1274 One Against the Enemy

    "Interesting. A single man against my fleet," Alexis snorted after he was done examining Jiang Fei. There was even a mild sense of admiration for the young Terran.

    The cosmos was huge and there were more than enough intelligent life forms that had established themselves amongst the others. Many, if not all, and even the Namekians, were informed of the might and terror that were the Valsalrians. Everywhere he had been, Alexis had never seen anyone remain stationary when the Valsalrians arrive, not until this puny Terran.

    "You are but a Division Commander, I expected you to be a veteran in every field. You ought not be condescending here." Jiang Fei mustered courage and started to act smug.

    Alexis frowned and flinched ever so slightly when Jiang Fei announced his own rank. That knowledge was not widely spread out and even if it was, he would have known of his powers. If the Terran knew about him and still dared to stand in his way, what could he be capable of? Was there a reason behind his pose?

    At this point, Alexis began to doubt Jiang Fei's strength. The measurement tool might only be picking up his current combat power but what if he was merely hiding it?

    Just then, a flash of light came in from nowhere and another Valsalrian appeared behind Alexis.

    "Sir, please grant me permission to fight in your stead. This lowly savage must not sully your hands," said the newcomer.

    "Mhm. go forth and be careful," said Alexis as he stepped away. He was not in a hurry to destroy anyone then.

    "You insolent imbecile deserve nothing but death!" the newcomer roared as he charged toward Jiang Fei without expecting a reply.

    "Sheesh! I can't catch a break now, can I?" Jiang Fei gasped. When the newcomer arrived, he quickly flicked his wrist to check his power level and it came out at 300,000.

    "Know your place," said Jiang Fei with a scoff as he stood, unmoving against the assailant. He had spent so much time training and had managed to bring his own combat power to over one million with the help of Omnisurge.

    Before the attack could land on his face, Jiang Fei activated Omnisurge, sending a powerful wave of power to converge around him.

    The measuring disc on Alexis' wrist started to whirl. A new number appeared, pushing Jiang Fei's previous measurement result to the side, revealing a number around 500,000. This was not even Jiang Fei's full throttle mode. If he had, the number would be higher than a million.

    Without dodging or blinking, Jiang Fei took the attack with his face. It was a true test of power, a test of durability, a test of strength!

    Before the newcomer could pull his fist off Jiang Fei's face, Jiang Fei held his wrist tight and planted a firm punch into the newcomer's face.

    "An eye for an eye, or rather, a fist to the face!" Jiang Fei scoffed as the newcomer was sent flying.

    In the vacuum of space, there was still a thin layer of atmosphere on Ceres. Even so, it was enough for generating a powerful current when the newcomer was sent flying over a few hundreds of meters back. He only stopped flying when he hit a small wall of dirt. Without it, the newcomer would have been flung off into space.

    "My, my... How many more surprises are you hiding in your sleeves?" said Alexis when he saw the newcomer was beaten badly. His left arm was completely shattered.

    Alexis had only had a hunch but he was happy that he got it right. He knew, even without reading the measuring disc, that Jiang Fei would somehow become stronger and beat the newcomer with ease. As for the injured Valsalrian, Alexis did not bother to send help. Injury of that level was not life threatening. Given time, he would be able to use that arm again as if nothing had ever happened to it.

    "Tell me, young Terran. You're not at your full strength, are you?" Alexis asked as he paced slowly back toward Jiang Fei. There was no killing intent. No urge to fight. The atmosphere between Jiang Fei and Alexis was as if... they were good friends meeting for a cup of coffee.

    "I'm impressed! You must be strong to be able to see that," said Jiang Fei in the same friendly manner.

    "I had only released a little bit of power. Please forgive me for injuring your subordinate. I'm relieved that he is still alive," said Jiang Fei. The truth was Jiang Fei had only hid half of his power.

    "Fifth Officer, try and cleave him clean," said Alexis abruptly. Even though he was still doubtful of Jiang Fei's stature, he did not want to jump into a fight with him just yet. If Jiang Fei was stating the truth, Alexis would not want to participate in a fight of certain doom.

    "Yes, sir," a voice rang from Alexis' communicator and a flash of light came. When the next newcomer arrived, Jiang Fei quickly examined its strength. The new one was stronger, at least double of the previous one; measuring at 900,000. Jiang Fei now faced a challenge. Either he excited himself to the maximum via fear and rage, or die trying.

    "Bah. Combat level is nothing as its just skills and pure physical force," said Jiang Fei to console himself. When those thoughts came to mind, Jiang Fei felt the need to perform better. As such, he would need a weapon. Right now, the best choice of weapon would be the Zhanlu Sword. He withdrew the weapon from the ring and got ready.

    "Till the end! Come on!" Jiang Fei roared to psyche himself up. Since there were going to be more and more enemies for him to defeat, he might as well bring everything out.

    "Hmph!" the newest fighter grunted.

    The second newcomer, of the Fifth Officer, stood where he appeared and charged his energy into his fist. After learning from the previous fight, he learned the power of Jiang Fei's melee fighting skills. Instead of charging in and fighting an enemy where he excelled at, it was better for him to fight using energy projectiles. The energy in his arms condensed rapidly into his palm and with a powerful clutch, the newcomer hurled the energy outward, releasing a powerful beam of energy toward Jiang Fei.

    "I need to finish this fast," Jiang Fei thought to himself. If he dragged the battle longer, Alexis, the one that he must defeat, would learn everything about himself.

    With the desire to finish the fight rising up in him, Jiang Fei's domain ability surged and poured in more power into his body. His combat power shot beyond a million. With speed and strength, Jiang Fei zoomed across the surface of Ceres and even managed to get behind the Fifth Officer.

    The Fifth Officer responded just as fast. He quickly charged and condensed more energy into his fist and repeated the same beam attack.

    In close proximity, the battle was immediately sided to the one with better martial skills. Jiang Fei clung his free hands onto the alien's wrist and used it as a holding platform for him to jump to the side and behind him!

    "You're one too early to fight me," said Jiang Fei before plunging the Zhanlu Sword deep into the alien's shoulder blade.

    "Ugh!" the alien grunted painfully before prying the sword off himself and fleeing away from Jiang Fei. Even though the blade missed his vital organs, it still made contact with his blood stream. Valium would take effect soon, killing the alien.

    "Commander! Save me..." cried the Fifth Officer as he used all his power to suppress the Valium from flowing to the rest of his body.

    Jiang Fei stood aside, not preventing or even trying to stop the alien from seeking help.
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