Unfortunately, in the next instant, these grand masters, and even Isanella and the girls were all simultaneously captured by the light prison. Even though the New Saint's Guards girls were working their best to release the grand masters, the speed was so slow that as soon as they were released, they were captured almost immediately!

    It was a tactic and a very clever one at that. These Unknowns had no intention to protect the base as their main goal was to use the base as a bait to lure Jiang Fei. The next step was to capture and if possible, kill him. That was their goal all along!

    "Move!" Isabella bellowed as she brute forced her way through the hordes of Unknowns. Whenever she was captured by the light prison, with sheer strength alone, she was able to pry herself out of it. Even so, she could not get closer to Jiang Fei as she was repeatedly imprisoned! As soon as she got out from one, she was locked up again. Both the Mutants and the Unknowns had invested a lot for this plan to work as they had brought in over thirty light-prison machines, as well as a f*ck ton of Energy Crystals to power them. It was all to kill Jiang Fei!

    As the four Level 5 Mutants were unleashing hell upon Jiang Fei, Lincoln could only support them by using the energy weapon he had. If this continued on for even five seconds, the barrier would collapse and Jiang Fei would be exposed.

    "Hmph! Did they seriously think that I'm that powerless?" Jiang Fei snapped. To be honest, Jiang Fei was not the unfortunate one as these Level 5 Mutants did not know what Jiang Fei was capable of. The Jiang Fei now was not as powerful as them. He might not be able to fight on the same level as them but he can force them to fight him on the same level as he was!

    "Heh. Beat it, burn it, this barrier is not going down that easily! I still have more than enough time to take over the base!" said Jiang Fei tauntingly as he stepped closer and closer to the edge of the barrier, whilst making a smug face to further aggravate the lot.

    "Boy, you must be out of your mind. I can see that the barrier will only last for five seconds!" said a Mutant with a snout like a monkey or a baboon.

    "Is it really? Why, I must be dreaming then," said Jiang Fei. As soon as he gave his retort, Jiang Fei vanished from sight. Like a cannonball, Jiang Fei shot out of the barrier and was in close proximity to the four Level 5 Mutants.

    "Is he daft?!" the blonde woman snorted. A Level 4 martial artist with no equipment whatsoever had charged toward four Level 5 Mutants. Besides giving his own life to them, what else could the reason be for him to do something so retarded?

    "Time for a show!" Jiang Fei howled as he released his domain. All four Level 5 Mutants were immediately affected and came down to the ground with a crash!

    "What the f*ck!?"

    "My powers... they're gone!"

    "What did he do?"

    The lot of them quickly became disoriented. The shock of knowing their powers were gone had rattled them to the core.

    "Five seconds, was it? I'd reckon all I needed is one!" Jiang Fei sneered as he quick-stepped his way behind the Mutant with a snout like a baboon. The man's ability was spatial manipulation, an ability that Ariel had a knack for. This sort of opponent would be the hardest to kill but since he was not teleporting away, killing him would be as easy as snapping a pair of wooden chopsticks in half!

    "HMPH!" Jiang Fei grunted as he swung the Zhanlu Sword with all his might. The Mutant was able to react to the attack and quickly dodge the swing. Unfortunately, the man had been a Level 5 Mutant for as long as he could remember and moved just as how he would as one. Problem was, he was now only a Level 4 Mutant. The strength in his body could not react in time. The Mutant had calculated his move as he was supposed to fully dodge the swing with only a millimeter margin of error. However, because of his weaker body constitution, he was slashed and received a full inch through his abdomen.

    One inch-long wound, for some, was nothing but a scratch. A simple band aid would be sufficient to fix it up. But a wound, made by the Zhanlu Sword, and on a Mutant? Nothing good was going to come from that.

    The Mutant might have Level 5 power but he was forced down and could only exert as much power as a Level 4. With whatever strength he had left, he used them all to suppress the rampantly raging power that was coursing through his veins.

    "This is Godblade!" said the Mutant before exploding in the most spectacular manner.

    The others were quickly to catch what he said and when they had fully understood the situation, neither one of them could view Jiang Fei as before.

    "You're next," said Jiang Fei with a grin as he pointed his sword to the blonde woman. He quickly leaped into action as giving them time to adjust to their current state of power would be detrimental to him. Once they had gotten used to their weaker self, although not threatening, killing them would be a hassle.

    With the teleporting Mutant defeated, the rest were basically a game of catch. Speed was king when it came to martial artists of Jiang Fei's current power level. Coupled with various forms of martial arts, these weakened Level 5 Mutants were no more than tortoises. They were even weaker than Lincoln now!

    "Die, b*tch!" Jiang Fei roared as he delivered his blow to the blond Mutant.

    "Annie!" cried another Mutant as he quickly jumped in to push the blonde Mutant to take the blade for himself.

    "No! Klaus!" Annie cried as she was filled with horror. The blade that was meant for her was now protruding from Klaus' chest.

    Before Klaus could even open his mouth, his entire body exploded violently, leaving nothing but his ruptured innards and mangled limbs everywhere.
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