1251 Obliteration

    Jiang Fei's words hit Akatziris like a bolt of lightning. And even though the situation right now was dire to her as Jiang Fei could just easily kill her at any second, the Namekian was much more interested in this new uncharted dimension than being fearful for her life.

    Akatziris was by no means an ordinary character herself to be able to rise up among her peers back on Namek, eventually becoming a science officer and the captain helming the great deep-space battleship, Braveheart. But regardless of how well-versed the Namekians were in the technology of space travel and inter-dimensional science, they had yet to achieve any breakthrough in unraveling the mysteries of the tenth dimension, which explained the intense feeling of fascination the android was having right now.

    Although the Namekians had achieved mastery in the usage of wormholes and spatial displacement technology to the point where they could freely move an object or any given area of space between multiple dimensional layers and even control the flow of time to a certain degree, but they were still eons away from entering the tenth dimension itself.

    The flow of time increases throughout the first nine layers of dimensions, and with each increasing layer, time speeds up. But no matter how low one went down in dimensional layers, the flow of time still did not come to a standstill, nor did it flow in reverse. But upon entering the tenth dimension, time itself loses its original properties and becomes one with space itself, making it feel as if the flow of time had come to a complete stop!

    Without the flow of time, everything comes to a halt. Here in the tenth dimension, matter, energy, time, space, all of them were still and not moving, as if in suspended animation. But there was one thing that could continue to stay active in this dimension, and they were the most fundamental units that make up everything in the entire universe: strings. Only the strings of energy that make up any object that entered this dimension would continue to vibrate in here. And if their vibrations were to be forcefully stopped, the object itself would cease to exist!

    Another article that continues to remain active, unaffected by the law of stillness of the dimension, was consciousness. Therefore, Akatziris as well as her lackeys that were also present were still able to actively process information and exercise their cognitive functions, but their bodies however could not move and stopped along with the flow of time in that space.

    Under normal circumstances, anyone that entered the tenth dimension would be imprisoned for eternity. Immortally preserved but permanently suspended as they were when they enter, as every process that was governed by the flow of time came to a standstill along with it. Even if the mind still maintained its consciousness the body would be unresponsive, leaving the unwilling owner with no other choice but to enjoy the sole companionship of their own thoughts in eternal silence. And this was true for everything and everyone in existence, except for Jiang Fei.

    The new energy core inside him that was the product of the fusion of two Cores of Will contained absurd amounts of power that could not be described by mere words. And with the help of this upgraded Core of Will, Jiang Fei's consciousness became so powerful that it could even influence the most fundamental units that make up everything in the universe: the strings!

    And through the manipulation of the strings' vibration frequencies, Jiang Fei was also able to freely control the physical bodies of anyone that entered the tenth dimension including himself. Although controlling objects in this dimension was many times more complicated compared to the other nine, it was enough to grant Jiang Fei a godlike existence compared to everyone else that was also present in there.

    "Interesting place, isn't it?" Jiang Fei smiled at Akatziris before lifting a finger and pointing at a random direction.


    There was no loud sound nor was there any flashy beam of light that came from the finger, but one of Akatziris' android lackeys disappeared!

    All Jiang Fei did was simply stop the vibration of the android's strings using his consciousness. And once the strings stopped vibrating, the fundamental particles that were formed from the vibrations vanished. Without these fundamental particles, all the atoms and molecules that make up the physique of the machine also disappeared into nothingness as well, as if the robot had never existed!

    Absolute obliteration!

    This new skill was the result of Jiang Fei's non-stop experiments with the strings. Although he had yet to properly learn how to manipulate the strings and change the material composition of an object, but he was already capable of stopping their vibrations with his consciousness and obliterate anything and anyone he wanted!

    Jiang Fei was confident that with enough practice he would also be able to manipulate non-vibrating strings into producing matter, creating anything he wanted out of thin air! This technically put him in the same realm as gods!

    "Akatziris! To be honest, I only came this far thanks to Namekian technology. I am not exaggerating when I say that I owe your people a great deal for getting me to where I am today. Now, I wouldn't go as far as to call myself a good person, but at least I know how to show gratitude and return the favor of those who have helped me. And with you being the last of your kind, I really didn't want to kill you. But you have pushed me too far, and I cannot find any reason to forgive you." Jiang Fei sighed.


    Akaziris was silent. Although the android wanted to do everything she could to save her own life, there was nothing she could do other than think right now. After all, everything was suspended eternally in this dimension, and the chances of a second person with the same unique powers as Jiang Fei coming to save her was highly unlikely.

    "Well then, I guess this is goodbye!" Jiang Fei's face contorted as he bid his enemy farewell. And with a wave of his hand, the android's body began fading into nothingness. But just as he was witnessing Akatziris' obliteration, an intense headache hit him without as much as a warning, sending him screaming from the pain and his body into convulsions before blacking out after that.



    When Jiang Fei finally opened his eyes, he found himself lying down with his head on a warm and comfortable pair of thighs, and looking over him was a worried looking face.

    "Ah! Ah Fei is awake!" The worried face that was Nina's finally broke into a relieved smile.

    "Honey, are you're awake?" Bella was the first to rush to his side.

    "Are you feeling better, my dear?"

    "Dearest husband, how are you feeling?"

    Ariel and Sylphy had also joined him by his side.

    Jiang Fei slowly sat himself up with the help of the girls and after briefly glancing around, found himself to be inside what seemed to be a very spacious ward.

    "You're in Braveheart, and we're still somewhere near Mercury's orbit around the sun," Ariel said to him.

    "What happened?" Jiang Fei asked immediately. He could not confirm if Akatziris was really dead as he had passed out in the middle of her obliteration. If the fiendish android was still alive, they could all be in trouble.

    "We're not really sure what happened, but you can ask 0541 about that." Bella shook her head as she replied. The girls had no idea of the goings-on outside of the ejected holding cell that they were imprisoned in. They were not even aware that Braveheart had fired all of its main cannons at them.

    What they knew was after the brief flash of blue light, Jiang Fei suddenly became unresponsive to their calling and disappeared into thin air shortly afterward. And less than a minute later, the ship then reclaimed the holding cell and 0541 informed them that Akatziris had died and he had gained full control of Braveheart, and that Jiang Fei was injured and recovering on the ship.

    0541 then settled his parents in onboard and arranged rooms for the girls. As soon as the girls had recovered their powers, they took turns taking care of Jiang Fei, and today so happens to be Nina's turn.

    "How long was I out?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Well, based on Earth's time, you were out for almost a week, dear captain." A familiar voice resounded inside the ward.

    "0541? Is that really you? Tell me what happened!" Jiang Fei immediately asked his old friend.
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