1228 Ensnare

    "Oooo... You're not getting away!" cried Lee Shi, leading the group to kill the fleeing Mutants. Lee Shi, being the leader of the charge, was wielding a Godblade. He knew that even alone, he could fight and kill all three Mutants with ease. With their heads, he would have the leading score in earning his good brother a Godblade!

    "Do you think something is wrong here?" said Zhuge Qinlong as he came to Jiang Fei.

    "My thoughts exactly. These Mutants are coming and going as if they're on a suicide mission. I dare say they were the bait leading the grand masters into a trap!" said Jiang Fei. Like Zhuge Qinlong, he too noticed the oddity of the Mutants.

    "Senior Bai, could you please call them back. I have a bad feeling about this," said Jiang Fei. At the same time, he felt a mild sense of admiration toward Zhuge Qinlong.

    Jiang Fei was only able to pick up the oddity on the Mutants because he was not directly involved in the chase. On the contrary, even though they rushed out like hungry wolves, these grand masters had lived longer and had much more wisdom than many scholars. However... they were still human and was susceptible to greed and temptations. They were all too greedy trying to kill the Mutants that they had forgotten to analyze the battle.

    Ignorance is bliss. These grand masters were completely closed off from the world that they did not understand the power of technology. To make things worse, the enemy was using alien technology that far exceeded the technologies of Earth. To them, no one on Earth could defeat them and no weapon was stronger than Godblades. Additionally, Jiang Fei was the only person that could have the means to reforge them.

    With that thought in mind, these grand masters had no fear as they charged toward the Mutants, thinking that they were all-powerful. Perhaps even when they realize it was a trap, they would still continue their pursue.

    "Leave it to me, I will lasso them back if I have to!" said Bai Shien with a stern face. He, like the others, had experienced the power of alien technology. He had been imprisoned showered with bombardments of energy cannons before.

    "Stop! Do not pursue! Be wary of traps!" Bai Shien channeled his Qi to his throat and roared with all his might after he got out of the ship. His voice was so loud that the chasing grand masters heard him. Unfortunately, they ignored the call.

    "Stupid fat f*ck! Do you want to be showered with cannons?!" Bai Shien added.

    When Lee Shi heard the second calling, he stopped in his tracks immediately and shuddered at the thought of being bombarded with energy cannons. It was a traumatizing that Lee Shi came to his senses. He had heard the first call but had chosen to ignore it as the thought of earning a Godblade was too great a temptation.

    Having being "baptized" before, Lee Shi knew well the power of those energy cannons. He knew not to fall into the enemy's trap. However, the other grand masters were not giving up that quickly. The others, even though Bai Shien had given his warnings and Lee Shi stopping in the middle of his tracks, still proceeded with their pursue.

    "Sigh... These greedy folks!" Jiang Fei muttered. Even though he had predicted this sort of behavior, there was nothing he could do to prevent it, much less stop them. They were mighty Level 5 grand masters and had no reason to listen and obey the orders of a Level 4 young boy.

    "Warning. They are leaving the range limits of the Light Dispersion beam," said 0543.

    To be fair, they had already long left the range limit and if they were imprisoned by the Temporal Prison, Jiang Fei could do nothing but wait until he got in range to rescue them. However, that would take longer than usual as the ship could not move forward until 0543 disabled the island's defensive system.

    "I'll go! I'll drag them back!" said Bai Shien, volunteering to bring them back himself. These grand masters were his friends. Now that they were exposed to mortal danger, he felt it was his duty to pry them out of it.

    "I'm with you!" Xiahou Shangyuan chimed in. Bai Shien was his close friend and he would not allow his brother-in-arms to go alone.

    The two vanished from sight. In the next second, Jiang Fei could see them zooming across the clouds like lightning bolts. These two were like the grand masters among the grand masters. Their speed and strength were slightly better than the others. It took them just a short time to reach to the others.

    "0543, please make haste!" Jiang Fei cried. Even though Bai Shien and Xiahou Shangyuan had started their pursue, it was only a matter of time before they too would be imprisoned.

    "Yes, captain!"

    0543 shut down other unimportant background systems and channeled all processing cores into decrypting and disabling the enemy's defensive system. That being said, the hacking speed was still the same.

    "Bella, follow them. Help out a bit if they are in trouble. Please make sure that everyone is alive," said Jiang Fei. He purposely lowered his voice, not wanting the other grand master to hear. It was futile since they were grand masters after all. Their keen sense of hearing allowed them to hear every single word coming from Jiang Fei. Instead of being mad and insulted, they felt ashamed.

    "Leave it to me," said Isabella, ignoring the disturbed expressions of the other grand masters.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei, are they really in trouble?" Liu Yiyi asked. She was one of the grand masters that sulked madly when she heard Jiang Fei ordering Isabella to save them. She had heard of the prowess of the Unknowns from Zhuge Qinlong. Even so, she did not take them seriously and treated it merely as a hoax. However, seeing as how Jiang Fei was reacting, she feared that the childish hoax might be true after all.

    "I can't say for sure. If everyone had followed my instructions, no one would be in danger. Unfortunately, recklessness would be their downfall and I fear that I cannot cast a safety net fast enough to save them," said Jiang Fei nervously.

    The other grand masters exchanged a worried look. On the one hand, they did not believe that Unknowns could be stronger than themselves, but on the other, if Jiang Fei was speaking the truth, they might be regretting agreeing to join the mission in the first place.

    At that moment, a blast of energy fired from the island and toward the chasing grand masters. The counterattack of the Unknowns had only just begun!

    It was as Jiang Fei had guessed. Those three Mutants were baits to lure the martial artists. It was a terrible gamble but they had managed to reel in five grand masters. The first blast of energy was so large and powerful that the sea of clouds were blasted away, leaving no traces of them ever been there.

    When the energy blast dispersed, one grand master was seen flying away with blood split on his chest. He was shot by a yellow-colored particle beam. Even though he had protective energy coatings, he was shot off his stance.

    Being shot by the particle beam was not mortally fatal but that was the snap that brought everyone back to their senses. They knew that the beam attack was of Level 5 power level. Being struck by it once was fine but being struck by it multiple times would be fatal! They could survive if they used their domain ability, but it would only be a matter of time before they fall.
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