1217 Whereabouts of the Third Energy Core

    "0543, time for spring cleaning!" said Jiang Fei when he entered the base.

    "Yes, captain." 0543 acknowledged his words and started working around. 5 minutes later, 0543 gave Jiang Fei a report which gave him a shock. The Unknowns' original plan had gone completely south, leaving all their stocked resources in place. To bait Jiang Fei into attacking this base, they had purposely stocked mountains of Energy Crystals. At the end of it all, the plan failed and Jiang Fei rose victorious.

    According to 0543's report, the base contained an unbelievable amount of Energy Crystals, as much as two-thirds of what the previous base had, which was more than 400,000,000 Energy Crystals. A large portion of that were freshly stocked even. What was once a mere bait was now Jiang Fei's battle loot.

    "Besides these Energy Crystals, what else do they have?" Jiang Fei asked. He was beyond content. With such a large amount of Energy Crystals, not only he could revive Hua Mulan as a genuine Level 5 Metahuman, he could even revive the rest of the entire New Saint's Guards!

    "Oh dang, that's a good haul!" said Jiang Fei after 0543 gave him another report. Not only did he have the light prison machine, he also had the blueprint to build it! This was one of the machines that he had wanted to have. Although he had obtained the blueprint for the light dispersion machine from Akatziris, he had also obtained the machines from her. These machines had been tampered with to prevent Jiang Fei from reverse-engineering it. Once the machine detected any signs of tampering, the machine would initiate a self-destruct program, melting all the parts inside to prevent Jiang Fei or 0543 from ever discovering its mechanics.

    Even though they were in an alliance, both Jiang Fei and Akatziris were always on the alert. Jiang Fei had the Bio-Technology to given birth to Level 5 Metahumans, and Akatziris had the method, the light machines, to trap them!

    As of now, Jiang Fei had just obtained blueprints of the light prison machine. As such, he had no longer needed to rely on Akatziris for the light dispersion machine! He could simply build them himself. He could even manufacture the light prison machines!

    "F*cking awesome," Jiang Fei cheered. This battle had turned out for the better as rewards kept on coming in. Having the Light Manipulation Technology, Jiang Fei was now stronger than ever. He would not have to be afraid of Level 5 Metahumans anymore. There were bound to be Metahumans strong enough to break the prison, like Isabella. Even so, they would be momentarily incapacitated, long enough for hundreds of New Saint's Guards to blast them! Even if they could not be killed, the sheer power of the Level 5 cannons would be powerful enough to shed their hide!

    Besides that, Jiang Fei had also acquired many other equipment. However, these equipment were but familiar to Jiang Fei. Obtaining them did no harm to him, but they were not a boon to him.

    At the end of it, Jiang Fei still walked out of the base with his heart full of content. The 400 million Energy Crystals and the Light Manipulation tech were more than enough to sate him for a long time.

    "Shall we?" Jiang Fei called after he had left nothing but dust in the base. With his heart filled with joy, Jiang Fei returned back home.

    While he was going back home jubilantly, the Mutants in America were crying their eyes out. Level 5 Mutants were hard to come by. Even with the power and influence the Mutant Brotherhood had, they did not have many Level 5 members. That day, in a span of 30 seconds, four of the strongest Level 5 members had been killed. Not to mention the vice-president of the Mutant Brotherhood, Lincoln. The loss of four Level 5 Mutants as well as their own vice-president was a huge blow to the entire Brotherhood. Before, only part of the Mutant community hated Jiang Fei, but now, everyone else had joined this circle of hatred.

    That was the ugly side of humanity. Feelings always triumphed over logic. They didn't care about why Lincoln had died. All they knew was that he had died by the hands of Jiang Fei. As for the Level 5 Mutants, not everyone in the Brotherhood knew the truth. They didn't know that it had been their side who had brought the fight to Jiang Fei. It did not matter as Jiang Fei has had the blood of their kind on his hands and they would have him pay for it.

    However, logic would still come crawling back. A little kid had managed to kill four Level 5 Mutants. What did that say about his powers? Not even a combined venture of all Level 5 Mutants and the Brotherhood would have enough courage to face Jiang Fei. Not at the moment at least.

    In order to bolster their ranks, they had to seek out allies. This time, they headed to the far west, to seek for the European Church. That and the Unknowns as well. From their point of view, anyone who could fight, and had hatred toward Jiang Fei, their common enemy, would be considered as allies, even if they themselves had a bone to pick with each other.

    Due to the presence of a common enemy, these three factions joined forces quickly and smoothly. The previous alliance was more of a mercenary-type. Now, the Mutants did not care about gaining benefits. All they cared then was for the destruction of Jiang Fei!

    Jiang Fei was, of course, oblivious to the sadness, rage, and sorrow of the other side of the world. He was on cloud nine for having such an abundance of resources. Like a beggar striking the lotto, the man was spending everything he had. If it wasn't for the fact that he had limited number of Bio-Pods, he would have revived the entirety of the New Saint's Guards at the same time!

    Right now, he had only about twenty Bio-Pods. He could only revive a small number of girls at a time. Even so, in about two weeks, he would be able to revive all 300 New Saint's Guards.

    "The next step is to locate and retrieve my Bio-Lab and the main Bio-Pod," said Jiang Fei to himself. He was neither lacking in resources nor manpower. With that thought in mind, he was not going to rest and relax. He needed to find the Unknowns and take back what was rightfully his!

    "0543, activate the super radar system and find me my Bio-Lab and Bio-Pod!" Jiang Fei ordered.

    "Yes, captain," 0543 answered. With so many Energy Crystals in hand, Jiang Fei could afford to spend energy to use the super radar system. Spare the Bio-Lab and Bio-Pod, with so much power invested, the radar system could even find a tiny needle in the vast ocean!

    "Oh right, didn't you mention about a third Energy Core in Braveheart? Isabella has the Core of Life and I have the Core of Will. What and where is that third core? Find it," Jiang Fei added. Now that the super radar system was activated, he might as well hitch a ride and search for that Core!
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