1229 Sniper

    That blast of energy beam was only the first. In no time at all, before the grand master who got shot could even recover, a few streaks of yellow particle beam mixed with the mass of red streaks filled the skies, aiming at the remaining grand masters.

    "Oh no! Ready the dispersion beam!" Jiang Fei's face flushed to white when he saw the yellow streaks of energy beam.

    At this moment, the grand masters that were out in the open were desperately focused solely on dodging. Unfortunately, the streaks of energy beam were too close to each other. To make things worse, they did not recognized which was the one that they had to absolutely dodge! In the midst of chaos, all five of them were imprisoned.

    One second later, the red streaks of energy beamed stopped. They were all focused on the imprisoned grand masters. A single wave of attack was enough to cause everyone in the prison to take powerful damage.

    Desperate, they quickly activated their domain abilities. Although it was not strong enough to help free themselves from the prisons, it was enough to help them survive the bombardment of energy beams.

    "Bella! Go!"


    Bella, who was already on her way to help the grand masters, sped up, creating multiple powerful sonic booms as she zoomed through the clouds. Right before the second wave of attack started, Isabella arrived at the scene. There, she burst out in power and activated her domain ability. With energy claws and armor, she pried open the Temporal Prisons with such brute force, it broke with just a single try.

    "Disperse!" Isabella grunted, scattering out her own scale armor, which was made thicker and larger, to protect everyone from the energy beams while they retreated to where the shuttlecraft was flying. Once they entered the range of the dispersion beam, Isabella's job would be done.

    "There is no escape!" roared someone from beneath them.

    The Unknowns, knowing that the first few martial artists were injured, would not let them escape. Even though Isabella was doing a good job in defending, the escaping grand masters could still be hunted down.

    In a split of a second, eight people shot up from the island below. One of them was a Church Knight while the others were Mutants. All of them were undoubtedly Level 5. All of them shot pass Isabella and stopped the grand masters from reaching Jiang Fei's ship. They could not fight Isabella and if they tried, things might turn ugly. Why attack the strongest first when you can weed out the weak?

    They knew all too well that Isabella's armor was so strong that nothing could break it. Hence, it would be a stalemate at best if they decided to fight her.

    "F*ck it. Sylphy, you're up!" Jiang Fei ordered when he noticed the predicament the grand masters were facing. 0543 was still not done hacking into the enemy's system. The shuttlecraft could not fly closer to support them.

    "Leave it to me," said Sylphy before vanishing without any sound. Sylphy might not be as strong as Isabella, who could pry open a Temporal Prison with a single pry, but she was still the fastest killer out there. As long as she proactively dodged the oncoming beams, and looked out for sudden attacks, she would be untouchable.

    "Gentlemen, we ought to help out instead of watching!" said Zhuge Qinlong as he entered the lobby. Right now, he was ignoring the competition Jiang Fei had put out, and solely focused on the problem then. Their comrades were in trouble and it was time to join the fight.

    Concurrently, outside the ship, Isabella and the other grand masters were already starting to fight.

    "Stop running and face me!" Isabella roared.

    When the fight started, Isabella became the last person anyone wanted to fight. When the Mutants attacked, all of them avoided her and even purposely steered the fight away from her. When Isabella managed to get close enough to fight, there would be someone else trying to "shoo" her away.

    Even though Isabella was the strongest Level 5 then, she was not able to fight three or five Mutants at the same time. The worst outcome would be a stalemate. Just when she was about to gain the upperhand in a fight, a yellow beam of energy would trap her and imprison her in a Temporal Prison. Despite being able to pry herself out of it easily, it gave the opponent a long enough breathing space to run away from her and face a grand master.

    If Isabella being unable to bring out her full potential was bad, the grand masters had it worse. They were already facing a crowd far larger than their numbers. Coupled with the constant firing and traps, they were beaten up to a pulp. In their last breath, everyone activated their domain abilities. But even so, it gave them just enough strength to slow down their defeat.

    "0543, how long are you going to take?!" Jiang Fei was pressured. Right now, Zhuge Qinlong and the rest of the grand masters had only just arrived to help Lee Shi and others. Even so, with the endless firing and traps, the battle had only become a stalemate for both sides.

    This stalemate would not last long since it was maintained by the grand masters' domain activation. Once they ran out of energy, everyone would die!

    "Captain, ETA thirty seconds," 0543 reported. Only then did Jiang Fei breathe a sigh of relief. Thirty seconds was sufficient for the grand masters to survive.

    While time ticked away, Jiang Fei, sitting inside the cockpit of the shuttlecraft, finally saw Sylphy in action. She had been hiding all this time to find an opening. It was the perfect timing since a Mutant was just about to attack. Just as he lifted his hands to attack, Sylphy appeared with a soft "puff" behind him. In that moment, besides sweating and panicking, the Mutant could do nothing. The blade that was aimed at his heart was already on its way. The powerful pricking aura of Valium seeped across his entire body, informing him that his death was imminent.

    Sylphy was so fast that in a fraction of a second after she appeared, her blade was already halfway through the Mutant's body, reaching his heart.

    Unfortunately, before Sylphy could withdraw her blade from the dying Mutant, a small blast of energy hit her back, sending her flying across the night sky. She quickly regained her stance and vanished in the next second.

    "What the heck was that?" Jiang Fei said angrily as he traced the shot down to the island. It was too far for him to see with the naked eye but there was a middle-aged man, lying on the ground with a long, larger-than-normal sniper rifle tucked around his body.

    Sylphy, who was hiding in the clouds, drew in a deep breath as she tried to endure the pain. The shot was neither fatal nor overwhelmingly powerful. The shot was fired from an Energy Sniper Rifle that did not require a long charging time. The interval between shots was much shorter than the energy cannons. That affected the power of the shots. While cannons took a longer time to compress particles, they packed a punch. Handheld guns' compression ratio could never exceed cannons, hence their shots were not powerful. Even if Sylphy took a shot to the head, it would only discombobulate her for a moment but never inflict real damage.

    Sylphy followed the trail of energy back to the shooter and gritted her teeth angrily. She was fast but not as fast as lightspeed. With that sniper still in the open, she wouldn't be able to truly kill anyone as the sniper could shoot her away before she landed the killing blow. If she wanted to deal with the Mutants in the sky, she must first deal with the sniper on the ground.
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