1231 Gathering On the Moon

    While Isabella was holding off the sniper and Sylphy was able to kill the enemy freely, the burden on the grand masters were not as pressuring as before. Still, the battle was heading nowhere as it was a stalemate. The enemy constantly fired yellow beams around to trap the grand masters. When they were trapped, the grand masters would do everything in their power to free them. As such, they were unable to truly fight their enemies as much as they were preoccupied with trying to evade and disengage.

    As the entire battle continued on, Jiang Fei's mood got better by the second as 0543 was about to crack the security of the island's defense system. If the island was under his control, Jiang Fei could simply direct all the firepower of the island toward his enemy. As such, his victory would be sealed.

    Just then, in the last thirty seconds of 0543's countdown, Ariel noticed something and quickly flashed out of the cockpit and into the airspace outside the ship. From the corner of the battlefield, a few extremely faint lights could be seen.

    "What the heck?" Ariel grunted as she flashed closer to the scene. Before Jiang Fei could ask what was going on, Ariel teleported back instantly with a panicked look.

    "Akatziris and her men are gone!" she cried.

    As blood flushed away from his face, Jiang Fei felt his heart sank. He was completely inept in detecting spatial disturbance and had not felt anything about the temporal evacuation. Even so, the news about Akatziris missing from the battlefield hit him hard like a truck.

    Since the start of the fight, Akatziris and her men had not been fighting to make a difference but merely to make a presence. Then again, Jiang Fei had not placed any hopes on them actually making any contribution. The sole reason Akatziris was "invited" to join the fight was to keep an eye on her!

    Now, with her absence noticed, Jiang Fei could only think of one reason why. To escape with Braveheart!

    "Damn them all!" Jiang Fei roared. He had been right about one thing. Akatziris had a hidden stock of Energy Crystals and had finished the ship under his nose. Right now, she had no bone to pick with the other Unknowns. Jiang Fei knew that. He also knew that her priority was to leave Earth with the completed Braveheart!

    "Make it go faster!" Jiang Fei roared at 0543. He was extremely nervous then. His heart was pumping so fast that he could actually hear the intense blood flow in his veins. There was nothing he could do to stop Akatziris. Isabella was busy with her fight, and so was Sylphy. With Nina and Ariel, Jiang Fei was still powerless to actually stop Akatziris.




    0543 began the countdown to help Jiang Fei but it only made things worse. Like a ticking time bomb, Jiang Fei was only counting the seconds hoping that Akatziris was still on the moon after he won this fight.




    "Security overwrite successful."

    "Take control of all the guns and cannons and fire them all at the Mutants and Unknowns!" Jiang Fei roared. After that, he turned to Nina and said, "Call back Bella and Sylphy! Tell the other grand masters to retreat to the ship and stay within range! Do not, under any circumstances, get too far from the ship!"

    "Targeting Mutants and Unknowns signatures..."

    After accepting the order of attack, 0543 controlled all the weapons on the island and started to fire at the Mutants and Unknowns. Because Jiang Fei had taken over the entire island, the portable weapon systems of the army of Unknowns was cut off from being resupplied. All they had now were their own power cores!

    Right now, it would be the best chance for Jiang Fei to completely take over the island. However, his priority lied somewhere else, mainly at the moon. Even though the Bio-Lab was of great importance, he must proceed to the moon as soon as possible. Compared to a small Bio-Lab, the ship itself was of higher significance!

    However, Jiang Fei understood one thing. He was strong enough and he could simply "re-schedule" the retrieval of the Bio-Lab whenever he wanted. But if Akatziris were to leave Earth with the ship, even if he was the strongest entity on Earth, there's no telling when he could take the ship back.

    A short while later, after the Mutants and Unknowns were bombarded with energy beams, they left the island and headed to another one far enough to get out of the target range. The grand masters had enough of the fight and stopped their pursue.

    "Thank you, brother Jiang Fei. If it weren't for you, who knew what would have happened to us," said Bai Shien.

    "No need for formalities. Just stay close to the ship and you won't need to be afraid of being shot," said Jiang Fei in a hurry. He had no time to attend to the grand masters as he was needed on the moon!

    "I'm truly sorry. I have an urgent matter to tend to right now. Please wait here for a while. I'll be off to take care of said matter and return as soon as I can," said Jiang Fei. Even though they were Level 5 grand masters, Jiang Fei dared not take them with him to the moon. He held too many secrets, of which if they were discovered, especially the secret of Zhuge Shanzhen, Jiang Fei feared that the grand masters would not be talking to him with the same respectful manner.

    "Ariel! Now!" Jiang Fei roared. Nina and Ariel quickly gathered fifty of the strongest New Saint's Guards and armed them with weapons and armor. That should give them some leeway if they were all attacked by Akatziris' moon base defense system.

    "We're ready!" Ariel replied. With Jiang Fei giving the green light, everyone was teleported to the moon.

    Ariel was full of power since Jiang Fei had only had her watch over Akatziris. He didn't allow Ariel to participate in the battle as he was holding her on standby to teleport the second it was needed.

    With a great disturbance in spacetime, Jiang Fei and his "army" arrived at the moon base. As soon as they landed, Ariel dropped to her knees. Although she was unharmed, she had used too much energy and was rendered powerless.

    "Leave everything to us, I will make sure no harm befalls Jiang Fei," said Isabella as she helped Isabella to her feet.

    "Thank you," said Ariel weakly. It took her a lot of energy to teleport so many people at once from Earth to the Moon.

    "To the hangar!" Jiang Fei took command and quickly ordered everyone to head to the hangar bay. He had no idea what Akatziris had planned but if she had started the ship as soon as they escaped from the battlefield, they might have already left the base.

    As soon as Jiang Fei and the others left the lobby and went toward the hangar bay, a few flashes of light appeared in the lobby. More than ten figures materialized and started to move.

    "So this is where the bastards had been hiding! No wonder we could never find them on Earth!" said the Blood God, Veiga.

    "It is fortunate that we had our eyes on Jiang Fei or we would never have found this place," said the Divine Light God. Truly, if Ariel had not caused such a large disturbance across the spacetime by teleporting so many people across such a large distance, they would never have been able to trace her path and discover the moon base.

    Out of the blue, three more figures teleported in. One of them was the sniper that Isabella and Sylphy had fought.
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