1264 The Root Cause of the Disaster

    "Why did you guys come to the solar system?" Since it was easy to interrogate a Valsalrian, Jiang Fei did not beat around the bush.

    "You Terrans really live under a rock. Don't you know what we Valsalrians do? We're here to rob, of course!" Although Balsris was answering Jiang Fei's questions truthfully, he was being very arrogant. Obviously, he was sharing information willingly, and not because he feared death.

    "Hah..." Jiang Fei sneered. He did not want to waste time getting mad at this crazy guy. Instead, he continued, "What are you guys trying to get from Earth?"

    "Earth? Who said our target is the Earth? We're not interested in that primitive planet. We'll just destroy it later. Our target is the Core of Time! Of course, this old ship of yours is also worth a ton if sold to the museum." Balsris laughed.

    "The Core of Time? How did you know that they exist in the solar system?" Jiang Fei was shocked. There were only a few of them in the entire Milky Way. It was not normal for the Valsalrians to exactly know that there was a Core of Time here.

    "Two idiotic Terrans told us about it. They actually want to join the Valsarians, can you believe that? They're out of their minds! After we get what we want, we'll surely sell them to the zoo exhibition!" Balsris laughed again.

    "Terrans?" Jiang Fei was surprised. Considering the level of technology on Earth, how could anyone from there possibly get in touch with the Valsalrians?

    "Yeah, those two idiots are called Therazane and Ragnaros. Their names are so hard to pronounce. Do all Terrans have such stupid names?" Balsris glanced at Jiang Fei.

    "Damn! It's them!" Jiang Fei stomped his foot. He would have never thought that the reason the Valsalrians were coming here was because of them.

    Previously, Akatziris killed Neptulon and obtained the Core of Time, but she did not kill Braveheart's remaining two crew members. This was probably because Akatziris could not bear to kill them as she felt that they were the last Namekians left other than her, or there might have been some other reason. Anyway, Akatziris had decided to exile them.

    They were teleported a far distance of 500 million light-years away. Everyone thought that the two of them would die. However, not only did they survive, but they also encountered the Valsalrians, the most brutal race in the universe.

    In order to live, Therazane and Ragnaros had to pay a certain price to the Valsalrians. The brutal bandits were not charitable.

    However, Therazane and Ragnaros had been exiled. They had nothing with them, so what could they give to the Valsalrians in exchange for their lives? They could only share some valuable information-about the Core of Time!

    The Core of Time was an invaluable treasure in the entire universe. So, the Valsalrians were naturally very interested. After they received the information, they had to get it. However, the solar system was too far away. It was almost in the middle of nowhere, so the Valsalrians did not carry out a large-scale invasion. They only sent a small soldier to get the Core of Time.

    "When will the second wave of attacks arrive?" This was Jiang Fei's biggest concern.

    "How am I supposed to know? But if I don't return after more than three days, they'll probably send a second echelon to attack," Balsris replied.

    "Three days?" Jiang Fei gasped. It took Bella seven days to defeat Balsris, and Balsris probably spent a few days to get here. Was the second wave of attacks coming soon then?

    "Captain, don't worry. He's talking in Valsalry time. If converted to Earth time, it'll take them about three months," 0541 said.

    "So, how long did you take to get here?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "As there were no space beacons on my way here, it took me slightly longer, about a day and a half." Balsris did not hide anything.

    "I see..." Jiang Fei started calculating in his mind. A day and a half to Balsris should be equivalent to one and a half months on Earth. Since Bella and Balsris fought for a week, there should still be about a month to forty days left before the second wave of attack came.

    Since the second wave of Valsalrians would be able to teleport directly based on the space beacons that Balsris had placed, they would reach the periphery of the solar system much faster. So, realistically, Jiang Fei only had one month left.

    "0541, when will your genetic potions be ready?" Jiang Fei asked after he signaled 0541 to put Balsris away.

    "As the recipe is in the database, it can be completed at any time," answered 0541.

    "How long for it to take effect?" When he heard that the potions were as good as ready, Jiang Fei had an idea. Since the use of genetic potions could stimulate one's potential, the strength of Jiang Fei and the others would greatly improve. This meant that they would be able to fight with the Valsalrians again, right?

    After interrogating Balsris, Jiang Fei realized that the Valsalrians were even more brutal than he had imagined. Even though there was nothing on Earth that they wanted, they still wanted to destroy the planet. Obviously, killing had been carved into the bones of these villains.

    "I'm sorry, captain. I know what you're thinking. Unfortunately, you won't be able to become strong enough through the genetic potion before the Valsalrians arrive," 0541 said helplessly.

    "What do you mean?" Jiang Fei frowned. Previously, all the potions that 0541 gave him took effect immediately. After he drank them, his strength soared. If he understood 0541 correctly, even as long as a month's time was not enough for the genetic potion to take effect.

    "Captain, genetic potions are different from other potions. It cannot be administered in large doses at once. Otherwise, human genes will easily be attacked and destroyed by the powerful Valsalrian genes. So, a small dose must be administered repeatedly and gradually to slowly stimulate the drinker's genes. Hence, it will take about three months to complete," 0541 explained.

    "Three months? Isn't that way too long?" Jiang Fei was quite disappointed. Although he was ready to give up on Earth, he could not accept it if the Valsalrians destroyed his home.

    "Also, even if you and the girls use the genetic potions to maximize your potentials, I have to tell you with utmost regret that all of you will still be no match for the Valsalrians..." 0541 was not exaggerating at all. The Valsalrians had been stomping around the universe for hundreds of thousands of years. Many intelligent races hated them, but they were still arrogantly running around robbing things. Moreover, countless other races that hated them to the core had been annihilated.

    So many intelligent races had lost to the Valsalrians. Thus, even if the girls around Jiang Fei had godly strength, they probably could not defeat the most combative oppressive race in the universe.
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