1261 He’s a Lackey, You Say?!

    "What the... How?" Jiang Fei gasped. He immediately regretted his decision to ask as the alien was an enemy. Why would it tell him the truth?

    But lo and behold, it did, right after it had a good laugh about it.

    "Hahahahaha! Are you really asking that? It's been a while since I've heard humor on that level. Did you really think it was hard to get through such a useless barrier?" said the Valsalrian.

    "Here I am, thinking why a primitive planet life form would attack me. That's when I realize the ship. You have managed to buy yourself a ship that's tens of thousands of years old! Might I say that you got ripped off bad. The ship is so old that its technology is way behind by millenniums!"

    "Darling! Let's not waste our breath on him! We need to beat him up and question him!" Bella roared. She had never been the patient one.

    "0541, send them away right now!"

    For once, Jiang Fei wholeheartedly agreed with Isabella. However, if he wanted to fight the alien, he would have to have it anywhere else but inside Braveheart. It would be troubling if the fight were to destroy the ship!

    Three flashes of light beamed in. Isabella, Sylphy, and the Valsalrian were teleported onto Ceres. The 1,000 kilometers in diameter dwarf planet was the best place to throw down.

    Even without breathable air and suitable atmospheric pressure, any Level 5 Metahuman could move about freely without any hindrance for a short period of time.

    0541 had only sent Isabella and Sylphy to deal with the alien for a reason. If the alien was able to enter the ship easily once, he would be able to do it again. To ensure Jiang Fei's safety, he would require both Nina and Ariel to stay with him.

    "0541, explain what the alien said about the ship!" Jiang Fei roared at 0541 when the alien was out of earshot. He had always remembered 0541, Braveheart, and Namekians as the number one space race in the entire universe. To be fair, everything he knew about Namek came from 0541.

    "Well..." 0541 choked up when Jiang Fei hit the bullseye. He had to admit that he had been a little over the top when he was talking about Namek.

    "Well? Explain!" Jiang Fei pressured on.

    "Namek used to be Class I planet but as you know, it was swallowed by a black hole more than 10,000 years ago. Even though Braveheart was the cumulation of all scientific discoveries at that time, it was 10,000 years ago... Now... It might be reasonable for it to be obsolete..." 0541 awkwardly confessed.

    "I don't know if I should choke you or slap you in the face. Consider yourself fortunate for not having a physical body or you'll be making this easier than it already is," said Jiang Fei. He then understood why 0541 would blatantly state that he would never be able to survive the second wave of attack. Jiang Fei, Braveheart, 0541, and planet Namek were just the same as any other "primitive" planet life forms! Class I planet?

    Jiang Fei was incredibly fortunate since the Valsalrian had underestimated Earth greatly that they only sent a single scout agent to investigate it. That was why Jiang Fei had been able to easily attack and destroy the one-man ship and let only Isabella and Sylphy to fight the Valsalrian.

    "F*ck it. I'll catch up with the rest of the universe sooner or later. Let's pay attention to that Valsalrian first," said Jiang Fei, disappointed. Based on its posture and fighting stance, Jiang Fei determined that Isabella was far stronger than it.


    On Ceres, the Valsalrian was greeting the two girls with proper manners. Instead of speaking, it was communicating via telepathy.

    "My name is Balsris. I am the Squad Leader of the 9th Squad of the 7th Platoon, 13th Division of the 7th Fleet. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

    "All I heard was Balsris. The rest is just irrelevant," Bella told Sylphy.

    "Doesn't matter. He's just a small fry!" Sylphy barked.

    "Should we go in together?" Bella arched an eyebrow.

    "No need. I'll finish him in just three moves," Sylphy snorted.

    "Don't be reckless."

    Even though Bella and Sylphy were always like water to oil, they were not too immature to let that get the better of them, not when there was an actual alien species attacking!

    "Please, you don't have to be THAT condescending. If he's still alive after a single move, he's all yours!" Sylphy snarled. Instead of taking Bella's words as advice, she took it as an insult and got angry!

    "Hohoho... Such a discord. No wonder you're all still a lower class planet species! Ignorance and impudence do go hand in hand after all," said Balsris.

    "Shut up and die," Sylphy roared as she dashed toward his left flank. As she sped up, she left several afterimages behind as she slowly faded out of view. The reason behind her arrogance was her affinity as an assassin and the weapon she was wielding; the Valium-infused daggers. As long as she made contact, the enemy would be gravely injured.

    "Hmph. How impudent!" Balsris huffed. Instead of following Sylphy's afterimages, he turned around on the same spot and thrust his hands in the air. A black smog appeared out of the blue and with a powerful drag, Sylphy was violently dragged out of her stealth via a chokehold to the neck.

    With utter shock, Sylphy eyes reflected her disbelief as she struggled to free herself from the vice-like grip of the alien. That was the first time she had performed the move in front of him yet he knew her every move and even managed to catch her in a single turn.

    "How weak... Your beauty albeit unprecedented, does not match your power as you're of a lower being!" said Balris. His voice changed in tone, from that of a gentleman to a beast full of killing intent.

    "You dare!" Bella roared frantically as she charged forward with so much force that the ground beneath her cracked at every step. She threw a powerful punch, packed with enough energy to demolish a mountain on Earth, toward Balsris' carapace-like face.

    "HMPH!" Balsris grunted as he hurled Sylphy away like a ragdoll and caught Isabella's fist with his own. The impact of the force was clearly strong, yet it failed to even make Balris budge an inch from where he stood.

    "Oh my, this little one is very much stronger!" Balsris smiled. Isabella's brute force was one to be reckoned with, but it was still not enough to amuse Balsris!

    "You'll pay for your arrogance!" Bella snapped. A dark aura emerged from her body and condensed onto her hands as claws and her body as dragon scales. With the power of the Core of Life channeling through her body with her domain ability, the girl's combat power rose rapidly. The raw power around her was so strong that it crackled with black thunder.

    "I see. The Core of Life. This is getting interesting!" Balsris snorted as he laughed. Even so, he got serious as he got into a proper fighting stance. To face an opponent with the Core of Life inside her, even as a Valsalrian, he had to focus and pay attention, lest he paid for his arrogance.


    "How is he a lackey?!" Jiang Fei cried out panicky. Bella, if not the strongest, was at least one of the top three most powerful beings on Earth! Yet, a lowly squad captain was able to match her strength so easily! Just how powerful were the Valsalrians?!
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