1282 Gravity

    When the blaring sound of the bell rang for the first time, Jiang Fei's two roommates immediately shot to their feet and dashed out of the room as if there was a fire.

    Jiang Fei muttered to himself. "The heck? Wasn't it three rings? Isn't this a little too much?"

    Even so, he dared not get left behind. As soon as the two left the room, Jiang Fei followed them closely.

    Like the intersection of a busy highway, the entire corridor was filled with other trainees, stomping and dashing their way out of the quarters and onto the training field.

    At this moment, when the first bell stopped ringing, the second one immediately started! Jiang Fei cursed.

    "Sh*t! It's continuous!"

    The trainee quarters and the training field were nowhere near each other. In fact, it was almost impossible for them to get there in time. No wonder everyone was making a run for it - if they were late, the lightest of punishments would be skipping a meal!

    After getting out of the overly crowded building, Jiang Fei ran with everything he had and made it to the small gathering spot where Moglain was waiting for everyone.

    "Slow! Too slow! Even my pet snail could crawl faster than you lot!" he roared.

    Even though not a single trainee was late for the gathering, Moglain was still angry. It was the most stereotypical reaction for a trainer.

    Everyone was standing still. Facing the great Lieutenant Moglain, no one under a combat level of 200,000 dared to make a squeak. Which was everyone there, except Jiang Fei, but he definitely was not going to make a scene on the first day of his training.

    This training camp was not the same as any other training session Jiang Fei had been through. On Earth, at least for the Chinese military, one would only be facing jail time for disobeying a direct order from a superior.

    In Redstone, trainees were often killed when a trainer was venting his rage. Rights? Fair treatment? One ought to never speak of such things in Redstone.

    "Attention worms! Get your sorry selves straightened up and head to the training center!" roared Moglian, spitting on the ground in a theatrical act.


    "Yes, sir!"

    "Take everyone to the Gravity Room and start training!"

    At Moglian's order, the entire platoon started to march to their destination.

    "Jiang Fei, you stay put!" barked Moglain when he noticed that Jiang Fei was marching with the rest.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Jiang Fei was hoping that Moglain would be nice to him on the first day of training, and personally guide him through the first few sessions before he joined in with the others.

    But that was almost impossible. Alston had hand delivered a literal piece of 'trash' to Moglain, who had no idea how to even start Jiang Fei's training. If he f*cked up, he would have to answer to Commander Alexis.

    The young Terran was so weak that he could not even run normally without panting like a pig. How could he start with the most basic gravity training if he could not even get used to the planet's gravity?

    Jiang Fei stood still, waiting for his fate. Moglain glared at him, thinking of ways to escape his own fate. After a long time of pacing around aimlessly, Moglain still had not said a word.

    "Sir, your orders, sir?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "You... ugh... just... do your own thing and come back here at the end of the day," said Moglain.

    In the end, he decided to just let Jiang Fei roam on his own. The Terran was so weak that he shouldn't even be allowed in the training grounds! Commander Alexis must have pulled some strings to allow this useless Terran to enter his academy!

    Moglain was thinking of the simplest way to get through this. He would let Jiang Fei beef up a little, providing the least amount of training, which would allow him to at least graduate from the training academy.

    If he were to take part in their regular training modules, Jiang Fei would be killed, at best, by the second lesson!

    "Sir? I do not understand."

    Moglain was already walking away. He heard Jiang Fei but chose to ignore him.

    Jiang Fei was stumped. He thought the nice trainer was going to start by giving him easier lessons so that he could catch up with the rest of the class. The last thing he expected was for the trainer to give up on him on the first day itself!

    Jiang Fei had no idea that everyone assumed he entered the academy via a special connection to Commander Alexis. Even Commander Alexis himself did not realize what was going on.

    Having seen Jiang Fei fight with a combat level of over 500,000, Commander Alexis was under the impression that Jiang Fei had a natural talent in combat. But no one else knew this, which is why Moglain and Alston had their assumptions.

    Unless asked, Jiang Fei would not activate Omnisurge to demonstrate his true strength. This entire awkward situation could have been averted if Commander Alexis had only informed Alston and Moglain about Jiang Fei's special powers.

    With Alexis as the big boss of Redstone, everyone under him has to obey his every command. If he asked someone to smell his fart and guess what he had for lunch, they would have to do even that, and they had better get it right.

    So if he sent a weakling for training, then it must be because of some sort of special circumstances. But plebeians like Alston and Moglain were not as knowledgeable as Alexis. If Jiang Fei had been Valsalrian, everyone would have immediately assumed that he was Alexis' son!

    With that grave misunderstanding, Jiang Fei had suddenly become someone special at the training ground. No training officer dared to train him, for fear of actually hurting the Terran! That is why he was going to be allowed to do anything he liked.

    For Jiang Fei's goal, this was a bad outcome. The reason he joined the Valsalrian army was to become stronger so he could better protect Earth. How on Earth was he going to become stronger if no one was willing to train him?

    "Sh*t... where should I go?" muttered Jiang Fei.

    The entire training ground was alien to him. He had no idea what to do or where to go. So he just went wherever his legs led him. There were many other facilities everywhere and unfortunately, every training officer knew about Jiang Fei. No one dared to stop or talk to him.

    "Hey, you there! Where are you heading?" someone called out while Jiang Fei was pacing aimlessly.

    "Huh? Me?" Jiang Fei turned around to address the unknown caller. It was a Valsalrian that looked only slightly different than the others.

    The Valsalrian were an odd race. Every single one of them were male. No matter who they copulate with, if the offspring were male, he would always be a Valsalrian.

    Once the Valsalrian reaches adulthood, their appearance would remain the same until they die. It was almost as if they had immortality.

    "Who else is there? Spectres?" barked the Valsalrian.

    "Er... I'm not going anywhere. I'm a new trainee."

    "Huh? Trainee? Aren't all of them training now?"

    "I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to do. Lieutenant Moglain sent me to do... my thing."

    "Moglain... that asshole! Never mind that, come with me boy. I've got something that needs a pair of solid hands," said the Valsalrian.

    "Help you?" replied Jiang Fei nervously.

    "Follow me. I've got something you've never seen before!"

    If Jiang Fei didn't know that Valsalrians were one of the strongest, if not, the strongest race in the known universe, Jiang Fei would have assumed that the man was just a regular scammer.

    With nothing else to do but loiter around, Jiang Fei decided to follow the suspicious man. They ventured through the training grounds and past the trainee quarters. Jiang Fei did not feel threatened since they were still within the training grounds. No one there would want to hurt him.

    "Get in first. I need to close the door," said the man.

    Jiang Fei nodded and entered a small room. As soon as the lights were turned off, Jiang Fei roared.


    He dropped to all fours, feeling like an entire mountain was crushing his back. Like Sun Wukong being pressed by the great Marble Mountain, Jiang Fei was helpless. If Redstone's gravity was five times that of Earth's, then the gravity in this room was at least ten times more than Redstone's!
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