1219 Akatziris’ Decision

    After leaving Jiang Fei's base, Straz returned to the moon and reported everything that had transpired to Akatziris.

    "If what you say is accurate, Jiang Fei might have obtained more than what we have expected," said Akatziris. She had no idea that Jiang Fei had mastered the Light Manipulation Technology but based on Straz's report on energy reading, she was sure that Jiang Fei had somehow managed to gather a substantial amount of energy to revive so many Level 4 Metahumans. In time, he would come to her with the sole intention to call off the alliance.

    "Leader, I think we should strike the iron while it's hot. We need to do something about that boy before he does us," said Bennette Straz.

    "I understand what you are trying to say. The boy is inevitably human. There is no way we could live together in harmony," Akatiziris sighed. She understood that better than anyone else. Jiang Fei was a human and she was an android. The best they could hope for was a peaceful habitation but never a coalition. As for Jiang Fei and Akatziris, things could never turn back to the way it was before. Even if Jiang Fei had some leftover feelings from when they were still in the game, neither side could and would be together earnestly.

    "Leader, Jiang Fei is growing day by day and I fear that one day, he would set his eyes on us. We should turn to Veiga. Be it as it may, we are all androids. Set aside everything that sets us apart. We should return to where we belong!" Straz advised.

    "Never!" Akatziris roared with eyes glowing red.

    "Leader, based on the current circumstances, that would be the best mov--"

    "Enough!" Akatziris interjected before Straz could continue.

    "There will be no further discussion about this matter. Veiga is something that you can never work with. Besides, there are too many things that you could never process. I don't care what circumstances we are in right now, we will never turn to that side!" Akatziris refuted gallantly. With a wave of her hands, she gestured Straz to leave her sight.

    "Yes, leader," Straz obeyed. Even though he still had questions, he was programmed to obey each and every command of Akatziris'. Even if he wanted to, he could not disobey or there would be consequences.

    "Damn it! There's always something or someone standing in my way!" Akatziris whined when Straz left. She pulled back her cloak and paced back and forth nervously.

    Energy was one of her biggest problems then. She wouldn't have sent Straz and have him grovel at Jiang Fei's for Energy Crystals if she had enough. However, as predictable as Jiang Fei was, Akatzitris had not expected Jiang Fei to go back on his promise. She had only received ten million of the 100 million Energy Crystals that was promised. Such an amount was not even enough to finish repairing the damage inflicted on Braveheart.

    She already had enough on her plate. With the reparation and construction of Braveheart being delayed, she still had to worry about the threat of the other Unknowns, Veiga and his men, attacking the moon base. Based on her current power and forces, she could not even maintain her current progress with Braveheart, much less defend the base.

    The least but possible threat was Jiang Fei himself. Since the start, Akatziris had never truly trusted Jiang Fei. No matter how strong Jiang Fei grew, his only weakness, as all humans shared, was his emotions. Akatziris knew well that if she were to willingly put herself in a pitiful state, while Jiang Fei might not be more than willing to help, at the very least, he would not attack her.

    However, Jiang Fei had blatantly gone against his words. This made Akatziris worry about Jiang Fei turning against her. She did not know what had changed Jiang Fei to this extent. It could be because of the girls making the final decision for him. Either way, the lust tactic would never work as well as it did before. If Jiang Fei had enough and decided to turn against her, Akatziris would never be able to fend off an army of hundreds of Bio-Humans.

    "This cannot continue. I need to think of a way to get more Energy Crystals and fix the goddamn ship! Only with Braveheart can I truly overcome any force in the universe!" Akatziris snarled. That was the only thing she had that could save her from every threat in the world. Be it technology, resources, or even attack force, she was miles behind Jiang Fei and Veiga.

    Once Braveheart could operate, everything would bend to her will. The disparity of strength would be turned around with her rising from the lowest to the highest. She would be so strong that not even Veiga working with Jiang Fei could defeat her.

    "Energy! Energy! Energy! I need Energy! I need all the Energy!" Akatziris repeated herself. It was only at that moment did she understand the troubles that Jiang Fei had always felt. Being the user that relied on power, her dependency on Energy Crystals was so strong that it was her everything.

    "Come to me! Bennette Straz!" Akatziris called for Straz after a thorough thinking.

    "How may I be of service?" Straz responded as he entered Akatziris' chamber.

    "I need you to do something for me," said Akatziris as she transmitted a large amount of data to him.

    "Would this work?" Straz asked with a tone of surprise after he had analysed the amount of data.

    "Just do it," Akatziris snorted.

    "As you wish, leader," said Straz without any resistance.


    When Akatziris made plans and had Straz execute them, Jiang Fei was in his base training the newly born girls. They had only just been born hours before and they had already started their training session with the previously revived girls. Ariel and the other girls were teaching them about weapons and armor, as well as the mechanism of the Light Manipulation machine.

    After so many days, Jiang Fei had now produced a number of machines. Two types of which were now the Temporal Prison emitter and the Light Energy Dispersing Beam. These two machines would be a means of disrupting the enemy. It would be useful in facing the Unknowns or even Akatziris. The fight would then be a tug of war and the side that runs out of energy first would be the loser. They would not be as useful when used against Mutants.

    Temporal Prisons were exceptionally useful against Level 5 Metahumans as long as they weren't familiar with its mechanism, or be ridiculously strong like Isabella. Except for those exceptions, no one could escape the Temporal Prison. Besides Valium, this would be another Anti-Level 5 Metahuman mechanism.

    "In just a few more days, I would be able to settle scores with the Unknowns!" said Jiang Fei with confidence. Everything the Unknowns had were now debunked. Once the New Saint's Guards were ready, Jiang Fei would have no need to hide away from the Mutants, the Unknowns, and perhaps even Akatziris. The day until Jiang Fei reclaim the throne as the main protagonist was near.
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