1218 Not Enough for Guests

    "As you wish, Captain," 0543 acknowledged and started to work. The radar system was activated and it started to scour every inch on the surface of the Earth to search for what Jiang Fei was looking for. With so much surface area to scan and data to analyse, it would be quite some time before 0543 would return with an answer.

    Right now, Jiang Fei had to bolster his own forces. Even if he had the report right there and then, he could not simply barge into the enemy's base with the forces he had then. At the very least, it would be two weeks later, after Jiang Fei had revived all the New Saint's Guards. He had to counter in the additional time needed to train them to use the alien weapons. Only then could he be strong enough to fight toe-to-toe with the Unknowns.

    So now, all Jiang Fei could do was wait. He was waiting for the radar system result, waiting for the slow revival process of the New Saint's Guards. During this period, Jiang Fei had nothing better to do than to offer his "service" to the other Level 5 grand masters. With them offering their Godblades to Jiang Fei to be reforged, he could collect more Valium via cutting corners to craft powerful weapons for Isabella and the other girls.

    Valium-based weapons might be as useful regular steel when used against the Unknowns, they were exceptionally strong against every other Metahumans. As long as they had blood flowing in their veins, they would be subjected to death in the face of Valium.

    When the entire ordeal with the Unknown ended, after the grand masters had returned to their own resting place, everything calmed down. It had happened just as fast as it had started, and the peace lasted for at least five days. Both Jiang Fei and his enemies were resting, licking their wounds, and preparing for the next war.

    One week was all the time Jiang Fei had when Bennette Straz came knocking on his door, disrupting said peace.

    "Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Dragon God. What can I do for you?" Jiang Fei snorted with great arrogance. Currently, he knew he was stronger than ever. There was no need for him to beg Akatziris on his knees. In fact, if it weren't for the construction of Braveheart, there was no need for an alliance.

    "Fei, I heard of the news. Looks like you have fought and won over the Unknowns' base." Bennette Straz went straight for the bat. He was there to ask for Energy Crystals, a treaty made by Jiang Fei and Akatziris. Jiang Fei had promised to lend them 100 million Energy Crystals if he had successfully won the war. As such, it has already been a week since the conclusion of the fight and Jiang Fei was quiet. That was why Akatziris had sent Bennette Straz down to Earth, to knock on Jiang Fei's door to ask about the aforementioned Energy Crystals.

    "Well, you hear things..." said Jiang Fei, neither agreeing nor denying what Straz had said. Jiang Fei had no reason to be anxious about Akatziris as he was growing stronger day by day. In fact, he was going to disband the alliance with Akatziris after the deal with Braveheart was over.

    "Wel... one hears good news in the wind and could not help but ask for... well... If you don't mind, the leader had sent me here to ask about the agreed amount of Energy Crystals," Straz stammered and whimpered like a little girl asking for allowance from her father. At first, Straz had intended to demand the Energy Crystals instead of lowering his head for it. However, he immediately changed his mind when he entered the base.

    As a Superior Android, Straz had various functions embedded inside his body. One of which was a radar system. Even though his radar system was definitely inferior to Jiang Fei's radar system and somewhat worse then 0543's, he could still pick up on signals beaming from all around Jiang Fei's base. There were at least a hundred Level 4 energy readings, readings that could only be emitted by Level 4 Metahumans. That was the reason why Straz decided to play the meek little gentleman in the face of Jiang Fei.

    Level 4 Metahumans were nothing when compared to the Superior Androids. No matter how hard they tried, they would never break a Level 5 Namekian's shield barrier. They would be turned to dust with a single blast of a Level 5 energy weapon. However, things were different when they are Jiang Fei's Level 4 Metahumans.

    Like Jiang Fei, they would surely be armed with Namekian tech. Their combat prowess would definitely be far superior than metallic machines. With a little training, they would be able to move faster than the Superior Androids. Give them proper weapons and armors and they could take out someone like Straz easily.

    Worst of all, there were at least a hundred of them lurking around the base. That made Straz to think trice before doing anything in his turf. He had a feeling, a bad feeling that Jiang Fei might even call off the alliance at that very moment. Even if he wished to maintain their alliance, it was only temporary.

    That explained the reason why Straz was behaving like a little girl. He was careful with his words as he was afraid that Jiang Fei might call off the alliance, or even hold him hostage against Akatziris. It was a feat that Jiang Fei could accomplish.

    "Mhm, about that..." Jiang Fei purposely choked. With the amount of Energy Crystals he had with him then, even after giving away 100 million, Jiang Fei could still revive Hua Mulan and the entire New Saint's Guards. However, after everything he had learned, he knew well enough to not cave into Akatziris's request. 100 million was no small amount and if Jiang Fei did follow her words, the little b*tch might actually do something that would make him regret his decision.

    At this point, Jiang Fei sighed heavily and said, "Oh my sweet loving Dragon God. Do you know that I don't even have enough to give away?"

    Straz was stunned. He had never thought that someone as honorable as Jiang Fei would go back on his words! He reasoned that Jiang Fei was inevitably human and could succumb to his greed.

    "Dear Jiang Fei, we are but allies. The others are threatening us, right this moment! It would only be a matter of time before they discover the moon base. If Braveheart isn't completed by then, they will destroy it! Wouldn't this be a loss for you as well?" Straz brought out the big guns, of course, with Akatziris's approval. Straz was ordered to do anything he could in his power to get resources from Jiang Fei. Without energy, Braveheart would be sitting in the hanger, with a gigantic hole in its hull, gathering space dust.

    "You're right about that," said Jiang Fei as he started to think about it. It pained him to say it but he did not want the effort he had poured into Braveheart, however small it may be, be wasted as it gets destroyed by the enemy.

    "Please! I beg of thee!" Straz lowered himself further and begged desperately.

    "Alright... I'll try to make it work. Know that I would have to suffer for it," said Jiang Fei as he materialized two hyper-condensed Energy Crystals. These two Energy Crystals were only as large as a carry-on, but each of them had the energy capacity of five million Energy Crystals.

    Straz's eyes glowed blue as he scanned the two crystals and affirmed the amount. Ten million Energy Crystals was far from what they had agreed upon. At most, these would only be enough for two days of work.

    "Thank you." Straz sighed heavily as he blatantly expressed his disappointment to Jiang Fei before thanking him. Right then, he had no power to decide his next move. All he could do was inform Akatziris of what had taken place and let her decide what to do next.
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