1257 Global Disarmamen

    Jiang Fei had called it a day and returned to his home. For him, all was done. There was no more work for him to do to accomplish peace in China. However, 0541 was still working. All those small drones were still operating under 0541's control, scouting relentlessly in order to find hostile forces.

    If it were 0542 or 0543, they would have immediately stopped working once Jiang Fei himself showed no interest in pursuing the matter. 0541 was different, he was thinking not twice, but miles ahead for the sake of Jiang Fei's wellbeing.

    Even though Jiang Fei himself showed absolutely no interest in dominating the entire globe, 0541 had preemptively planned ahead to make Earth his entire backyard. Right now, Braveheart was still in reparation mode. Steering toward the void of space was tomorrow's problem. Why run when one could not even walk? Why attack when one could not even secure one's base?

    As such, before venturing into space, 0541 would steer the entire human race to become a united front. That or a more peaceful race. Anyone who posed a threat to Jiang Fei would be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

    In all honesty, if Jiang Fei knew what 0541 was doing, he would brush it off, saying that 0541 was thinking too much. Jiang Fei may be mature in certain aspects, but deep down, he was still a young kid who had just discovered a new toy to play with. If Braveheart was fully repaired and capable of attacking anyone at any place on Earth, Jiang Fei would decline to do so. Instead, using Braveheart's teleportation system, he would simply travel across the world with his family.

    Be it as it may, 0541 could do whatever he liked as he had a certain amount of authority. His evolution level was so high that he had developed what humans would call emotions and feelings. As long as it didn't violate any of his deep-layer protocols and go against Jiang Fei's direct orders, 0541 could do anything as long as it was toward the greater good for his captain.

    As such, the American and the European governments would become 0541's first targets to eliminate. To be more precise, their tendency to strike China was their main problem. Their weapons, firepower, and military forces were considered as hindrances to Jiang Fei's goals. As such, without Jiang Fei's verbal command, 0541 had to proactively strike them first. 0541 had even thought about eliminating China's own military forces as well!


    Back at his base, Jiang Fei started to work vigorously. He and the girls were going on without stopping, fixing and modifying their base. So much so that none one of them realized what was going on with the outside world.

    It started with the descent of hundreds of shuttecraft. After that, thousands of Namekian fighter jets invaded and took out both Americans and European's military installations throughout the world. Be it on land, under the sea, deep underground, or slapped between the Grand Canyon's deep valleys, they would not be left standing when everything was over.

    Any other installation that were set up far from densely populated areas were destroyed without much of a problem, but those that were in cities or the countryside were dealt with care.

    After the drones and fighter jets were recalled, 0541 dispatched more than millions of automatons to infiltrate those densely packed places. All of these automatons were manually controlled by 0541 and he had been destroying all military installations without harming any civilians. Many had tried to arm themselves to stop these automatons, but could their lead bullets even harm alien tech?

    Three days after the first "invasion", the American government had immediately issued a state of emergency throughout the nation. Anyone who could operate firearms were given permission to do so. Basically, the entire nation was summoned to answer the call to arms to fight the alien invaders.

    By the time Jiang Fei found out about the commotion, the skies in America had nothing but kites and the seas had nothing but surfer boards.

    In just one week's time, countries in the entire Earth, except China, had been forcefully disarmed. They had lost their militants, their weapons of mass destruction, installations, bases, and basically anything that could possibly pose a threat of a large scale attack.

    In a way, the entire globe was rid of anything that was considered as weapons. As a compensation for his sudden, unannounced order of Disarmament, 0541 had released a plethora of alien technologies for public use. These technologies were considered to be civilian class, nothing of the sort that could be used to make weapons, and they were for better lifestyle, better living, and long-lasting peace.

    When the deed was done, it was too late for Jiang Fei to say anything. He had been cursed and scolded from one end of the Earth to the other. What could he do then? Make a bunch of weapons and give the countries back what they had lost?

    "By the way, I have something to ask." Jiang Fei proceeded to forget about it all. It did not matter since he was not directly affected by the global scale disarmament.

    "What's the matter?"

    "Do you remember when Akatziris killed Neptulon and took the Core of Time? Where did she keep it?" Jiang Fei asked. He recalled that because Akatziris was a machine, so she could not fuse with the Core of Time. As such, it should be somewhere.

    "I'm sorry, captain. I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the Core of Time," 0541 replied apologetically.

    "Huh? Was it not on the ship?" Jiang Fei pressed on. The Core of Time was not some random piece of rock. Jiang Fei wouldn't bat an eyelid if 0541 declared a diamond worth billions of dollars missing, but the Core of Time was something else entirely!

    "I'm truly sorry, captain. The Core of Time's whereabouts is truly unknown. I am sure that it is not on Earth nor on Braveheart," 0541 added. He had already scanned the entire globe and had not found anything suspicious.

    "How could this be... Did it fly away on its own?" Jiang Fei muttered.

    "Captain, when you used your... powers back in the ship, part of Braveheart's record of the events was blank. I have a feeling that it went missing then." 0541 threw out a wild guess. Until now, Jiang Fei was still being secretive about his powers. 0541 had no idea that during the "blackout", the entire ship had been dragged into the 10th Dimension.

    "Could it be in that place?" Jiang Fei thought to himself. Perhaps it was in the 10th Dimension. He did killed Akatziris there. There was a high chance that the Core of Time was still stuck in the 10th Dimension.

    "It should be fine if the Core of Time is there," Jiang Fei thought. Right now, he did not have any energy in the Core of Will to open up a path to the 10th Dimension. There was no helping it now since he could not even check if the core was indeed there.

    "What about Braveheart? When would it be fully operational?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "In about 48 hours or less," said 0541.

    Braveheart was severely damaged but after reclaiming all parts, including the main Power Generator, 0541 had more than enough energy to fix even the worst damaged parts.

    "I look forward to it," said Jiang Fei, ending the conversation as he headed back into his base to continue working on it.


    A month later, Braveheart was fully repaired and ready to set course into deep space. Even so, Jiang Fei had not yet returned to the ship. After the base was completely fixed and modified, his parents were welcomed back and everyone lived in peace.

    During this moment of peace, Jiang Fei had continued to make improvements on his base. He had even revived Hua Mulan, increasing his Level 5 Metahuman harem count to five. Jiang Fei was now well-equipped with almost unlimited Energy Crystals. As such, when he revived Hua Mulan, he poured as much energy into her as possible, granting her powers that exceeded even Isabella's. However, while she might be stronger than Isabella in normal conditions, Isabella was still much stronger with her activated domain ability. With the constant supply of energy from the Core of Life, she was ultimately the strongest fighter amongst the others.

    In one month's time, with the help of 0541 disarming the entire world and supplying them with civilian class technology, the entire globe made technological progress of at least 200 years. Even though China was the only country in the world that was equipped with weapons, they too joined the peace "treaty" and disarmed themselves. Having weapons was the same as owning a refrigerator in the north pole. There was no one else in the world that had any capability of attacking. To be fair, they would not want to since their lives had been made better with advanced technology. China could not attack even if they wanted to since attacking other countries when Jiang Fei himself had disarmed them would be akin to biting the hand that fed them. They knew they had to stop. They considered themselves lucky as Jiang Fei had not stripped them of their ruling power.

    When the last weapon was thrown into a public containment ground, true peace befell the Earth for the first time since the rise of humanity. As such, they had finally taken the first step in advancing themselves up the Kardashev scale of civilization progress in technology.

    While Earth was enjoying its first peace, trouble was brewing, and it was coming not from Earth, but from the corner of the cosmos.
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