1254 Ashes to Ashes

    "F*ck these mother**ers! How dare they attack my home while I'm gone!" Jiang Fei hissed angrily as he stood at the inner entrance of his base. There were countless Mutants and Unknowns working on cannons that were shooting constantly.

    Jiang Fei's base was now weathered with damage but as the base was made of pure Namekian's metal, even after being attacked for so long, it would still take more than just a few cannons to actually make a hole in its walls. At this point, the New Saint's Guards were no longer standing outside the base as they were already running low on energy, unable to continue their counterattack. They were all taking cover inside the base where it was safe and secure.

    Judging from the damage of the base, the amount of debris left on the ground and the external walls, the number of empty crystal shells discarded, Jiang Fei could see that the bombing had started and lasted for several days. Several layers of protection were already destroyed, leaving the base's walls at its bare foundation. The number of casualties were high and many of the New Saint's Guards were either KIA or rendered unable to continue fighting. This, in particular, made Jiang Fei really mad.

    Even though the girls were born into this world via alien Bio-Technology, they were sentient and were treated and seen as close members to Jiang Fei. He was not going to sit idly by while his family members were getting killed!

    "0541, prepare a squadron of bomber planes! I want these f*ckers to know who they are messing with!" He ordered. Knowing fully well what he was capable of, Jiang Fei had a change of mindset and perspective toward Earth and its occupants. From his point of view, if there was anything that he deemed wrong, he would make them right, by hook or by crook.

    "Aye, captain!" 0541 replied. Even though he was inside Braveheart's Data Management Center, he was still able to communicate with Jiang Fei via the ring.

    After a few minutes, the skies above China suddenly made a loud crack. A large bright object was seen leaving a trail of dust as it entered the Earth's atmosphere. As soon as it completed its atmospheric entrance, the shuttlecraft sent in by 0541 started to whirl loudly, the roaring of the engine deep and deafening. Another minute later, planes came close and started to hover approximately a thousand meters above ground level.

    The rear hatch opened and countless unmanned Striker Drones were released. As soon as they entered a neat, square formation, Jiang Fei ordered, "Fire at will!"

    Before the Mutants and Unknowns knew what was going on, the drones started to fly around at mach 5 speeds. The enemies were caught with their pants down. After a single wave of attack, the enemy's formation was now a no-man-zone. Some of the drone attacks had even struck an underground water flow, causing many craters to be instantly filled with fresh water.

    These drones were different from the ones Jiang Fei had the time he fought the American fighter jets. Since he had requested bomber planes and Namekian tech had nothing of such, 0541 quickly affixed powerful heavy artillery weapons onto these drones. These artillery cannons were not like normal energy cannons as their power output was stronger than a corvette ship.

    "This... a little too much..." Jiang Fei gasped with both horror and excitement. He had only ordered bomber planes at the spur of the moment when he was slightly consumed with rage. From the looks of it, what 0541 had sent in were bomber ships, the kind that were meant to destroy spaceships and not regular ground infantry! It's like using a flamethrower to light a candle.

    Not surprisingly, the result was satisfactory. All the Mutants and Unknowns attacking Jiang Fei's base were now ashes. They barely even had time to react, what more contacting the others to inform them about Jiang Fei's superior weaponry.

    "0541, if you're done with the area here, find the other Unknowns and Mutants inside China and destroy them!" said Jiang Fei. He originally wanted to catch the Unknowns and "brainwash" them into becoming his own assets, but after he knew what they had done, the blood they had split, the lives of China citizen they had claimed, Jiang Fei did not want to keep them alive even if they were to willingly come to him on a bent knee.

    "Aye, Captain," 0541 replied. Braveheart was damaged but when it came to targeting a few individuals, it was nothing but a walk in the park.

    The enemies were using Namekian technology but they were severely lacking materials and facilities to craft their weapons and armor. Most, if not all, of their products were amalgamation of Earthly materials and Namekian's engineering. Compared to Braveheart, their weapons were like toys and their armor wooden planks.

    "Oh, and please, for the love of China and everything she stands for, do not turn my beloved country into a barren wasteland," Jiang Fei added. He had mistakenly ordered an aerial strike at the spur of the moment, or rather, in the midst of his rage. As a result, a vast area, approximately hundreds of kilometers in radius was rendered barren and infertile. Realizing his mistake, Jiang Fei quickly reminded 0541 to not repeat the same kind of strike package that was to be delivered throughout China.

    "I know," 0541 replied. He was completely in control. Even when Jiang Fei had ordered him to rid him of his enemies, he did it in consideration. If he hadn't, the land that Jiang Fei stood on currently would have already been vaporized. Nonetheless, Jiang Fei's additional comment made 0541 readjust the firepower of the attack drones.

    After resupplying with the shuttlecraft where the drones took in more energy for travel and mass shooting, they flew out in an orderly manner toward all of China.

    Being small, high mobility attack drones, these aerial weapons were still able to carry powerful artillery cannons. With its high altitude superiority, 0541 was able to manually control all of them and corner every single Mutant and Unknown that were still lurking in the streets of China. With swift actions, China's earth was now drinking the blood of her enemies.

    "Captain, I am pleased to report that all the Mutants and Unknowns on China's ground has been terminated."

    It had only been less than two hours since Jiang Fei had ordered the kill, and every hiding Mutant and Unknown in China had been terminated, demonstrating the power of Braveheart. Of course, that was only what it did in China. Its full potential was yet to be discovered!

    "Now that the pests at home are gone, it is time to start a major clean up of the front yard," said Jiang Fei.

    "0541, do me a favor and sink all nautical vessels belonging to America and Europe."

    "As you wish," said 0541. Instead of his usual "yes, captain" or "aye, captain", 0541's acknowledgment of Jiang Fei's order was different. He was not on the same page but did not reject him.

    From 0541's point of view, Jiang Fei's strike order to sink vessels was wasteful. He should only be sinking those ships armed with Namekian weapons, or more specifically, military-affiliated ships. The others, no matter how superior they were, would not pose any threat to China. But Jiang Fei was mad and needed some way to vent his anger. Since it was only going to affect Jiang Fei positively, 0541 did not even attempt to stop him.

    Some time later, three shuttlecraft were launched into Earth and this time, more than hundreds, almost a thousand drones were dispatched. Like the Mutants and Unknowns, the ship captains had less than enough time to react to the drones as they sunk into the ocean. Any vessel, small ship or even cargo ship included, did not stand a chance.

    To help vent Jiang Fei's anger and to deliver his stern warning to both America and Europe, 0541 made sure he did not miss any nautical vessels on the face of the Earth. Right now, all that's left for America and Europe were small, no larger than three-meter ships.
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