1267 Finally Leveling Up

    With a slight tingle, the syringe penetrated Jiang Fei's arm. Then, warm liquid was injected into his body.

    "Oh, okay. It doesn't even hurt that much. 0541, were you exagge..." Jiang Fei smiled at 0541. It was less painful than he had imagined. However, before he could finish his sentence, he felt a sudden numbness in his arm, followed by a sharp pain.

    "Ah!" Jiang Fei screamed. Fortunately, he was biting the rubber strip. Otherwise, he might have really bitten his tongue off.

    Pain engulfed him. It felt as if someone was picking every single one of his nerves out and shattering them!

    Jiang Fei's muscles started twitching involuntarily, or rather, they started to cramp...

    While he experienced severe pain, Jiang Fei's body was slowly changing. The strong Valsalrian genes continuously stimulated his genes. In order to fight against the invading foreign genes, Jiang Fei's body potential was constantly stimulated.

    Although the potion injected into Jiang Fei's body contained a minimal amount of Valsalrian genes, it was that powerful gene that forced Jiang Fei's body to fight.

    Small beads of sweat formed on his forehead and they began to trickle down his face. Although he was in a lot of pain, with the support of the Core of Will, his mind was still very much clear. However, it was this sobriety that did not spare him from the unimaginable pain. He who had a clear mind enjoyed the whole process.

    "How is he doing?" Ariel and Nina came to the bridge. While Jiang Fei was at Snow Mountain Sect, they had already been injected with the genetic potion. So, their painful journey had ended.

    "We just started. As he's not at Level 5 yet, I reduced the dosage. His pain will only last about five minutes," 0541 explained. In actuality, he did not need to explain for the girls to know. They had just experienced it, after all.

    "He's been injected with the potion?" This time, Sylphy came over. Bella was particularly strong because of the Core of Life, so 0541 gave her a larger dose. Hence, she still had not recovered from the pain.

    "Yeah, since he's not a Level 5 yet, so reducing the dosage can ensure his safety." Ariel nodded.

    Almost five minutes later, Jiang Fei's body was still shaking in pain, but there was no response at all. In comparison, shortly after the girls were injected with the potion, their genes were activated.

    "Is the dosage too low?" Nina guessed.

    "Maybe..." At this time, 0541 wasn't quite sure anymore. Theoretically speaking, this dosage was perfect for Jiang Fei who was still a Level 4. Now, however, Jiang Fei's body was not responding at all. So, it had to be due to the dosage being too low.

    "Is it because of the Core of Will?" It was 0541's first time encountering the fused Energy Core, so he was not too sure.

    0541 only dared to increase Bella's dosage because the Core of Life enhanced her physical strength and strengthened her genes. To stimulate her strengthened genes, she had to be administered a higher dosage.

    Although Jiang Fei also had an Energy Core, his strengthened his mental strength. His physical strength was still only at pinnacle Level 4. If 0541 rashly administered a large dosage, it might endanger his life.

    "What now?" Five minutes had passed and Jiang Fei's pain began to ease, but his body showed no signs of enhancement.

    "I'll increase the dosage. If we fail to stimulate his potential the first time, it might not be able to work anymore." 0541 finally decided to change his plan.

    "If you're sure that it's safe, go ahead." The girls did not know much about these kinds of technological products. So, they could only choose to believe in 0541.

    "Okay! Increase the dosage!" After 0541 recalculated, Jiang Fei was once again injected with the genetic potion.

    "Ah!" As soon as the liquid entered his body, Jiang Fei screamed in pain. The next moment, a faint light emitted from his body.

    "It's working!" Ariel's eyes lit up. They had all seen it before. This meant that the genes in Jiang Fei's body had been stimulated.

    Thump thump...

    It was dead quiet on the bridge of Braveheart. Nothing could be heard except for Jiang Fei's cries of pain and his fierce heartbeats.

    "This frequency ..." 0541 constantly monitored Jiang Fei's physical attributes. After all, Jiang Fei was the captain of Braveheart. His safety was 0541's priority.

    "What's wrong? Is there a problem?" Ariel and the other girls gasped.

    "Yes, but it's good news!" 0541 finally said after a few repeated confirmations.

    "What's going on?" Sylphy asked.

    "Captain is about to level up!" 0541 was very excited. Jiang Fei had been stuck at pinnacle Level 4 for way too long. Now, he could finally level up with the help of the genetic potion.

    "That's great!" The girls were also very happy. All this while, as Jiang Fei was too weak, the girls had to split their focus in order to ensure his safety. It could be said that Jiang Fei was their team's weakness. Even after he acquired his domain ability, he was still in danger of being instantly killed by a Level 5 enemy remotely. So, the girls were always on tenterhooks during battles.

    If Jiang Fei advanced into Level 5, he would no longer be a hindrance. With his domain ability, he would be invincible.

    Just as the girls were rejoicing because Jiang Fei was about to level up, the light on his body suddenly faded.

    "What happened?" The girls started to panic, for fear that Jiang Fei's life was in danger.

    "Don't worry. The amount of energy accumulated in his body is still too low to allow him to level up, but this is a trivial matter. I have a lot of energy!" 0541 was now a proper tycoon. After Braveheart recovered the energy station, they were rich with resources. If thousands of years of accumulated energy was not enough for Jiang Fei to level up, it would be ridiculous.

    Following 0541's supply of energy, the light on Jiang Fei's body returned and stabilized. Through continuous absorption, the energy began to swirl faster and faster in Jiang Fei, becoming more solid.

    "Ah!" Jiang Fei screamed as he was about to advance into Level 5. The energy in his body opened the floodgates and surged toward the Core of Will.
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