1240 Since You Never Loved Me

    \"0543, think of a solution! I don't want to be a machine forever!\" Akatziris ordered.

    \"Yes, Captain!\" 0543 immediately began to execute Akatziris' order.

    \"Also, bring Ragnaros and Therazane out,\" Akatziris added.

    \"Yes, captain!\" 0543 immediately extracted the two of them from the prison room. There were energy chains around them. Although the energy chains were not as scary as the prison room, their effects were the same. They sealed a Metahuman's powers.

    \"Captain, don't kill me. Please, don't kill me...\" Ragnaros immediately knelt down when he saw Akatziris. At that moment, even though they were all human, they could still see the shadow of their former captain in Akatziris' eyes.

    \"Yes, Captain, we've been extremely loyal to you. Please, don't kill us...\" Therazane also knelt down.

    \"Don't worry, I'm keeping my word. You can go now!\" Akatziris laughed.

    \"Really?\" Ragnaros and Therazane glanced at each other. They were completely surprised.

    \"Mhmm!\" Akatziris waved and the energy chains around them disappeared.

    \"Thank you, Captain! Thank you so much! We'll go straight back to Earth now!\" Ragnaros and Therazane quickly thanked her. They also promised to behave after returning to Earth, stating that they would definitely not cause Akatziris any more trouble. They even said that they would always be willing to help if Akatziris ever needed them.

    \"Well, actually, both of you aren't going back to Earth! Hehehe!\" Akatziris sneered. Although she promised not to kill them, she did not want to keep them by her side. After all, they were also Namekians. Theoretically speaking, they both had a share of Braveheart. If they had bad intentions, it would be dangerous.

    \"Where are we going, then?\" Therazane asked.

    \"It depends on your luck!\" Akatziris smiled. She then ordered 0543, \"Activate forced teleportation. Target Therazane and Ragnaros. I want them to be randomly teleported five hundred million light-years away!\"

    \"No, Captain! Please! We'll never betray you, don't exile us!\"

    \"Yes, please, Captain, don't exile us!\"

    Ragnaros and Therazane became frightened when they heard Akatziris' words. Although Level 5 Metahumans could survive in space for a short time, there were too little planets in the universe that were suitable for intelligent creatures to live on.

    If there were no signs of intelligent creatures living near the area they would be teleported to, they would have to enjoy endless loneliness even if they could survive in cosmic space. After all, Level 5 Metahumans were not strong enough to travel the universe at high speed like a space battleship. It would be equivalent to being imprisoned forever in the void.

    Even if they were lucky enough to be teleported to a planet where intelligent creatures existed, what if those creatures were not friendly? As invaders, they would definitely be attacked or even killed!

    \"Preparing for teleportation...\" 0543 was much more efficient now under Akatziris' command.

    \"Please-\" Before Ragnaros could finish begging for mercy, 0543's forced teleportation was activated. Although they had recovered their Level 5 strengths, they were still no match for Braveheart's forced teleportation!

    After disposing of Therazane and Ragnaros, Akatziris turned to Bennette Straz and said, \"Go and get rid of Veigar as well as the other peasants. Be loyal to me or be destroyed. Let them choose for themselves.\"

    \"Yes, Leader.\" Bennette Straz nodded. Despite being very concerned about how Akatziris was going to deal with Jiang Fei and the others, it was obvious that Akatziris was not planning on letting him participate. So, he left sensibly.

    \"Hmm, what am I going to do with you...\" Akatziris murmured to herself. To her, the most difficult question was how to deal with Jiang Fei. As for the girls around Jiang Fei, Akatziris never planned to keep them alive.

    When she used Veigar and the others to attack Winter Islands previously, Akatziris had already planned to kill everyone including Jiang Fei's parents and even Bella. She never considered Bella as her younger sister.

    \"My dear master, since you have never loved me, I'll make you hate me for as long as you live instead! You can rest assured that I'll take up an indelible place in your heart!\" Blue light suddenly flashed in Akatziris' eyes!


    \"Darling, don't you have a better understanding of planet Namek's technology? Do you know if there's any way we can break this prison room?\" Bella asked with a frown. Since Ragnaros and Therazane had been disposed of, the girls became even more anxious.

    \"What I know is totally insignificant!\" Jiang Fei sighed. Although 0541 had once tried to instill some knowledge of planet Namek in him, it was just an attempt. In terms of scientific knowledge, Jiang Fei only knew as much about planet Namek as a junior high school student. As for highly specialized knowledge like how to crack such confinement chambers, he had never heard of it.

    \"What now?\" Ariel looked dejected.

    \"Oh, my dear master, sorry for making you wait so long!\" At that moment, Akatziris spoke again.

    \"Akatziris, what do you want?\" Jiang Fei asked coldly.

    \"What do I want? Oh, hohoho...\" Following Akatziris' laughter, a beam of light shot toward one of the female soldiers. The next moment, the girl dried up. Before she could even scream, she was disintegrated by the light!

    \"Stop!\" Jiang Fei immediately grew angry. While he did not love the female soldiers, the girls were still his comrades. They had been with him the entire time.

    \"Hehe, my dear master, what did you say?\" Akatziris laughed heartily. She even controlled the light dispersion beam and aimed it at Sylphy's head for a second before she shot at another soldier.

    In actuality, Akatziris hated Sylphy to the core. After all, Sylphy had berated her harshly before. That day, however, Akatziris did not immediately kill Sylphy on purpose. She wanted to start from the soldiers and kill everyone around Jiang Fei one by one. Eventually, she wanted Jiang Fei to watch his parents die right in front of him.

    Akatziris meant what she said. Since Jiang Fei had never loved her, she wanted to make him hate her to death!
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