1241 Trump Card, No More

    \"That's enough!\" Jiang Fei was filled with rage. He no longer felt any guilt for previously mistreating Akatziris. Now, all he wanted was to kill that madwoman with his own hands!

    To be honest, even though Jiang Fei did not have any feelings for Akatziris before, he found her to be pretty nice. However, because of 0541's message, Jiang Fei mistakenly thought that Sharaz was a person of interest, causing him to ignore Akatziris.

    Back then, who would have thought that 0541 was referring to Akatziris? She was the true captain of Braveheart. So, although 0541 did not reveal her identity by exploiting loopholes in the system, he still could not directly tell Jiang Fei about her existence as it would threaten the safety of the Namekians. That was contrary to the responsibilities of an assistance system, so 0541 was forbidden from doing so.

    Later, before 0541 was sealed, he even left Jiang Fei a message at the risk of being destroyed, asking him to kill Akatziris. However, it was already too late. Akatziris had been extracted into the real world.

    A series of coincidences and misunderstandings eventually made Akatziris hate Jiang Fei out of love. As this was coupled with the fact that she had inherited the cold and ruthless character of the former captain, things ended up the way they did.

    \"Enough? I think it's far from enough!\" Akatziris sneered at Jiang Fei. The angrier Jiang Fei was, the happier she became. She wanted to exact revenge on Jiang Fei and cause him unbearable pain.

    Swoosh swoosh... With the continuous operation of the light dispersion beam, the female soldiers were destroyed one after another. Jiang Fei's face was distorted with rage. If he had not been powerless right then, he would have already attacked Akatziris desperately.

    \"Stop! Please, let them go! Attack me instead!\" Apart from Jiang Fei, Nina was also suffering. The female soldier once belonged to the Saint's Guard, and they used to be Nina's guards. Having to watch them die one after another, it was as if someone was twisting a knife in her heart.

    \"Hoho, don't worry, it'll be your turn soon. It won't just be you, none of you girls will be able to leave this place alive!\" Akatziris smiled.

    \"Akatziris, I won't forget this.\" Jiang Fei's eyes were full of rage. He never expected Akatziris to be so heartless. Judging from what she had said, she was not even planning to keep Bella alive. While her sisterly relationship with Bella had been forcefully created by the system, she was being way too cruel considering how Bella always treated her as a real elder sister.

    \"Hehe, my dear master, maybe you should think about yourself first!\" Akatziris laughed. At that moment, she held the winning ticket. Ever since she obtained control of Braveheart, Akatziris had become invincible. So, she was not worried about Jiang Fei's threat.

    \"Damn! 0541, please hurry up and appear!\" Jiang Fei was really anxious. The girls around him were being killed one after another, making his heart bleed.

    When only a few of Jiang Fei's fifty soldiers were left, 0541 still did not appear.

    \"My dear master, you seem pretty calm. Are you thinking that there's still a chance you can turn the tables on me?\" Akatziris's words made Jiang Fei's heart pound.

    \"You... What are you talking about?\" Jiang Fei's voice was a little shaky. He was really afraid that his plan to wait for 0541 had been exposed.

    \"Hoho, still trying to act stupid, huh? Aren't you just waiting for that assistance system, 0541?\" Akatziris's words completely crushed Jiang Fei's hopes.

    \"How did you...\" Jiang Fei's eyes widened. Although he had a feeling that Akatziris already knew his plan, he still could not accept it when it really came to light.

    \"Haha, my naive master, since 0543 is now loyal to me, do you think you can still hide any secrets from me?\" Akatziris laughed mockingly.

    \"You... Damn it!\" Jiang Fei sighed. Indeed, all his previous actions had been under 0543's surveillance. Even so, Ariel had always been very vigilant. She prevented 0543 from transmitting information anywhere and anytime. Yet, 0543 could now rebel openly. What secrets would she possibly hide from Akatziris?

    \"Enjoy it, Master. This is just the appetizer. The main dish is yet to be served! Hahahaha...\" Akatziris laughed heartily. She enjoyed watching Jiang Fei crumble in pain.

    \"What did you do to 0541?\" Jiang Fei asked.

    \"I destroyed him, of course!\" Akatziris said with a smile.

    \"No way... No way...\" Jiang Fei was close to losing his mind. He kept muttering to himself, obviously panicking. If 0541 had been destroyed, there was really no way he could save the girls around him!

    \"Ah Fei, did your confidence come from 0541?\" Nina was still calm. This girl, who was once the Saint of the Light, was not afraid of death. Hence, she still retained her senses at that point.

    \"No way... No way...\" Jiang Fei was in such a panic that he did not even hear Nina's question.

    \"Darling...\" Ariel felt very distressed seeing Jiang Fei that way. One had to know that Jiang Fei was just an ordinary high school student a year ago. He had grown so much in a short time, but it was still impossible for him to stay calm and composed in such a situation because he did not have enough experience yet. After all, Jiang Fei was neither an impeccable genius nor a powerful ancient monster that had been reborn. There was only so much that mortals could do. They had their limits.

    \"I wanna kill them all!\" Sylphy clenched her teeth. Unfortunately, all their powers had been sealed. They could not fight even if they wanted to. They could only sit and wait to be slaughtered.

    \"Well? My dear master, are you feeling very helpless now? Are you suffering? Hahaha, do you feel how I felt? Do you feel my pain now?\" Even though Akatziris was laughing, it sounded worse than a painful cry.

    In her previous life, she was a Namekian that reproduced asexually. Hence, Akatziris did not know what love was. In the game, she was forced to become a woman and was forced to fall in love with Jiang Fei. However, she was constantly ignored by the one she loved. It was her first time coming into contact with love, but she encountered such a heart-wrenching situation. Hence, the love in Akatziris's heart quickly turned into hate, which was why she wanted to torture Jiang Fei like that.

    Swoosh! As the light dispersion beam bounced again, the last soldier was killed. The next moment, the beam bounced back and forth near the remaining four girls around Jiang Fei. Only Akatziris knew who was next!
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