1266 The Price to Pay

    "Yeah. That's why I'm hoping that you'll come with me." Jiang Fei sighed and looked at Bai Shien earnestly. He really wanted to preserve the seeds of Earth's civilization.

    "Younger brother Jiang, I know you're being kind, but I have to think about it..." Bai Shien sighed, his brows furrowed. As traditional martial artists, their attachment to their sect base was beyond what Jiang Fei could imagine. So, it was difficult to make them relocate.

    "Okay, we still have about a month. You should discuss it with the other martial arts sects. My ship is big enough to accommodate all of you," Jiang Fei said. Braveheart was a giant ship that was a few thousand kilometers long. He could even take twenty to thirty million people, let alone the entire Martial Art Alliance.

    After returning from Snow Mountain Sect, Jiang Fei asked 0541 about the progress. Since 0541 was the one who communicated with the government of various countries regarding the popularization of civilian technology before this, Jiang Fei also allowed him to do it this time regarding the incoming alien attack.

    "Reporting, captain. I have told the leaders of the countries about the Valsalrian invasion, and in order to increase the credibility, I even sent them some images of the Valsalry fleet destroying other planets," 0541 answered.

    "How did it turn out?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The leaders can roughly be divided into three categories. The first category are those who are totally unbelieving. They think that we're deceiving them in order to rob them of their key talents. These countries are mainly small and medium-sized. The second category of leaders are dubious. They want more evidence and they will not make any decision before determining whether our news is true or false. These countries are the most powerful countries on the planet. The third category of leaders believe us without a shadow of doubt, but they also made quite a lot of demands in exchange for the elites of their nations," 0541 said.

    "What demands?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "They asked us for more resources, to guarantee the quality of life of their elites. We even need to provide them with luxury goods in-flight..." answered 0541.

    "F*ck! At this point, they're still thinking about all of these?" Jiang Fei could not believe how unreasonable those bureaucrats were. It was time for them to flee, but they were still thinking about gaining privileges.

    "Yes, these countries are mostly governed by dictatorships. Of course, in some of these countries, dictatorship is disguised as democracy," 0541 replied.

    "Forget it, let them be! I don't have extra resources to support these maggots!" Jiang Fei snorted. Then, he commanded 0541. "Invade the security networks of all the countries and retrieve the personal data of their citizens. You're in charge of screening for those who are talented and useful, and we'll take them away directly!"

    After hearing 0541's report, Jiang Fei gave up on dealing with the governments of these countries. He was not going to deal with the unbelieving and doubtful countries anymore. He had no time to prove that the Valsalrians existed and also how powerful they were.

    As for the insatiable bureaucrats, Jiang Fei would never let them pollute his spaceship. So, Jiang Fei planned to select the talented and useful ones directly and forcibly transfer them on to Braveheart, then rush away to a safe place before the Valsalrians entered the solar system.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 immediately began to execute Jiang Fei's order.

    "By the way, have the girls used the genetic potions?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "They've been injected with the genetic potion. Currently, their bodies are undergoing the first phase of enhancement," 0541 answered.

    "Okay, you're fully in charge of the rest of their development. And inject me with the genetic potion too!" Jiang Fei urgently needed to become stronger. Although he had planned for the worst, deep down in his heart, he still did not want to give up on Earth just like that.

    When he was talking to Bai Shien, he had a thought. 0541 had concluded that he was no match for the Valsalrians. Even if the genetic potion greatly improved his strength and the strength of the girls around him, they still would not be able to defeat the Valsalrians.

    However, Jiang Fei had another idea. He did not need to completely defeat the Valsalrians. He only had to continuously stop their invasion and let them understand how strong he was. Once they realize that the price of attacking Jiang Fei was way higher than what they could get out of it, they would probably stop.

    This was what the Namekians had done previously. Although the Valsalrians would harass the Namekians, they would never fight them to the death. Even if they took over planet Namek, the benefits obtained would be far lesser than the losses and casualties caused by planet Namek's technological weapons.

    The Valsalrians were robbers. They were not crazy. If a robbery was going to cost more than what they would gain, they would not do it again.

    Additionally, Jiang Fei planned to wait for the Core of Will to be restored. Then, he would go into the tenth dimension to take the Core of Time out and give it to the Valsalrians. Didn't they come here for the Core of Time? Since he could not beat them, he could just give them what they wanted. Once the Earth was stripped of a precious treasure like the Core of Time, the Valsalrians would become even less interested in such an uncivilized planet.

    In order to save the Earth, his home, Jiang Fei was willing to pay a Core of Time as the price. Fortunately, Ragnaros and Therazane did not know that he and Bella both had an Energy Core. Otherwise, there would be no way they could stop the Valsalrians.

    "Yes, captain!" 0541 did not know Jiang Fei's intentions, so he just prepared a genetic potion as instructed.


    Jiang Fei teleported back to Braveheart. There was a chair with a lot of locks on it in the middle of the bridge of the ship.

    "What's this for? Are you trying to punish me?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Captain, the genetic potion will cause severe pain after it is injected. This is to ensure that you stay still, so that you won't get injured." While 0541 explained, a rubber strip popped out of the armrest of the chair. Jiang Fei was supposed to bite on it, to prevent him from biting off his tongue during the period of unbearable pain.

    "Damn! Will it hurt more than the energy potion I used the last time?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. More than ten times the pain," 0541 answered truthfully.

    "Fine. I already knew that using potions to level up isn't that simple. Bring it on!" Although Jiang Fei had been prepared for this, his heart still started to pound after he heard that the genetic potion would be so much more painful than the energy potion he used previously.

    After he sat on the chair, all the locks fastened. He was firmly fixed on the chair, and the rubber strip was stuffed into his mouth.

    "Captain, shall we begin?" 0541 asked.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded. A robotic arm extended from behind the chair. The syringe at the front of the robotic arm injected the potion into Jiang Fei's body.
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