1220 Almost Complete

    Three days after meeting with Straz, 0543 reported good news in the early hours of the day.

    "Captain, I have the scan results."

    "Tell me the good news," said Jiang Fei as he rubbed his hands vigorously.

    "I have the location of both the Bio-Laboratory and the main Bio-Pod. The Bio-Lab is located on an island toward the east side of the Pacific Ocean. The Bio-Pod is located within America," 0543 reported.

    "Huh? Separate?" Jiang Fei stuttered.

    "It's not that simple," 0543 interjected. "According to the scan results, radar is detecting high energy signatures around the two machines. I fear that someone is currently using them both for experiments."

    Jiang Fei arched an eyebrow. It didn't take long for him to understand what was going on. The Unknowns might have stolen the machines from Jiang Fei but they didn't know how to use them properly. That would mean that the Mutants were given the machines and were using them to experiment on themselves.

    After witnessing how strong Jiang Fei had become, both the Unknowns and the Mutants had forged a strong alliance with each other. The Unknowns, not being able to properly use the Bio-Lab and Bio-Pod, had given them to the Mutants to enhance their own people. It was a means and a gesture to bolster their own ranks to defeat Jiang Fei.

    "Fine, let them have the machines for now. The day after tomorrow will be the day we take back what are rightfully mine!" Jiang Fei claimed. Almost all of the New Saint's Guards were out of the game. The last batch of girls would be revived tomorrow morning. Jiang Fei would then dedicate an extra day for training.

    "Ariel, contact Bennette Straz for me. I wish to inspect Braveheart!" said Jiang Fei. He was planning in examining the ship before he launched an all-out attack on the Unknowns. He had given Akatziris a considerable amount of Energy Crystals. If he did not check on her, who could guarantee that the b*tch wouldn't horde the Energy Crystals for some other reason besides building Braveheart.

    What if Akatziris suddenly sped things up with Braveheart and drove away with it while Jiang Fei was having his war with the Unknowns and Mutants? Jiang Fei would be inconsolable then. He was sure it could happen since Akatziris had betrayed him before. Who's to say that she would not do it again?

    "Alright, I'll be right back," Ariel replied and sped off to the edge of the island. Jiang Fei headed outside to check on the girls.

    Considering the fact that heading to the moon base was dangerous, bringing Ariel with him on every trip was the most sensible thing to do. Of all the girls, Ariel might be the weakest but her mastery in teleportation was the strongest despite being only a pseudo Level 5 Metahuman. Other Level 5 Metahumans could teleport as well but they could only use that skill on themselves. No one else besides Ariel could bring another person along during teleportation. Not even Isabella. At any moment Jiang Fei was subjected to danger, Ariel could teleport him away with a flick of her finger.

    Besides Ariel, Jiang Fei had decided to bring Sylphy along. The cutesy assassin had never held her words when it came to insults. Should Jiang Fei be in a situation where he was about to be taken advantage of, Sylphy would step in and fight on his behalf.

    Since Sylphy was coming along, Isabella was forced to stay behind. Those two could never be together or it would be a scene and they were the subject of laughter.

    In the end, Jiang Fei had decided to take Ariel, Sylply, and Nina along with him. Nina was the brake Jiang Fei needed to stop Sylphy if she went too far. Jiang Fei might be their beloved but Nina's position as the ex-Saint of the Light would render Sylphy helpless in disobeying her... persuasions.

    Ariel returned quickly and soon after, Straz sent his reply and waited for Jiang Fei at the edge of the Winter Islands. With Ariel's teleportation prowess, Jiang Fei and the party arrived in a flash. Unlike the previous time where Jiang Fei was the one that had to wait, Straz dared not allow Jiang Fei to wait for him this time since he was the one that was wanted to "borrow" Energy Crystals from Jiang Fei.

    "Let's go," said Jiang Fei with a cocky smile.

    "Sure thing," Straz answered with his head lowered.

    With a white flash of light, everyone was teleported away into Akatziris' moon base.

    "Lead the way," Jiang Fei barked.

    "Please wait here, Jiang Fei. The leader will be arriving soon. She wishes to personally escort you around the base," said Straz as he summoned a hovercraft but did not mount on it.

    "Akatziris is coming?" Jiang Fei said curiously. For every time he came to the moon base to inspect the ship, Akatziris had never made an appearance. Yet, this time, Straz claimed that she wished to become Jiang Fei escort. Be it genuine or some hocus-pocus, Jiang Fei was on the alert.

    Two minutes later, Akatziris came into the waiting room with a dignified look. It was out of her character since Jiang Fei had always seen her with a pretentious, saddened, pitiful one.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei, shall we head out?" Akatziris jumped on the hovercraft and invited Jiang Fei straightforwardly.

    "Mhm," Jiang Fei hummed as he quickly stopped Sylphy. She was about to open her mouth, most likely to say something insulting to Akatziris. This time, there was no need for a ruse since Akatziris was not playing any games around him. Besides, he was about to launch an attack on the enemy and he did not want any other drama to start.

    The hovercraft whirled a little before it started to move. With speed, the craft zoomed passed the main base and entered the hangar. When the gigantic Braveheart entered Jiang Fei's view, he could see that most of the ship was already finished. What was left was the damaged hull outside the ship. Unknowns and machines alike were working hard on the ship.

    "Let's go to the bridge," Jiang Fei said simply.

    "Very well," Akatziris replied immediately.

    The craft zoomed across the hanger and arrived at the entrance of the bridge. Based on the reading on the console, Braveheart was already at a 90% completion rate. The only thing that was still under construction was the shield projector around the main hull. Without that barrier operational, the ship could fly but it would be extremely dangerous.

    Braveheart was designed to be a massive battleship capable of housing civilians. The size of the entire ship was at least a hundred kilometers. Such a large object in space was bound to be bombarded with space debris. Agility was never its forte and to move about avoiding every tiny speck of asteroid would be impossible. Relatively speaking, objects in space moved at high speeds. Being hit by a single rock the size of a car at high speed would result in large damage to the ship. That was only around the solar system. Flying across interstellar space would be worse. Without protection from the shield, the ship would be like a beehive in just a single day!
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