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    Although 0541 could not use Braveheart to help Jiang Fei capture Akatziris, he could accurately provide Sylphy with Akatziris' coordinates, which was enough!

    Without Braveheart's support, Akatziris was no match for Jiang Fei and the others. She would not be able to escape even if she tried. Androids like her could not teleport autonomously like Level 5 Metahumans. They could only teleport with the help of the teleportation matrix of large instruments. Now that Braveheart's engine room had stopped, Braveheart was like a huge space prison. No one could escape!

    \"Dear, I can feel her aura near me, I'll catch her right away!\" Sylphy reported back with good news.

    \"Okay! I'm going to disassemble her!\" Jiang Fei clenched his teeth.

    \"Don't worry, leave it to me!\" Sylphy sneered. She never liked Akatziris. Moreover, Akatziris was just about to kill her before the tables were turned, therefore Sylphy now hated Akatziris to the core.

    \"I've found her!\" About three minutes later, Sylphy found Akatziris' hiding spot.

    \"Mmm, bring her back, I want her alive!\" Jiang Fei gritted his teeth so hard they almost cracked. He had never hated a person that much.

    \"I'll be there soon!\" Sylphy nodded. Within five minutes, she brought Akatziris to Jiang Fei.

    \"That was faster than I expected.\" Jiang Fei was surprised.

    \"I don't know why, but she didn't resist.\" Sylphy was also a little confused. When she found Akatziris, Akatziris remained calm and was very obedient. She did not try to fight back at all.

    \"What tricks does she have up her sleeves?\" Jiang Fei frowned. It was not like her to give up and surrender so easily.

    \"Master, please, I beg you. Have mercy on me, I was wrong!\" Akatziris immediately started to cry after she saw Jiang Fei. Obviously, she knew that Syphly and the other girls hated her. Even if she begged them for mercy, she would not get any forgiveness. However, Jiang Fei was different. Not long ago, he was still a good student living in an ivory tower. Moreover, he was relatively irresolute and hesitant. If she begged him for mercy, she might succeed.

    Jiang Fei let out a long sigh of despair. That made the girls around him fall quiet, for fear that his heart would soften for Akatziris.

    \"It's no use crying over spilled milk.\" Jiang Fei sighed again. Although he was the one who had caused Akatziris to turn like that, what she had done was simply unforgivable. Even if he wanted to forgive her, he could not find a reason to.

    \"Master, are you really going to kill me? Give me a chance! Please!\" Akatziris cried.

    \"You must suffer the consequences of your actions!\" Jiang Fei hardened his heart, then gestured Sylphy to take action.

    \"Master, do you really want to do this? Won't you regret it?\" Akatziris pleaded.

    Sigh! \"What's the point of saying these things now? Sylphy, just do it...\" Jiang Fei turned around. Despite hating Akatziris, he could not bear to watch Sylphy kill her.

    \"My dear master, of course, there's a point! You really won't regret it?\" Akatziris suddenly began to laugh. Even though Sylphy's blade had lit up, she did not seem afraid.

    \"I won't! Sylphy, do it!\" Although Jiang Fei had a bad feeling, he still ordered Sylphy to kill Akatziris.

    \"Go to hell!\" Sylphy swung the dagger in her hand, its blade approaching Akatziris' head.

    Swoosh! At that moment, the entire ship suddenly lit up. The lights in the prison room had also turned back on.

    \"What's going on?!\" Sylphy yelled. Akatziris had caught her dagger with one hand!

    \"My powers are gone! The prison room has been activated!\" Ariel exclaimed.

    \"Mine too, my power's gone!\" Nina nodded.

    \"0541! What's going on?!\" Jiang Fei shouted. He had also lost his powers.

    Right then, everyone in the prison room had been rendered powerless again, except for Akatziris.

    \"Hoho, my dear master, do you remember what I asked you? Do you regret it now?\" Akatziris laughed happily.

    \"0541! What the hell is going on?\" Jiang Fei asked.

    \"Sorry, Mr. Jiang Fei... I have to be loyal to the captain...\" 0541 sounded extremely apologetic.

    \"What?! Even you... No way!\" Jiang Fei could not accept the truth. It turned out that it was all an act from the very moment 0541 appeared!

    Everything including Braveheart's engine being shut down and him obtaining control of Braveheart had all been planned by Akatziris in advance. 0541 was just helping Akatziris carry out the entire act!

    \"0541! Why!?\" Jiang Fei could accept 0542 and 0543's betrayal, but he could not accept that 0541 had done the same.

    \"Oh, my dear master, have you forgotten? No matter how much 0541 wants to help you, I'm the captain of Braveheart. As an assistance system, 0541 must execute my orders. If I want him to play along with me, he has to. Otherwise, his core program will immediately crash! Hahahaha...\" Akatziris cackled her head off. She wanted to make Jiang Fei hopeful. She wanted him to think that he had a chance to make a comeback, then take everything away from him at the very last moment!

    Without hope, there would be no disappointment. Without disappointment, how would there be despair? Jiang Fei's pained expression greatly satisfied Akatziris. She wanted to torture Jiang Fei and let him suffer endlessly!

    \"No way... No way...\" Jiang Fei panicked. He could not accept the fact that 0541 had betrayed him, and his last chance to make a comeback had crumbled. He had lost...

    \"Hehehehe... My dear master, do you remember your ruthlessness? I originally just planned to kill the girls around you. Now, I've decided to kill your parents in front of you too!\" Akatziris said viciously.

    \"Even if I die, I won't let you go!\" Jiang Fei's teeth were already bleeding from all the clenching and gritting. He charged at Akatziris and tried to fight her. Unfortunately, in the prison room, he was powerless and just an ordinary person. How could he possibly defeat Akatziris, a Supreme Android?
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