1227 Attitude Change

    "Is everyone here?" Jiang Fei asked Bai Shien as his eyes swam across the mass and he did a quick head count.

    "They are," Bai Shien snorted. Including him, all twelve Level 5 grand masters were ready and waiting.

    "Good," said Jiang Fei as he jerked his wrist up. Knowing how punctual the Unknowns were, Jiang Fei started to count down the seconds until the clock struck the hour. If Akatziris and her men were not present on time, Jiang Fei would immediately changed his target to the moon!

    Although Braveheart was reconstructed by Akatziris, and to be honest, Jiang Fei did not really care about owning the battleship, he would not want Akatiziris to take off with the ship while he was busy battling the Unknowns. He needed to own the ship in order to unseal 0541. That was all that mattered at the moment.

    Just as the second hand was about to hit the hour, pillars of white light flashed from the sky. Akatziris and her fellow Supreme Android horde had arrived.

    Akatziris pretended to raise her wrist and read a hypothetical wristwatch.

    "Right on time, my sweet loving master! I'm sure you would spare my tardiness as... I wasn't late," Akatziris singsongingly said. Jiang Fei was caught off guard. He had been pleased at how Akatziris had behaved herself during his last visit to the moon base and was hoping that this demeanor of hers, the professional kind, would last a little longer than a single visit. Be it as it may, the girl had reverted to her over-the-top flirtatious manner.

    Jiang Fei did not bother to answer her verbally, merely giving an arch of an eyebrow. Surely, there was something going on and Jiang Fei was only going to face Akatziris with a wary approach. Did something happen on the moon base?

    At this point, it was best to have Ariel and Sylphy stand guard. He turned to them and gave them both a certain look that was combined with weird, unorthodox weaving of his eyebrows. The girls, paired with the obvious context, knew what had to be done. Ariel sharpened her senses around the Androids while Sylphy got herself ready to stand in between Jiang Fei and Akatziris, in case the b*tch decided to jump on him and plea for something. Sylphy would then be "Cinderella's evil stepmother" and chase the girl away.

    To be honest, her current appearance did not match her lustful look. She was fully armed, from head to toe, with perhaps even her teeth armed with miniature weapons. Her men were currently loaded with various machines. From the looks of it, they were really going all out in fighting the Unknowns. Seeing this, Jiang Fei was slightly relaxed as Akatziris was well-prepared to go for war.

    "Let's depart," Jiang Fei ordered and everyone nodded. Everyone, including Akatziris, who still wanted to tease Jiang Fei, boarded the shuttlecraft.

    "Here, here! Let those metal freaks know how strong we are!" cried one of the grand masters whose name Jiang Fei could not recall. There were a few of them that had never been in battle with the Unknowns and was still clueless as to how they fight. On a completely different topic, all the grand masters did not know that Akatziris and her men were Unknowns as well. Their appearance was so human-like. Had they bled after being struck down, the grand masters could never tell them apart.

    "Master, have you got an attack plan? Would you please indulge me with it?" said Akatziris, completely ignoring the other grand masters.

    "No plan needed. It's the thunderdome, girl. Everything is free-for-all!" Jiang Fei said. This time, he had not devised a thorough plan since their current formation was truly over-powered. Strength alone, Jiang Fei's force needed no use of strategy as they could simple bulldoze their way in.

    Including Ariel, Isabella, and others, there were sixteen Level 5 Metahumans. All of them were capable fighters and some of them even possessed Godblades. The Unknowns had their weapons as well as several Level 5 Mutants. In terms of numbers, they might have the advantage but not in terms of true strength.

    From the perspective of technology, the Unknowns possessed various instruments and weapons. Naturally, the low-leveled Mutants were armed. However, Jiang Fei had over 300 New Saint's Guards and over a hundred lower ranking martial artists. To be honest, Jiang Fei could not give a solid answer when asked about their odds, even though he was confident that he would win.

    There was no need to worry about the Temporal Prisons as he had instruments that could disperse them. In fact, he also possessed the same kind of machines that could trap the enemy's Level 5 Metahumans!

    When everyone was ready and waiting inside the ship, Jiang Fei took the initiative and blasted away toward the island in the Pacific Ocean. Lo and behold, in just 50 minutes, Jiang Fei's forces was approaching the island.

    "0543, locate and deactivate the island's defensive system," said Jiang Fei. The ship could not proceed further without having the defensive system shut down. He had learned his lesson after spending a good number of Energy Crystals on repairing the shuttlecraft once. He did not want to waste any more resources in fixing damages that he could easily avoid.

    "Order acknowledged. Disabling island's defensive system," 0543 replied and started to work.

    Even though the hacking had just started, Jiang Fei got closer. Just as the tip of the ship entered the radar detection range, the entire island lit up and alarms blared. The shuttlecraft was huge, much larger than a regular BOEING aircraft. Even without a radar system, someone would surely be able to spot them coming.

    Not long after, Jiang Fei spotted several blinks of light flashing about throughout the island. That was teleportation and the Unknowns were bringing in more reinforcements.

    "Come one, come all. I'll roast the lot of you!" said Jiang Fei to himself. The main objective for this trip was to retrieve the Bio-Lab and the main Bio-Pod. If the Unknowns were going to fight and defend with all their lives, Jiang Fei would gladly obliged to do so too.

    Jiang Fei was all-confident in his current state of power. With so many New Saint's Guards, Jiang Fei did not have to hide and cower anymore. As he said, come one, come all, he shall roast the lot of them!

    At that moment, the ship's radar system blared, showing three dots approaching them at high speed. They were coming to destroy the ship with all its occupants before it could reach the island.

    "Senior Bai, I believe this is where you start," said Jiang Fei through the intercom. He had "spent" so much just to arm them with Godblades. It was high time they got to work!

    "Leave it to us," said Bai Shien. The rest of the grand masters nodded simultaneously. As soon as the doors opened, six of them jumped out of the ship and started zooming across the sky and toward the oncoming threats. As the saying goes, those who work, eat. These grand masters were fighting to earn themselves the Godblade reward. With such temptation dangling in front of them, everyone would fight with all they had to earn it.

    "What the f*ck?! It's an ambush!" cried one of the Level 5 Mutants. Even as equals, a Level 5 Mutant could never fight and survive a single Level 5 martial artist. Right then, there were only three of them and six martial artists were coming at them with eyes that hungered for their lives! To the grand masters, these Mutants were nothing but points to collect. The more they killed, the more points they earned!

    "Backup! Call for backup!" one of the three fleeting Level 5 Mutants quickly hailed the main base as they fled for their lives.
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