1265 Planning for the Wors

    "Damn it!" Jiang Fei sighed helplessly. He got excited when he heard that 0541 could make the potions immediately. However, after thinking about it, he realized that what 0541 said was true. There were countless planets stronger than Earth in the universe, but none of them had been able to stop the Valsalrians. It was foolish of him to think that he would be able to destroy them with his little amount of strength.

    "Captain, what should we do next?" Considering what 0541 had said, Jiang Fei's best available option now was to pack up and run. Although he would not be able to save the Earth from the Valsalrians, him managing to catch Balsris alive was already beneficial to him. As long as he fled before the second wave of attacks arrived, he would not suffer any losses even if Earth gets destroyed.

    "For now, let's just plan for the worst." Jiang Fei sighed. He ordered 0541 to prepare the genetic potions and give it to the girls. At the same time, he told 0541 to contact the leaders of the nations on Earth. He wanted these leaders to gather the elites of their nations and let him transfer them on to Braveheart. If Jiang Fei could not come up with a strategy to stop the Valsalrians before they arrived in the solar system, then all he could do was preserve the last of humanity's precious seeds.

    In addition to the elites among ordinary humans, Jiang Fei was also planning to take the people in the Martial Art Alliance with him. After all, these Metahumans were somewhat more valuable than ordinary humans.

    After all, Jiang Fei had Braveheart's technology. The scientific and technological civilization on Earth was not as important when compared to that. As long as there were still humans, it would not be difficult to develop a civilization more brilliant than the one on Earth.

    However, the martial artists and their bodily system that could be cultivated were different. Even though Metahumans could be created quickly through Namekian technology, these created Metahumans were not as strong in combat as martial artists of the same Level. After all, the martial artists had been training and polishing their combat skills for the longest time. Although the Bio-Humans produced through Namekian technology had the same energy level as high-leveled warriors, they did not have martial arts skills that have been refined to perfection.

    As for the remaining Metahumans other than the martial artists, Jiang Fei had a simple idea. If they were willing to come with him, he would accept them. If they did not want to, he would never force them.

    In fact, other than the martial artists, there were very few Metahumans left on Earth. Previously, when Jiang Fei returned to Earth, the Mutants and the Metahumans in the European Vatican had colluded with the Unknowns to attack China. This had sparked his anger, so he started bombing and destroying, almost wiping out the entire army. Only a few managed to escape.

    A few hours later, Braveheart arrived at the moon base again and Jiang Fei teleported back to Earth.

    As the base was right next to the Snow Mountain Sect, it was not difficult for him to meet the Martial Art Alliance.

    "Mr. Jiang, you're here! Please come inside!" When the disciple guarding the gate saw Jiang Fei, he did not report. Instead, he directly led Jiang Fei up the mountain, while another disciple ran to the top.

    Soon, Bai Wanli and a group of Snow Mountain Sect elders came to greet him, but it was just ceremonious. Now, the one from Snow Mountain Sect that communicated directly with Jiang Fei was no longer Bai Wanli but Bai Shien.

    After a short exchange, Bai Shien's laughter rang outside the living room. "Hahaha, younger brother Jiang, you're here. Thank you for your help previously. If it weren't for you, my base would have been destroyed by those idiots!"

    "Don't mention it. We're all from China. We're supposed to help each other." Jiang Fei first replied Bai Shien courteously. However, he did not have much time, so he did not want to beat around the bush anymore.

    "Elder Bai, I have something to discuss with you," Jiang Fei said while he sorted out the words in his heart. After all, these warriors knew almost nothing about the universe. They probably only knew that the Earth was round. He did not know how to make them understand that an alien race was planning to destroy the planet. It was difficult to phrase.

    "Haha, younger brother Jiang, you know you can tell me anything, right? Don't hesitate." Bai Shien laughed heartily.

    "Um... okay. I'll get straight to the point, then." Jiang Fei took a deep breath and said, "I was hoping that you could lead the entire Snow Mountain Sect and move to a new place."

    "Ah? Why? Younger brother Jiang, do you want to take up this entire area because your current base is too small for you?" Bai Shien's face suddenly fell. To these martial artists, there were two most important things. The first was inheritance, which was about the continuation of a Sect, and the second was dignity, which was even more important than their lives.

    The base of a martial arts sect undoubtedly brought these two important things together. Without a base, the members of the sect would be dispersed. Then, heritage would be completely out of the equation. If a martial arts sect could not keep their base, what right did they have to talk about dignity?

    "No, listen..." Jiang Fei was about to wave his hand, but was interrupted by Bai Shien.

    "Younger brother Jiang, it's not that I don't want to agree. You've helped me so many times. Even if you want me to immerse myself in boiling water or step on fire, I'd do it without hesitation. But the base of a sect is its foundation, so I can't agree to this." Bai Shien shook his head.

    "That's not what I meant. I'll be moving too!" Jiang Fei said anxiously.

    "You're moving too? Which big force is capable of making you move?" Bai Shien was shocked. Then, he added, "Could it be that your master is coming over?"

    "No!" Jiang Fei almost rolled his eyes. The fact that Zhuge Shanzhen did not exist was still unknown to them. This was really beyond Jiang Fei's expectations, but he had no time to explain this to Bai Shien now.

    "What's going on, then?" Bai Shien became even more confused. Who on Earth could force someone as strong as Jiang Fei to move?

    "The Earth is about to be destroyed, so I want you guys to follow me!" Jiang Fei simply told the truth.

    "Earth?" Bai Shien was left dazed. Most of these martial artists had never stepped out of China. So, Jiang Fei's words caught him off guard.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei nodded seriously.

    "You're saying that the planet we live on is about to be destroyed?" Although Bai Shien now understood what Jiang Fei meant, he did not understand why the Earth would be destroyed all of a sudden.

    "Yes, it's because..." Jiang Fei then told Bai Shien the whole story about the Valsalrians, exactly like how things unfolded.

    "You're saying that Bella fought one of them for seven days?" Bai Shien was even more dumbstruck after hearing that. He knew how strong Bella was. He even knew that he was no match for Bella at all, and he was sure that there were very few on Earth who could be.

    Now, he was being told that one Valsalrian was already this strong, and there were tens of thousands of them. If this was really the case, then they could bid Earth goodbye.
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